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Jonathan did not think the man who behaved so inappropriately toward his wife should become a pastor again, and he thought the WELS pastors from the district who would be asked to comment on Skorzewski’s CRM status should have more information. During this meeting, District President Engelbrecht also said that he was an ardent supporter of Skorzewski and his ministry. It is — it attacks me personally.”  Attorney Maurer then asked Glende: “What’s wrong with that, pastor?

Fax: 262-522-2802. Item also available for local pickup. A few days later, Pastors Glende and Skorzewski and two church staff members filed four almost identical lawsuits against Jonathan Donnan. At the beginning of the meeting, Pastor Glende said the purpose of the meeting was so that the congregation could seek direction and make decisions about the ministry “specifically on this campus,” The CORE. It holds that the Bible is the final authority by which church teachings can be judged.

(At least not without years of public penance and contrite repentance.) Having received comments regarding Skorzewski’s potential CRM status from other WELS pastors, District President Engelbrecht then also sought comments specifically from the membership of St. Peter & The CORE, which had been Skorzewski’s congregation before he resigned. Heup’s congregation offers its called workers WELS VEBA health care coverage. Waukesha, WI 53188-1108, Hours: Monday-Friday8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Central Time, Phone: 414-256-3299 It’s a bunch of bullies ganging up on someone.”. Specifically, they asked a secular court to issue four restraining orders, ordering Jonathan Donnan to stop "harassing" them. After Pastor Glende finished presenting all his evidence, and before the defense called a single witness, the court ruled on the case. Q:   The purpose of the meeting was as it related to Jonathan’s wife, correct? A:   It was to share the summary of everything that had gone on from the end of October, November to that point. Visit the Contact Us page for information and to find out how to talk to a WELS Benefit Plans representative. (Because Pastor Glende’s case took so long, the other three cases were rescheduled to a later date). So his conduct in sending the letters, continuing to contact people, showing up at the church and refusing to leave, clearly, in my opinion, falls within, engages in a course of conduct that has no legitimate purpose …. At 28:20 in the sermon, Pastor Glende said that Skorzewski was his best friend, and that he wished he could work with Skorzewski forever, but God had a different plan: to bring him to Texas. And does showing up at a congregational meeting where they are discussing how your wife was treated, and where the District President is seeking comments and advice about whether that pastor should get CRM status, does that serve no legitimate purpose? Order "WELS 2020 Yearbook" to have the current yearbook sent to you now. By accepting this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy found in the WELS Privacy Policy, unless you have disabled them. A:   Yes, which were addressed. ATTORNEY MAURER:  It’s part of a harassment injunction, conduct that does not serve a legitimate purpose. Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe - Celebrated by ELCA and LCMS. Isn’t it a fact that part of the purpose of this meeting was some specific members of the congregation wanted to reinstate the pastor to his previous position, correct? How do I find a list of churches and their locations (addresses) from the WELS website. However, Jonathan refused to give up any of his legal rights in return for them agreeing to dismiss their cases. THE COURT:  The objection is overruled, he can answer.

If you are a Pastor, you can probably identify with this and think: “Yes, been there, done that”. Check to enable permanent hiding of message bar and refuse all cookies if you do not opt in. The purpose of the meeting; however, was not to reinstate him. A:   We have said, declared publicly, that lapses in judgment happened. Therefore, Jonathan sat through much of the Q&A section with his hand raised waiting to be called upon. St. Peter & The CORE then announced in their church newsletter that they were holding a farewell party for Pastor Skorzewski to wish him God’s blessings as he prepared to leave for his new call. I had not had a chance to do anything about it and I didn’t want to cause a scene to ask him to leave. We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. This way, congregations and other WELS/ELS calling bodies will not be charged more if a pastor or teacher becomes ill. A:   To share information regarding the case. In the courthouse lobby before the first case was heard, a local attorney who handles a lot of cases in that court (and who had absolutely no connection to this case) looked at the court’s calender, and said, “When you see four restraining order petitions against one person, then usually that person did something extremely bad, or it’s a bunch of bullies ganging up on someone.”  Jonathan’s wife, Mara, who was sitting nearby, piped up and said, “It’s the second one. You can read about our cookies and privacy settings in detail on our Privacy Policy Page.


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