viking clan symbols
If a person or a thing was hallowed by using the Swastika, that person/thing would become holy and lucky.

That is why Yggdrasil is considered the symbol of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

Gungnir (Odin’s Spear) was a symbol of power, protection, and authority. The name is usually translated as "frightening helmet" (Simek, 2). Valkyries would gather the dead warriors and fly them to Valhalla.

They could end up in Hel which is what it sounds like. Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization. Berserkers usually wore a bearskin when they fought. If you’re looking for the Celtic symbol for inner strength, go with the Dara Knot, also.

It is also called ‘Skuld’s net’ as Skuld was believed to be one of the Norns that wove the web. Once let out, the ravens would scout the area around the ship and fly towards land if they found it. amzn_assoc_linkid = "4aeeac563fc8304a65865720f79c85ad"; Earn tons of XP and have a chance at Superior item drops with fighting unique Raid Bosses every month! The Valknut is a symbol of slain Viking warriors. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; But how well do we know these symbols? The three grandchildren of Buri, the first god that was ever created; Odin, Vili and Ve. The third-place a Viking could go when they died was reserved for the warriors. They stood up to the ocean and were important in wars. The symbol comprised of 3 Viking triangles is called the Valknut and it is what is believed to be the main symbol of Odin. In that sense, Huginn and Muninn are considered as symbols of Odin and his powers. They were protectors of people and would eventually end up in Valhalla. Gungnir never missed its target and according to some stories, it came back to Odin just like Mjölnir coming back to Thor every time it is thrown by the God of Thunder. First was Skithblathnir which was the god Frey’s ship. Mjolnir was used to bless births, marriages, and funerals. They were called Ulfhednar. 03 Nov 2020. Some say that berserkers literally transformed into bears while in the midst of their bloodlust. Symbol of power, victory, protection, bravery. The Viking axe had a single cutting edge. Some Rights Reserved (2009-2020) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise noted.

In Norse religion, it was associated with the sky-god Thor and was often carved on objects to imbue them with sanctity or simply luck. In fact, Viking warriors used to draw Aegishjalmr on their foreheads to be protected from their enemies and to instill fear in them. The Vegvisir, also known as the Viking compass/Nordic compass or the runic compass, is believed to provide guidance for a person who might lose/lost his way. Whoever drank of the Mead of Poetry would be able to compose brilliant verse and, since poetry was associated with scholarship, would also have great wisdom. The Valknut (Odin’s Knot) is a symbol of the transition between life and death and, according to Davidson, "is thought to symbolize the power of the god to bind and unbind" (Gods and Myths, 147). The trident imagery is thought to relate to the Nordic rune for protection while the repetition of that image eight times in a circle associates it with Odin through his eight-legged horse Sleipnir, thus combining the concepts of protection and power. Vikings also used ravens to find land when they set sail out to the unknown waters. Accordingly, the first weapon thrown in a conflict would be a spear, representing Gungnir, encouraging a Norse or Viking army onwards to victory. According to the myth, the Web of Wyrd was woven by the Norns/Nornir, the Shapers of Destiny in Norse mythology. The death-dragon Nidhoggr gnaws at the tree’s roots while the eagle of discord nests in its upper branches and a squirrel named Ratatoskr runs up the trunk and back down delivering messages between the two. Among Odin’s many supernatural attributes is his role as psychopomp, a figure who guides the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Other symbols seem to have developed later (between c. 1100 - c. 1300 CE) after Christianity had established itself in Scandinavia.

