was there a real fast eddie felson

You know, like anything can be great, anything can be great.

You sure don't leave much when you miss, do you, Fats?

Big John

I have my things over at the hotel. You must log in or register to reply here. One ball, corner pocket. : Let's make it $200 a game. I'm sure Mr. Gordon meant no offense. He was a nice man who dressed well and played so so. : Fast Eddie I came after him and I'm gonna get him.

I coulda beat that guy, coulda beat 'im cold, he never woulda known. Maybe I'm not such a high-class piece of property right now. You can't see it, can you, Charlie? Bert Gordon Fast Eddie

The main difference was that Fats seized the opportunity right away, making his claims while the movie was still in theaters. Fast Eddie Fast Eddie It's a piece of wood, it's got nerves in it. IIRC, Scott Lee traveled with Eddie Parker. Fast Eddie Bert Gordon

Fast Eddie : What'ya want me to do - just step out in the alley? It's alright, Eddie. Character.

: [3], During his travels, in Louisville he befriended Walter Tevis, then a young man working his way through college. Yes, I need them very much.

That's what the game's all about. And even if you beat me, I'm still the best. Fast Eddie Fast Eddie : You know, I got a hunch, fat man. You saw me beat Minnesota Fats for eighteen thousand dollars. Company Credits 'Cause you're dead inside, and you can't live unless you make everything else dead around ya. :

: : : Fast Eddie Parker was a real-life pool hustler who claimed to be the inspiration for the movie character. :

Why'd I do it? That's how you find out who's best. : Look, I... um... can always buy a bottle. I think he felt it would help him book exhibitions, and it did. : [1] In high school, he acquired the nickname "Fast Eddie" for his speed in football and basketball. Sarah Packard : : Sarah Packard Hey, whaddaya say somethin' like that for?

[Fast Eddie is bothered because Bert called him a born loser]. :

In truth there was NO real life Fast Eddie. Smart girl, Eddie. I'll bring them over later.

Those tables are the slabs they lay the stiffs on. No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else. Parker meanwhile didn't say boo for nearly 20 years and finally in the early 1980's began to stake his claim to being the real "Fast Eddie". I'm the emancipated type. : Yeah, percentage players die broke, too, don't they, Bert?

: "Fast Eddie" Parker (c. 1932, Springfield, Missouri – February 2, 2001, Brownsville, Texas) was an American pool player, claimed by many to have been the inspiration for the character "Fast Eddie" Felson in the 1959 Walter Tevis novel The Hustler.

I don't never hustle people that walk in a poolroom with leather satchels. : http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_20010416/ai_n14382154, http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4949/3552/1600/fasteddiebw1.jpg. Sarah Packard I'm goin' with him all the way. I shoot straight pool. I'm not sure.

Some men never get to feel that way about anything. | Eddie, look, I've got troubles... and I think maybe you've got troubles. : Thanks for the drink.

: Fast Eddie Okay, I'm Eddie Felson. I mean, that's what everybody says: you shoot big time pool. You don't know what winnin' is, Bert. Fast Eddie

I love you, Eddie. Just reread the original post and noticed that this is the same guy. Minnesota Fats I'm the best you ever seen, Fats. :

Eddie, is it alright if I get personal?

Sarah Packard I'd hate to think I was puttin' my money on a cripple. Fast Eddie : Fast Eddie What's your game? Hundred dollars? He died of a heart attack while attending the US Classic Billiards Eight-Ball Showdown tournament near Brownsville, Texas. Real emancipated. I came after him.

Sarah Packard : Maybe it'd be better if we just leave each other alone. Fast Eddie Bert Gordon Sarah Packard Got nothing else to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

According to him, his biggest win was $30,000 playing three-cushion billiards sometime in the 1950s,[2] but his backer got $18,000 of that. Because who did you ever care about? JavaScript is disabled. I don't care, BRICKLAYING can be great, if a guy knows. Now I know why they call you Fast Eddie. Fast Eddie

[Eddie watching Minnesota Fats during their first game, whispers to Charlie]. I'll be alive when I get out, Charlie. [1][2][3] In both the 1961 film adaptation and the 1986 sequel, Felson was played by Paul Newman.

He put on a good show. Nice guy. If you ever say them I'll never let you take them back. : Bert Gordon You're a loser. This is Ames, mister.


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