which audi mmi do i have

The Connect system exists in one form or another on all Audis, from the A1 supermini right through to the R8 supercar. Users can also download the Audi MMI Connect App, which offers other functions such as downloading your smartphone calendar to the screen in the car. Audi’s UX toes the line between chic and basic. Do I have an Audio 20 or COMAND Mercedes entertainment system. The model I get is MHIG_EU_AU_S1531_1. Ti invieremo un’email per confermare i dettagli, devi semplicemente acquistare il seguente prodotto; Hi, I have an rmc version unit, software version rmc_eu_p11311. Hi , But sadly it crashed a lot. Multi-Media Interface (MMI) is Audi’s in-vehicle infotainment software that operates everything from the audio system to selectable driving modes.

We are passionate about cars and electronics. You have an MIB1 MMI infotainment System, therefore you need the following product : https://integratedautomotive.co.uk/product/audi-mib1-mmi-retrofit-carplay-and-android-auto-kit/, Spett.

: MST2_EU_AU_P0673D Activating AUX input on Audi MMI 3G and MMI MIB1. We will contact you by email. Yes our IMI-1000 is compatible – please see the product link below; Is your product compatible with a 2012 Audi A8L 4.2?

In e-tron models, the current charge state and remaining electric driving range can also be called up using the app. We will have a compatible kit, we will email you for some further information and recommend the correct retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit. Audi Connect is the German brand’s integrated infotainment system, the MMI part refers to MultiMedia Interface, or how the driver reacts with the system. Hello, The basic home screen in the top display shows rows of app tiles like an iPad, and you can move those around at your will. The feedback is akin to pressing a fancy, flat button. Is there an iOS/android auto retrofit with mmi + steering wheel controls for my unit type, thanks. The Audi MMI® (Multi Media Interface) system was created to streamline the controls for audio, vehicle settings, and available navigation under a common interface, thereby reducing the number of buttons for a cleaner interior appearance. Azienda, Like most of the auto news industry, we also sometimes accept travel, lodging and event access for vehicle drive and news coverage opportunities. A drop down menu will appear. Each individual profile can load/import 2,000 entries including the ability to import 100 contacts with full addresses and multiple phone information. Ver. Update your preferences at any time. The Audi MMI® (Multi Media Interface) system was created to streamline the controls for audio, vehicle settings, and available navigation under a common interface, thereby reducing the number of buttons for a cleaner interior appearance.

By using the site, you acknowledge that you are aware of the warnings and information that must be read within the owner's manual and will use this information to augment that material. Our “Retrofit CarPlay/Android Auto kits” are compatible with various Audi MMI Systems dating between 2004 and 2018. Can I get Android auto for my car and if so how much. Here are all the cars with Android Auto, FWD vs. RWD vs. AWD: Drivetrain layouts and what they mean. ©2020 Verizon Media. Can u help me identify what MMI i have.

And thanks for reading Autoblog. It is actually very easy to know what MMI system you have just by looking at the MMI software version in your radio. Please see the link below to the product compatible with your car: https://integratedautomotive.co.uk/product/audi-mmi-3g-basic-3g-high-3g-plus-retrofit-carplay-and-android-auto-kit/, Hello, MMI software is optimized to work in concert with each vehicle’s installed options and hardware setup.

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Please refer to the owner's manual for all information and warnings. If you don’t know what type of OEM radio or which MMI software version installed in your Audi, we made this simple chart for you where you can learn how to identify original MMI Audi head unit and software version that is installed in your car from the factory. Hello, mine is MST2_EU_AU_P9118D and it did not return anything. On smaller models it uses a 6.5-inch fold-out touchscreen, while on larger cars the screen is integrated into the dashboard fascia. I have dvd In clovebox with sd slots.

Yes our kit is fully compatible with the A1 RMC system, please see the product link below; Hi, My software version is MSTD_EU_AU_P5101, I typed this in to find out what MMI version I have but it would not give any options! Do you do a kit for that?

Yes we have a fully compatbile kit for your MST2 system, we will contact you via email to confirm the details.

Menus and controls are clearly labeled and there’s never any doubt about what you’re looking at on the screen. Our 3G system is likely to the the correct system, but we will confirm over email. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. It does all of the stuff we want it to do, and the UX is executed in a simplistic enough manner that it doesn’t become frustrating.

(For more information, please contact your local authorized Audi dealer.). Need help with one of our products? Previous versions of the system included a rotary dial to scroll and select items on the screen, but that has been replaced with a second display in the newest Audis. The IMI-1000 is not an Apple or Google product. This article applies to the Audi Q5/Q7, A3, A4 B7, A4 B8, A6 C5, A6 C6.

The Audi A8 Sedan’s MMI system can be upgraded with a Comfort and Executive Rear Seat package that has its own touchscreen tablet to control the independent rear climate settings, seating positions, lighting, and other functions. Hi, Yes we need to add MST2 to the lest, we have a compatible kit and we will email you. And finally, perhaps the most impressive thing about this infotainment system is that it just plain works. The MMI system is not configured to provide this functionality. Known as Virtual Cockpit (Digital Cockpit in select VW models), the screen works as an extension of the MMI system to display maps, audio information, and vehicle status updates directly in front of the driver. Maps are colorful and crisp, while text and other information is easily viewable, even from wide angles. If a few people will be driving the car, Audi lets you set up profiles that can be customized to specific infotainment layouts for that individual. MMI … The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running. Can be installed ?

It doesn’t feel too far removed from the experience of modern computer technology, which is something we can’t say for every infotainment system out there. If equipped an SD Card slot, Model Year 2009 and earlier vehicles can utilize an SD Card with a maximum capacity of 256MB. Improvements to the system are being rolled out all the time, and can be downloaded as updates via the car’s integrated system, depending on model and type of Connect package fitted.

Many of Audi’s vehicles are equipped with a dual-screen infotainment system, and in these cases MMI works to control climate and vehicle settings on one screen while running entertainment functions and maps on the other. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hello.

Many Audi vehicles are available with a completely digital gauge cluster that replaces the traditional speedometer and tachometer setup.

We will email you with the details, HI I HAVE AN AUDI A1 BLACK EDITION SOFTWARE VERSION RMC_EU_P16342 HAVE YOU A SYSTEM COMPATABLE PLEASE. Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. All rights reserved. Hi have 2015 Audi A1 RMC_EU_P14321, please link shopping.

For starters, it features a gorgeous design. From the second the car is turned on, it’s immediately apparent that the bottom 8.6-inch screen is for climate control, and the top 10.1-inch screen is for nearly every other traditional infotainment control.

Android Auto is wired-only. The backgrounds are deep, dark blacks, which allow the big icons to stand out on the screen for easy navigation through menus. Yes we have a kit specifically for your A6 RMC system. If I use the normal way to find out the current software version in the car setup options I get. Hey, I have A6 – 09. I did click submit and it didn’t work. Yes we have a version for the A1 RMC MMI, we will email you with further details.

What is Apple CarPlay? Looking at a system as i have had a chinese unit that worked. Which BMW iDrive version do I have, CCC, CiC or NBT? Audi is clearly thinking of a hands-off future with its cars, even though we’re a long way off from anything resembling automated driving.


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