when did superboy prime punches reality

He became even more enraged when he saw the Hall of Villains, only to find out that he was not even considered a villain of Superman's, but no more then a nuisance.

Superman and the three Legion founders transport him to the 31st Century, where the Trapper faces his younger self. After punching them, the five Shazam members transform back to their alter egos before falling unconscious.

[42] During the Blackest Night, the Black Lantern Alexander Luthor provides Superboy-Prime with a copy of his original armor. Kal-L tells Power Girl: "When the universe was reborn, Earth-One became the primary world.

Over time, his convictions and morals become twisted and warped, and he came to believe that Earth-Prime is the only proper Earth and that Superboy-Prime was the only one worthy of the Superboy mantle.

Ive never really read many comics featuring Jason Todd, but ive always been intrigued by his character. Superman-Prime, Superman, Prime, Superboy, After rearranging countless other planets, Superboy-Prime pushes the planet, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 02:26. [47] Unable to damage the Black Lanterns, Superboy-Prime flies to the DC Comics building in New York and attempts to take revenge on the writers he believes made him the way he is. Crashing just outside of Smallville, his stolen Oan energy at this point had faded, reverting him to his actual young age, as well as returning his power to their previous levels, which was what Mr. Mxyzptlk had foretold. Unbeknownst to him, she was also wearing a black ring, but hers sparkled blue with hope.

Prime lives in his parents' basement, who support him out of fear for what he might do to them. However, when she discovered Alex's tower, Prime struck her down to be used for it. Superboy-Prime is from the universe known as Earth Prime, in which the DC heroes are fictional comic book characters. lets pop superboy into the marvel universe and have him undo some things :p, yeah soo im a huge jason todd fan and superboy prime punched reality and created the multiverse.

His change proves apparently pointless as the Darkest Knight had already rigged the Mobius Chair so it would always direct the power to himself, allowing him to remake the Multiverse in his own image.[58]. [2] In its place existed a solitary static universe with only one version of the planet Earth, with an amalgam of the histories of five different universes, none of which included Superboy's home. Yup, he punches reality so hard, that it shatters, creating the multiverse, and retconning various story problems, including bringing the 1980s Robin, Jason Todd, back to life. Kal-El's powers came to him one night after Halley's Comet passed overhead. Curt Swan

That's Superboy-Prime, folks.

Using his heat-vision, Conner manages to create a deep wound across the S-shield that Prime had carved into his chest. Superboy-Prime was brought to Qward, where he was made into a herald of the Anti-Monitor, along with Cyborg Superman, Sinestro and the Parallax-possessed Kyle Rayner.

He arrives on Earth-15 and attacks that world's Lex Luthor, blaming him for Alexander Luthor's failure to make the universe "perfect". Back on Earth, Conner quickly begins gaining the upper-hand against Prime. The two fought one another and their epic battle raged across the state, eventually culminating in Keystone City. He subsequently assembled a cadre of young super-villains consisting of Headcase, Zookeeper, Indigo, Sungirl, Persuader and a new Inertia, each of whom had a personal grudge against the Titans.

His reaction to psionics has not been fully explored, although Martian Manhunter is shown to be able to read his mind. Superman Family memberThis character is or was an incarnation of or an ally of Superman, and a member of the Superman Family. Presumably, the implication of this is that all of Superboy-Prime's history since the Crisis as a villainous figure was retroactively erased.

His adoptive parents allowed Superboy-Prime to remain at their home, though fearful of what he might do.

