vortex viper pst gen 2 vs razor hd gen 2
Just know that you won’t be disappointed in the quality for the dollars paid. VORTEX VIPER PST GenⅡ 1-6×24 ※追記4 某ガンショップにて、同社VIPER PST Gen 2 1-6×24 をレビューさせていただいたので、RAZOR HD Gen2 1-6×24との比較してみたい。 Honestly, I think if you accidentally ran over your Vortex scope with a truck, they would replace it. Most of my use with the PST II 1-6 was on my hunting/steel target rifle, the old standby Ruger Predator in .308. The low profile design is extremely resistant to accidental turning, just like the Razor HD Gen II version. That's the PST Gen II and the Razor HD II. I’m a fan. Just be realistic with what your needs are. It’s official, Low Powered Variable Optics (or LPVO, from here on out) are here to stay. No real surprises here, it has a great eyebox and simple layout that lends itself well to practical shooting. Kip Staton reviews the Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 VMR-2 (MOA) riflescope and compares how it stacks up against the higher-priced Vortex Razor HD Gen II Series. The Nightforce is the heavyweight of the two and is a perfect combination of exceptional optics with rugged build and perfect performance. The L-Tec Zero Stop is engineered to prevent the elevation turret from dialing below the sight in range, and the turret design scope offers 33 MRAD total elevation adjustment and 14 MRAD total windage adjustment when the when L-Tec zero stop feature is disengaged for zeroing purposes. The MOAR reticle comes with a floating center crosshair, and bold 3, 6 and 9 o’clock posts, as well as an elevation scale that extends to the edge of the field of view. The powers in between minimum and maximum just don’t get used on my guns.

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It’s fully transferable, there are no warranty cards to fool around with, and you don’t need to keep the receipt. Fair warning, I’ll be going back and forth comparing this scope to the. I like them a lot. A standard CR2032 cell drops right in, and is secured in reverse fashion. The PST Gen II scope series has proven to be an excellent seller for shooters who want a high quality and versatile scope at a more affordable price point than the top end Vortex models like the Razor series. In many ways, the second generation of the iconic PST series grew to be more like Vortex’s premier, This brings us to the subject of today’s review: The 1-6×24 PST Gen II riflescope, equipped with the VMR-2 MOA reticle. Glass on the Razor HD is obviously better. If the PST is in your budget and the HD II isn't, don't worry about it, you'll be happy with the PST. I’ve actually been really impressed with the BLACK optic mounts, they are a definite step above Nikon’s other single piece mounts in terms of features and quality.

The Turret Screws are precision-machined silicon-brass alloy, and the Erector Tube System is also made from a brass alloy integrated with a chromium-vanadium erector spring. Optical Quality. The Bergara rifle I'm looking at has an integrated 20 MOA Picatinny rail, factory installed. Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 FFP This updated favorite hands an unfair advantage to shooters who seek to keep the upper hand in every situation from close quarters to long-range shots. If budget is an issue, then I’d lean towards the Gen 1 models because a new Gen 1 scope usually costs significantly less than a new Gen 2 model.

Do you know where I can find one? The knob is knurled and moves smoothly, not much else to add. Since this is a MOAR reticle in FFP, you don’t need any corrections, and on occasions when I needed to dial back from a better FOV (15x-18x), the FFP delivers excellent results without having to figure correction values for different magnifications. Before I get into a more detailed answer, let me take a second to provide a brief overview of those two PST generations: The original Viper PST series of rifle scopes was first introduced by Vortex Optics at the 2010 Shot show. From 2015, Vortex has shaken the market, and their Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 grew by 80% in user preference. New advances in optics technology have exploded on the scene in recent years, and allow shooters to gain access to 1x red-dot-like performance yet still have enough magnification to really get some actual range out of semi-auto 556 NATO and 308 Winchester carbines. And the Viper PST Gen II has an illuminated reticle as well correct? If you don’t see that button located there, then it’s a Gen 2 model. As I mentioned, it’s plenty bright enough, even in full sun. 34mm tube - more internal range of adjustment, Locking turrets - no worries about bumping your turrets off zero on accident with locking turrets, Locking illumination - kinda nifty so you don't bump it on or off on accident, Stealth shadow color - Because professional gunfighters, Can you still hit shit really far away with a PST Gen II? This brings us to the subject of today’s review: The 1-6×24 PST Gen II riflescope, equipped with the VMR-2 MOA reticle. For example, the PST Gen 1 6-24×50 FFP model features a field of view range of 17.8 ft to 4.2 ft at 100 yds.

The field of view on the Razor is slightly larger than that on the F1, and this is actually a useful feature to have when gauging different shots. I have found that the really expensive glass does actually make a difference early in the morning and late in the evening.

While the Vortex is an exceptional scope at an exceptional price, the Nightforce is a perfect scope that is absolutely everything proof. Built on a seemingly identical scope body, the most striking external difference is the color change from a rich brown to a matte black. Using the same scope models in the example above, the PST Gen 1 6-24×50 FFP scope features a maximum elevation adjustment of 65 MOA, while the PST Gen II 5-25×50 FFP model features a maximum elevation adjustment of 70 MOA.

Despite a well-wishing friend recommending the Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 I can't pull the trigger on a >$2000 scope at the moment when I'm just getting set up. On certain scopes, the zero stop mimics the higher end Razor HD Gen II, and the glass in all models is an improvement over the first generation. As such, there is no other way to look at this; the NF wins hands down on weight. From 2015, Vortex has shaken the market, and their Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 grew by 80% in user preference. They just are. They are still honoring the warranty on any new or used Vortex PST Gen 1 scope. However, if you looked through a scope from both PST series, you’d most likely notice the difference, especially at longer ranges. The battery is a standard CR2032 cell, which makes it easy to keep spares on hand.

Why Can’t I Find Any Vortex Fixed Power Scopes? Parallax is non-adjustable, and set at 100 yards. A little late to the party here, but the biggest difference you are going to see is in the optical quality. I hope this makes sense, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Basically, don't think of it as a fire hose where diameter determines transmission volume. Both devices provide excellent performance; I have to say that the Razor surprised me since I did not expect a Vortex to prove as equal in performance as an NF, but it did, so this is a tie.


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