valentini puffer coral safe

I also had a pencil urchin that went about its business (eating my corals) without ever being bothered. I've never had a problem with them eating soft corals, and I don't have any stony, but mine was pretty tough on my hermits and snails.

Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our selling/trading rules to help make your stay a long and rewarding one. I'd like to have my rather large (2"+) electric blue hermit in here as well. I will say the zoa frags were new, and under some stress from acclimating...but they never had a chance to recover. he hasnt caused to much havok, mostly just sampling, like someone else said. I've had my Valentini for about five months or so with mushrooms and zoo's and he's been a model fish. (If you're seeing this message, you haven't met them yet.) I noticed the biggest problem with mine, was when I added new corals to the tank after him.

It may have nipped at soft corals, but I had enough it wasn't noticeable. Filefish recenly tried sun babies - they closed for a while, but restored. Welcome to ReefCentral. For example, mine will eat shrimp and snails but will not touch crabs. It was never enough to cause the corals to die or rtn or anything, but enough that it slowed growth way down as he liked to eat the new growth tips.

yea I had opened a thread like this last year and I end up buying one and returning him after he went after my ricordea. I looked into diamonds of the reef, but cant find anything on how one actually gets the livestock- are they shipped out? Great fish with alot of personality. Yeah I forgot to mention that part. Overall though it's pretty doable. Top Care Facts For The Valentini Puffer (Canthigaster valentini) Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Diet: Omnivore Origin: Indo Pacific Acclimation I too grew a very small valentini puffer to nearly-adult size in a reef tank. I've lost a few zoa frags to it. I had pretty much the same experience as others above - I wouldn't get another because of the clam and snail issues. He was gasping heavily, but his fins … Never bothered any of the Shrimp or Crabs though. Upon being put into the tank she pretty much desimated the hitchhiker feather dusters that were on my live rock (but I think she was just hungry, because later she showed no interest in the few that lived.) Because of the sheer size of our forum, we've been forced to limit selling and trading to members who've met a couple of criteria. Woke up this morning and my Valentini Puffer was lying on his side on the bottom of my tank. I learned to be very careful and had no problems after that. He ignored softies and other fish, but he harassed plate corals and snails. JavaScript is disabled.

I had almost no problems with her, although I did not tempt her much. There are no safe snails with a valentini. Any fine chopped grocery seafood, frozen and thawed to kill the parasites, raw, without salt and preservatives. I'd love to include one in the dedicated soft coral dominated tank Im planning to setup, mostly softies and mushrooms, nothing especially tasty. Mine jumped twice when it was in my 55g - in both cases, it was spooked by "the hand". I've got a Fiji blue-spotted puffer, which I believe is similar to the Valentini. Not a huge problem, just meant that I couldn't buy any speck-sized frags. Valentini Puffer for sale 4Less!

Kenya tree, white lemnalia, GSP, BrownSP, yellow polyps, anthelia, white xenia, red mushrooms, green hairy mushrooms, candycane, hammers, frogspawns, blastomussa merletti, scolymia, lobophyllia, acan echino, chili and sun coral (these two require personal care, but they live well in tank with valentini puffer). Shrimp, fish, cuttlefish, baby octopi, calamari, mussels on shell, spaced in tank for a some time - you will find more details by entering "puffer dentistry" in the search engine. Anyone have any experience with them. I think you have better success with adding a more juvenile specimen. Puffers and clams dont mix well, so be careful. I've caught him occasionally nipping at SPS growth tips as well, but not consistently, the corals have plenty of time to grow back before he realizes it didn't taste that great. I'm upgrading to MH's within the next week (yay!)

He did however seem to like killing my Hammers and my Bubble coral. If it's one of your favorite fish and you're willing to keep a somewhat limited range of LPS, go for it. Use of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the. I have one now, and thinking of trading it in for another. I had a Valentini in my reef for several months and never really had any problems with him in regards to my SPS.

I too grew a very small valentini puffer to nearly-adult size in a reef tank.

Do you guys think more success would come from adding one to an established with tons of corals already, or adding the fish first and building the corals up?

I just put a fiji puffer in my small reef tank the other day. This species is the most docile of the puffers.


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