Too powerful to be placed in a regular Sciencell on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe imprisoned him inside a Sciencell near a Red Sun-Eater, constantly being guarded by fifty Green Lanterns. Whatever fate befell Superboy-Prime afterwards, he wasn't seen again before the timeline was radically changed following the Flashpoint incident. Jay Garrick, Wally West and Bart Allen grabbed Superboy-Prime and used their combined super-speed to propel him into the kinetic dimension of the Speed Force. The two Supermen arrive and fly Superboy-Prime through Rao, the red sun of Krypton. He reveals that he did not believe Sinestro when he said that the Multiverse has been restored, and has only gone along with the Anti-Monitor's plans so that he may one day get revenge on him for the destruction of Earth Prime. Prime himself however was imbued with magic that allowed him to decimate any member of the Shazam Family and turn them back to normal, except Billy himself. Author of The Flying Friar, Holed Up, The Avengefuls, Doctor Who: Room With A Deja Vu, The Many Murders Of Miss Cranbourne, Chase Variant. Superboy-Prime has all the basic abilities of a Kryptonian except at a much higher level when compared to most adult Kryptonians, especially Superman, with exposure to yellow sunlight: superhuman strength, speed, senses, healing, endurance, superbreath, flight, X-ray vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, and invulnerability.

Superboy-Prime was then taken into the custody of the Green Lantern Corps. He consoled himself by watching images of his ninth birthday and grew horrified every time it would focus back on the Crisis. [2], Superboy-Prime is drawn into the Crisis on Infinite Earths after his universe is consumed in the light of the Anti-Monitor.

When the battle was taken inside a nuclear power plant lined with lead, Ion was weakened by lead poisoning to the point that he can not even really fight back against Prime.

3 years ago.

[19][20][21], Hours later, an older Bart Allen, dressed in his grandfather's costume, emerges from the Speed Force and tells the heroine Doctor Light to warn the other heroes that Superboy-Prime has escaped. Soon after being freed, Prime was there to greet Power Girl after she was reunited with her cousin. [60], When asked if Superboy-Prime was irredeemable or not, Johns replied "I think it's a split. Fear, of those he once admired. He was pulverized by Bart, but left Earth to destroy Oa in an attempt to cause another Big Bang and reform the current universe hopefully closer to his original Earth-Prime reality. Unlike most denizens of the 31st century, they all recognize Prime and seem overjoyed to see him. I love how instead of trying to come up with some contrived reason as to why things were changing, it was just "yeah he punched reality and it was fixed".

Superboy-Prime is from a parallel Earth called Earth-Prime, devoid of any superheroes, or even superhumans. Superboy-Prime is back and confronts the Shazam family in a knock-down brawl. [8], Now calling himself Superman-Prime, he joined in the battle to attack most of the major heroes of Earth as part of the strike force of the Sinestro Corps.

He then flew to Smallville, Kansas where he encountered the Superboy of that reality. Superboy-Prime (Clark Kent, born Kal-El), also known as Superman-Prime or simply Prime, is a DC Comics superhero turned supervillain and an alternate version of Superman.The character first appeared in DC Comics Presents #87 (November 1985) and was created by Elliot S! The ring commanded him to die, making him a Black Lantern. However, since the fifth issue is not yet on the shelves, the events unfold exactly as Clark already read them, with Alexander Luthor, multiversal-hopping Black Lantern, bestowing to him his Superboy-Prime powers in order to bring him to a higher emotional state.

Which is yeah, not any more less funny but in the issue in which he does this (Teen Titans 03' #32?

The character is based on the original Superboy character by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and comes from Earth-Prime which has no superheroes. and can you buy the whole story as a hardback?

"[27] This fear is again on display in Legion of 3 Worlds, when he lapses into a fearful stutter while recounting his battle with the Flashes during Infinite Crisis. @G'bandit: thankyou for your reply. Superboy-Prime even states that he has plans for Billy Batson when he gets out. The physical characteristics of his Kryptonian heritage manifested for the first time and he discovered that he was gifted with flight and super-strength. It was ripped off by the aforementioned Black Lanterns. but a stub listing on certain comic book online stores.

However, one night, as he attends a Halloween costume party dressed as Superboy, the passage of Halley's Comet overhead triggers his Kryptonian powers.

When Kal-El was still a toddler, his scientist father made a grave discovery.

[10], During the final battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps, the Anti-Monitor was severely injured when the Green Lanterns threw Warworld and the Cyborg Superman at him like a grenade.


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