According to Norse mythology, Mjölnir was not just a weapon but a tool that was used by Thor for many purposes. According to the myth, Odin used his wit to convince the giantess Gunnlöð and bargained with her to have a sip of the mead for three days. They symbolized the bloodlust of war while they used their teeth and hands to rip apart their enemies. Hildisvini meant battle swine. Symbols played an important role in the Viking culture. Another destination was Helgafjell which was a holy mountain where people lived a life similar to the ones they lived on earth. Vilhjalmr uses it on Hrolf in Gongu-Hrolf’s Saga and Hrolf does not wake up until the next day. Whoever looked upon the Aegishjalmur was frozen with terror and could be easily defeated. In the sense that Thor protected people against chaos by consecrating them with Mjölnir and he guarded the cosmos against the giants by crushing them with it, the Hammer of Thor is considered a Norse symbol of protection. Queen Olof uses Svefnthorn to put King Helgi to sleep in The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki and he remained a sleep for hours. Wolves, his eight-legged horse Sleipnir and his magical spear Gungnir are the other prominent symbols of Odin. The land of the Scandinavian clan was owned by the individuals who had close neighbours from other clans. He was a large wolf who would not stop growing and who was uncontrollable, even by the gods. The Norse clan was not tied to a certain territory in the same way as a Scottish clan, where the chief owned the territory. The Helm of Awe is similar in design to the Vegvisir except that all of its staves are alike. It is considered a magical symbol that can bring about victory for those who wear it. The symbol was used by Norse people (and gods) to put their adversaries into a deep and long sleep. Berserkers were bodyguards and used as a shock force by kings. The last item in our list of Viking symbols is a much less popular one, one that many people probably did not know existed; the Troll Cross. These ten symbols and the many others used by the Norse and Vikings in their daily life held the same kind of importance as any religious iconography does for believers in the present day. When it was stolen by one of the giants, Thor had to disguise himself as Freyja and pose as a bride to get it back. Today, apart from identifying oneself as Norse, the Triple Horn of Odin is used as a symbol of wisdom and inspiration, poetic inspiration in particular.

Freya was the goddess of love and her boar was called Hildisvini. We should clarify something at this point: the ‘helm’ part of Aegishjalmr here, which actually is the root of the word ‘helmet’ in English, does not refer to anything physical or mean a physical helmet – like many others chose to believe later on. Some of these symbols can definitely be dated to the Viking Age (c. 790 - c. 1100 CE) but were no doubt in use much earlier. Please note that content linked from this page may have different licensing terms. From 783 – 1066 B.C. Please support Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation. Longships were made to be rowed or used with a sail. In Norse religion, the disc/swastika became increasingly associated with Thor & was worn as an amulet & carved on tombstones as both a symbol of continuity & luck.

The Vikings were based in Scandinavia from the 8th to the 11th century. Viking would often be buried in their longships so they could be used in the afterlife. There were three places a Viking could go when they died. It is the ship of Hel, the goddess of the underworld. The Valknut’s origin is not exactly known, so there are several different interpretations about the meanings behind it. Ships and the sea played an overwhelming part in the life and imagination of the Norsemen. Although the appearance, definition and magical qualities of Svefnthorn is somewhat different in every myth, there is one thing in common in all stories: Svefnthorn was mainly used to put one’s enemies to sleep. All of these suggestions are at least somewhat related to the symbolism behind the Hammer of Thor. When it came time for Ragnarok the warriors would rise and fight by Odin’s side in the final battle to determine who will rule the world. Article Yggdrasil.

The Valknut (Odin’s Knot) is a symbol of the transition between life and death and, according to Davidson, "is... Swastika/Sun-Wheel. Clan Struggle. The three interlocking triangles represent the three afterworlds and the nine points represent the Nine Worlds which house the different beings from Viking legends. There were many powerful symbols from the Norse-Viking period ranging from the wolf (for protection), to the horse (protection in travel), the troll cross (an amulet that protected one from trolls), the image of the Vegvisir ('way guide', a late Icelandic symbol which helped one find one’s way) and the Web of Wyrd (web of fate), as well as the runes which were thought to evoke mystical powers. Although one now refers to ancient Norse beliefs as 'mythology', those beliefs were just as real and valid to those who believed in them as the religion of any modern-day believer in whatever faith they may hold. There were two famous longships in Viking mythology. Thor's Hammer Amuletby Gunnar Creutz (CC BY-SA). This tradition was carried on even after many Vikings converted to Christianity: Mjölnir amulets were worn by Christian Vikings along with crosses on their necks. Odin’s ravens were also thought to be sent into the world to gather information and wisdom for Odin. The oldest Nordic boat is the Als Boat (also known as Hjortspring Boat) from Denmark dated to c. 300 BCE and boats would continue to play an important role in Norse culture.


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