vultures on roof of house meaning
Jo, do not understand your responce. It could also be a common characteristic for this particular vulture species. I live on the second floor of an apt bldg. I live like a drug addict probably in some people’s eyes a wast of space. I just wanted to say that from your posts it seems like you already have your answer. I just took a week off from work & am contemplating making major changes. To make the story short .

Try saying thank you and honor the animals that have shared with you with your gratitude. I saw them through a hole / opening. Thus like the Cassowary and Goat, you should take your time before making decisions. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved ~ We were in the front yard of my younger daughter’s home, playing with my grandchildren. Do hurry.

It was huge.

I can put up a pretty good conversation too. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

She or he, carries very powerful medicine, but in order to receive it you have to yourself be clean and pure in your motivation.

You are the log on the fire. Then I remembered I had an automatic garage opener and I could get in the house through the garage. And it was a heavy bird ;). We have a six acre yard and live in the forest, so they were everywhere. I am on another journey in my parenting life, one that is constantly changing and increases in complexity the older my children get. After a while I went back inside. As I came up the steps into the breezeway I saw what I first thought was a turkey and that was when I came to realize that it was a massive turkey vulture perched on the ledge directly in my line of sight. They fly over my car as I pass them. Does it have any meaning for you? But even at my boyfriends grandmothers funeral (i loved that woman) a friend saw a turkey vulture land on the top of the church and watch me walk inside..

While we were outside talking about them (a few houses away) they all took off and began circling...partly over where we were talking. When I found one just like it on the internet it had the same kind of eyes and markings. When my husband and I were married almost 17 years ago, we went to Orlando and California for our honeymoon. I am going to cancel the appointment and stay home just to play it safe. Rick, it means slow down or you are going to be roadkill! This has hit home with me and my spirit tremendously. My husband just died 8 days ago. my sister holds it tries to place it on my head n clicks a picture out of love. Are you processing your own past and ready to embrace a better healthier future for yourself and others?

And every time I fail in turning it over and opening this up, I walk away feeling defeated by the momentary outcome, betrayed by my key I work so hard to obtain, and run away in search of another key.

during a shamanic drumming journey I found myself in the high red rock mountains somewhere.

I would never harm one anyway. He’s not only taking care of his hunger, but he’s doing a service of clearing the roadkill. Good job! It may also be that you feel that someone is taking advantage of you or is using you. i looked it up too but what i found were Eagles.

I saw it very clearly. It was all by itself. Top Answer.

We saw various immaculate lawns, gardens, mansions, and expensive homes from the dock view.

I don’t know how long we were like that. Just waiting. I looked up and 10 feet above my head was a turkey vulture.

It was a black vulture. My husband passed away 2 years ago and I have been so devastated and heartbroken since. There was this sense that it felt in no way threatened by me, knowing it was so much more powerful than me.

Recently, I had the chimney cap replaced. One was standing on top of the other one, flapping his wings. Folks with this spirit animal totem know how to use patience as a means to an end. The vultures squawked loudly, and flew around me. But that is scary creature. Observe how well order just flows from the overwhelm. Are you in a field of work or volunteering where you help others , especially therapy or other healing vocations where there is trama? It has no beginning or end. I walked out to go to work. Within the past few months on several occasions I have driven by a large grouping of Vultures and once again this morning I came across a large group of vultures. It was huge compared to others I have seen. I felt her presents it was really strong, like she was under my skin. I would feel spooked, too. Many of the traits of the Griffon Vulture are the same as most other vulture species.

I don’t know if they are turkey buzzards or vultures, but I know that I had a vulture in my garage one day that hissed at me!!


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