what other fish can live with african cichlids

This makes it easier to look after and is more accepting of other fish that you add to your tank.

An adult will reach up to 3 inches and display five vertical black bars down the length of its body. Most of the time, only one species of cichlid is kept per tank to avoid fighting.

Since they are known to dig, a fine-grained substrate would be best so that it won’t scratch their scales. These fish are more apt to flee than they are to fight with your Oscar fish. This gives your fish somewhere to escape and also gives them a territory to claim. Thanks in advance.

In terms of maintenance, I’m assuming a water change of about 25% every 2 weeks. I understand these are both a little more difficult to keep.

This is another example of one from Lake Malawi. PLAN A: I am interested in keeping some cichlids.

For example, you should avoid species that require immaculate water conditions. Oscars aren’t sensitive to fluctuations in the water quality – although you should always try to maintain a clean tank – but they produce a ton of waste. This means that they are best suited to a more experienced fish keeper. African cichlids eat different things in the wild such as plants, insects, and meat. The small electric yellow cichlids (3 inches) will be happy in a 30 gallon tank, whereas the larger blue cichlids (8 inches) are better off in a 50 gallon tank.

South America is also home to lots of cichlid species; there are even some that live in Asia. They aren’t overly large, only growing to about six inches, but they are schooling fish that prefer to be housed in groups of four or more. Another thing to consider is their aggression. Always research the specific species of fish you want to keep to ensure you can provide them with a suitable diet. Many people purchase them to help clean their tanks. These usually grow to about ten inches in length, making them suitable in size for being housed with your Oscars.

There are several types of plecos, but the common or sailfin plecos are probably the best options. While your Oscar will likely not go after a large catfish, it might view a small one as a snack.

They can breathe air, so you will sometimes see them darting up to the surface of the water for some air. I began more than 20 years ago with cobalt zebras. Some species of the Tilapia genus are herbivores, mainly eating plants and algae.

The bars are complemented by horizontal rows of spots that can be a few different colors, usually blue or green. This time around I began with different varieties of the zebras: orange, blue, blotched; and two melanochromis johanni – about 6-8 fish altogether.

Java fern, Anubias and Amazon Swords will stand the best chance. These can be easily kept in any tank size and with any other fish species. Healthy adults will be more expensive than juveniles. Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, this is fatal not only to the Oscar, but also to the plecos. If a tank is big enough then more species could be added, but this will always be a risk. While they may not be suitable for everyone, they are fish that should be considered by every aquarium hobbyist at one point or another.

Cichlids are able to cross-breed (hybrid speciation), which is where two different species will mate. These fish are easy to feed, preferring to eat blood worms and sinking food. Use this as a guide to judge the best tank size for your species, remembering that a larger tank is always best and will reduce aggression. Ah, the Black Convict Cichlid!

There could be over 1500 species, but most of these still need to be described by scientists. These non-aggressive fish are good choices for living with your cichlids because they tend to keep to themselves. Moderate lighting is fine for them. It’s nice to see a beginner putting so much thought into setting up an aquarium.

Even if you’ve narrowed it down to the tetra family, each member has a unique appearance to tempt you. You need to know how to set up your tank like this at home.

Her mate was Fred. The African butterfly cichlid originates from the rivers of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Any advice on this area, would be really helpful.

This behavior can make you feel like you’re underfeeding them since they’re always looking for food. Siamese algae eaters tend to grow up to 2 inches and hence hardly occupy any tank space. Also a few tips for keeping africans (note, there are many kinds each with different requirements) *Minimum tank size should be a 4ft by 18in by 18in, though some fish like tangankian shell dwellers can live hapily in a 2 footer. They are very active fish. Adding these fish to your tank will brighten it up, as well as keeping it looking active and social. However, I have quite a few questions. These are an incredibly diverse group of fish.

