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My senior year, I was the only white guy in the starting five. Carter went on to helm inspiring sports films, . Salami!!"

In the 1996 film The Cable Guy, antagonist Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey) references the show during his basketball game, remarking, "Let's see what you got, White Shadow" to Rick (Jack Black), the friend of the movie's hero, Steven M. Kovacs (Matthew Broderick). He was just sort of there. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has released the first two seasons on DVD in Region 1. Although Howard was part of the school’s National Honor Society and played All-County, he found himself drawn to performance.

Hooks is another TV ace, with credits like. Change ), DISABLED TV CHARACTERS With most shows, they simply spin off a character into another show or they

", leaving Coolidge trying to plead his case with a confused "No - it's Warren." There are countless themes to mention, but we'll focus on the funky number for The White Shadow.

Elsewhere, although not playing the same character. “The White Shadow” was Bruce Paltrow’s first major network show, which ended up launching his career as a producer. According to The New York Times, it even helped popularize the sport of basketball in Turkey. After “The White Shadow”, Stewart went on to play character Warren Coolidge once again for the show “St.

Elsewhere”, also produced by Bruce Paltrow. In January 1984, the Beastie Boys played an unreleased song "Where's The White Shadow" on The Scott and Gary Show on the New York City public access channel. Elsewhere. Mr. Holst is also the author of the children’s books “Norman the Troll,” "Norman the Troll and the Haunted House," and "Gretchen and the Gremlins." Elsewhere” in 1985 and “True Blue” from 1989 to 1990, but was better known for his career as a director. real. of him being a character that started on another show. The youngest was actor Timothy Van Patten who was 19 at the time. Actor Timothy Van Patten, who played "Salami" on “The White Shadow”, also made a guest appearance on St. Sybil Buchanan, the vice-principal of Carver High School, was played by actress Joan Pringle.

He claimed to be a government agent sent to spy on Huey, but was only ever seen by Huey causing Huey to believe he may just be a figment of his imagination. into his little fantasy and thus the shows don't really exist as part of the same reality. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. There were quite a few actors that starred in the show, that actually went on to pursue highly successful careers as talented directors.

The shows didn't “The White Shadow” was indeed one of the first shows to get away with it, when character Curtis Jackson, played by Erik Kilpatrick, was shot and killed during a robbery in the episode “The Death of me Yet”. I now have it on good authority that my idea spotted wearing a Carver High School t-shirt, Carver High School being the setting of The White

long or your head will explode. And which was your favorite character?

even take place in the same cities. Aside from warming the hearts of audiences on prime-time television and on the big screen, the 6’6’’ blonde and blue-eyed actor has made even more of a contribution to the world of acting as he was also elected president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in 2009. [5][6], When aired in the 1980s in Turkey the series gained a lot of interest and the then little-known sport of basketball attracted millions of youth.[7]. Although not released on record during the show's run, it later appeared on Post's albums Television Theme Songs (1982) and NYPD Blue: The Best of Mike Post (1999). He has directed episodes for highly popular TV shows such as “Sex in the City”, “The Sopranos”, “The Pacific” and “Boardwalk Empire”, which have won him several awards as a director from The Edgard Allan Poe Awards, the Directors Guild of America Awards, the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards and the Emmy Awards.

In addition to TV roles, he also appeared in several movies such as "The Last Word" (1980), "Scared Straight!

The show’s basketball team uniforms actually had the same colors like the ones from his former high school. Elsewhere. He performed in high school musicals, sang in the Congregational Church of Manhasset choir and was a featured soloist with the choral group Zumbyes.

Our colors were orange and blue, like Carver High.” The White Shadow also dealt with controversial subject matter such as sexually transmitted disease and gay sexual orientation among high school students. Ken Howard was actually known as "The White Shadow" in high school Howard portrayed former Chicago Bulls star Ken Reeves, the coach at Carver High School in Los Angeles. It seems that when The White Shadow ceased production most of the crew ended up Elsewhere takes place under his belt. Elsewhere three episode story arc in 1985 – in the final episode for Dean, this causes some confusion for Coolidge, who calls out "Heyyy!!

Mike Post is an unsung hero of television.

Were you a fan of “The White Shadow” and was it one of your favorite shows back in the days? ESPN’s comedic This is SportsCenter ads featured some of the show’s characters such as Coach Reeves and Warren Coolidge. However, he again put his compelling voice to work first in his Emmy-winning on-camera narration of Facts for Boys: The Body Human and later narrating more than 30 best-selling audio books.

Howard earned the nickname "The White Shadow" as a star teen hooper for Manhasset High School on Long Island in the early 1960s. Such is the case of Timothy Van Patten, Kevin Hooks and Thomas Carter, who became famous for directing several highly popular TV shows and feature films. Newhart show who was in turn only a character in an autistic kid's head. He was also a regular on several game shows such as "Super Password", "The $10,000 Pyramid", "Body Language”, “The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour" and “Win, Lose, Or Draw".

[4] Aired on TV Land in the late 1990s.

In addition, he penned the fantasy novel “The Adventures of Glinda Gale,” a retelling of “The Wizard of Oz" and the reference text “The Encyclopedia of Movie and TV Insults.” 15 groovy, goofy toys that you could only find in the year 1977, 9 TV shows that were too ahead of their time in the early 1970s. According to The New York Times, it even helped popularize the sport of basketball in Turkey. In addition to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Howard served on the board of directors of the Actors Fund, the Los Angeles Alzheimer’s Committee, and was the national spokesperson and an executive board member for the Onyx and Breezy Foundation for the Welfare of Animals.

My senior year, I was the only white guy in the starting five. Ed Bernard went on to replace Jason Bernard as Principal Jim Willis in “The White Shadow” season one and two, from 1978 to 1980.

Ken Howard plays Ken Reeves, a white professional basketball player who retires from the Chicago Bulls of the NBA after a severe knee injury.

In "Don't Walk," Coolidge sings in a parody of "We Are the World" that bemoans traveling violations in basketball.

They persuaded the network to make it a one-hour drama series and furthermore allow the show to address realistic, controversial subjects.

revealed the entire series to be the daydream of an autistic child (man did this show have balls!).

So, since they were intended as

Elsewhere hardly centered on him.

The whole point of

The main character in “The White Shadow”, coach Ken Reeves, was played by actor Ken Howard. His last feature-film role was as a judge on Jim Carrey’s “Liar, Liar” movie before dying of a fatal heart attack in 1996. Over the years, Howard’s career had greatly developed and he had also made appearances in numerous TV series and movies such as The Manhunter, Boston Legal, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Wedding Ringer, Melrose Place, The West Wing, Blue Bloods, Rambo and Dynasty, among others. The program has intermittently been seen in syndication and on cable since ending its network run (including airing on ESPN Classic), and as of 2016, the show airs (intermittently) on the Heroes & Icons classic TV network. Howard is survived by his wife of 25 years, professional stuntwoman, Linda Fetters Howard. They also strove for realism in the basketball scenes.

happening into two different shows as if by accident is one that makes me smile. The musician is the king of the instrumental theme song, having composed everything from the triumphant intro to, was fertile ground for budding directors.

Coolidge could often be No one new the whole show was supposed to be a kids dream. https://enchantedamerica.wordpress.com/, Alter Egos, Aliases, Appelations, Code Names, Monikers, Nicknames, Non De Plumes, Pseudonyms, and Sobriquets Of TV Characters (& Celebrities) Over The Years. In lieu of flowers, remembrance contributions may be made to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and the Onyx and Breezy Foundation for the Welfare of Animals. Van Patten is a go-to for HBO, having directed many episodes of, . by a sports injury. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.


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