However, it’s not impossible to maintain a community aquarium with an Oscar fish – you just need to know which species are best suited to living with these South American cichlids. The Ultimate Hermit Crab Care Guide: Habitat, Food And Much More…, How To Take Care Of A Box Turtle – Ultimate Breed Guide List, 15+ Best Freshwater Shrimps For Aquariums, Eastern Box Turtle Complete Care Guide: Diet, Habitat And More…. This is especially important if you are adding any tank mates! Despite their docile nature, they grow quite large – often reaching a foot in length. They also prefer temperatures of around 75 to 84 degrees. I have been planning the set up of an aquarium at home (my first aquarium) for some time now and, having considered at lots of different options, I feel I am getting close to making a decision. Prices will increase further for the more colorful or larger species. Just to add to your excellent advice: begin with the largest aquarium you can afford; use pebbles for substrate (which they still move but not as easily); the best power filter you can get (cichilds are dirty and their size increases the waste); and rocks and Java Fern provide plenty of hiding spaces. A fully-grown adult will usually reach just over 3 inches. I assume as they are larger fish, they will make more waste, so I’d need to “hoover” the bottom too. Oscars should also not be kept with small catfish. Birthday. Hi Neil, thanks for your question. They tend to need a larger grain size on top of them and the digging nature of cichlids means you’ll have to be on the lookout for any exposed areas.

It depends on the species, but most should live for around 8 years in an aquarium. When it comes to African cichlids and other types of aquarium fish it is not a good idea to put them together in the same tank.

This will reduce any aggression related to territorial behavior. The electric yellow African is a small fish and much less aggressive than other cichlids. These are aggressive fish that should only be kept with other large, aggressive fish. African cichlids are a large group of cichlids, so they could be affected by many diseases. Copyright © 2020 - Fishkeeping World - All Rights Reserved. 22 species of peacock cichlids have been described, all from Lake Malawi. However, you will need to keep them in exceptionally large tanks – think 100 gallons or more. They are great Oscar tank mates as long as you keep several things in mind.

To encourage your cichlids to breed, you need to make sure that their environment doesn’t change. He is also a proud member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America and the Nature Conservancy. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What Are The Best Tank Mates For An Oscar Fish? The filter should process all of the water in the tank 3-5 times in one hour. The brightest colors will come when they are kept healthy.

Regardless of the species, some will bite you and some won’t; you just have to get to know your particular fish.

Bichir fish are some of the most bizarre-looking fish you will find.

Most will grow between 4-6 inches in length once fully matured.

What’s the thought on plants? Not all people are successful when keeping Green Terrors and Oscars together, so keep this in mind as you are readying your tank for your new arrivals – you may have to switch things around to separate the two species. Welcome to Fishkeeping World.

Which Kinds Of Fish Should Not Be Kept With Oscars?

The best way to recreate this in an aquarium is to use rocks too.

PLAN B: Another consideration could be to mix them with electric blue cichlids or cobalt blue zebra cichlids. Jack Dempsey cichlids are quite large, often growing up to 10 inches. There could be over 1500 species, but most of these still need to be described by scientists.. South America is also home to lots of cichlid species; there are even some that live in Asia. African Cichlid Habitat and Tank Conditions. Sometimes the fins share the same black tips that the electric yellow cichlid has. 1. If you don’t have an Oscar fish yet but are ready to introduce some to your tank, just keep in mind the guidelines we told you about above. To attract a mate they usually perform some sort of courting ritual involving specific movements and a display of colors. In the wild, they’d have little hideaways in the gaps between rocks.

Bloodworms can be used now and then to mix up their diet. They are bigger and much more aggressive than tetras, guppies and gouramis. It is peaceful, not very demanding, and quite easy to breed.

As long as you include lots of hiding spots in your tank, which you can create using rocks or caves, these fish will do just fine.

An experienced fish keeper shouldn’t have a problem looking after cichlids and will quickly discover why they are some of the most popular fish in the hobby. If you’re looking for an addition to a peaceful community aquarium, then African cichlids are not for you. The colors will get brighter during mating and times of aggression or dominance.


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