who invented moss 865
Ross: Don’t ask me, I had it and I blew it! That’s Bill Clinton. Frank: Oh, well y'know, I would’ve called but I lost your phone number and then ah, my Mom locked me out of the house so I couldn’t find it. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Rachel: Oh my God, I can’t believe this is a real $20,000 check, oh this is just so exciting. - See if you can answer this Friends trivia question! Monica: Oh my God!

Y'know, I mean, y'know, babies, y'know who doesn’t want babies right? His work includes a proposal for standard support of dynamic libraries[1] and arbitrary-precision arithmetic[2] in C++. But why is Bill huggin’ Pete? Monica: As a joke, this customer at work who has a crush on me gave me a $20,000 tip. I haven’t smoked yet today, I feel great, and-and-and confident, that is a stunning blouse. A strong, confident woman.

Deeper. That check thing was adorable. Monica: Oh come on, it’s only fair, you paid for the flight. Gunther: Okay, but only if you give me a drag. As a joke, this customer who has a crush on me gave me a $20,000 tip.

Joey watches Chandler wondering what the hell he’s doing. And then, I tried to find a pay phone, and ah, the receiver was cut off. The way to quit smoking is you have to dance naked in a field of heather, and then bath in the sweat of six healthy young men.

Phoebe: That’s right, exactly. Okay. From 1997 to 2005 he was employed at Dinkumware, working on the source code and documentation of their C++ Standard Library and C Standard Library implementations. Silicon Valley (2014) - S03E02 Two in the Box, Friends (1994) - S03E18 The One With the Hypnosis Tape, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) - S11E02 Frank Falls Out the Window. Pete: Yeah, a slice of cheesecake and-and a date if you’re given’ ‘em out. The moss life-cycle starts with a haploid spore that germinates to produce a protonema (pl. Rachel: Come on, it’s a hypnosis tape. In 2006 he published The C++ Standard Library Extensions: A Tutorial and Reference, a book covering the new functions and components proposed as extensions to the C++ Standard Library in C++ Technical Report 1. But why is Bill huggin’ Pete? Ross: Exactly, it’ll be illegal for him to drink at his own bachelor party. Joey: All right, congratulations you lucky bastard! Chandler: If that doesn’t keep kids in school, what will? Monica: (in the hallway) So, where do you want to go? This guy invented Moss 865. Phoebe: Y'know what, forget it. Pete: (turns off the TV) You’re taking this all wrong. I just carry it around. Gunther: (to Chandler) Oh, no-no, no-no-no, there’s none of that in here. Joey: I don’t know, maybe I can’t. Okay, can I just get my purse? And the two times we went out were just plain awkward. (He goes and sits down next to Rachel and puts a cigarette in his mouth, which Rachel takes away from him. Phoebe: Oh good! You're like the guy who invented the seatbelt. 3.4 secs. Frank: Wait a minute, wait, this is because of you? Monica: Guys, please, I’m just gonna have dinner with him. Why were you just like all in the dark? Hypnosis Tape: You are falling fast asleep.

Pete Becker. Frank: Umm, Alice ah, she ah, called it off. Y'know, I would storm out of here right now if-if I had some money, or a place to go…, [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel is getting Monica ready for her date. Frank: I mean, how hard can it be? Rachel: Oh right, ‘cause you always pull your pants down at the count of three and play Wipe-out on your butt cheeks. I got it!! Frank: (hiding under a pile of clothes) Hi. Monica: (opening the door) (to Pete) Hey! Fanpop quiz: What did Pete Becker invent? Joey is walking into the living room, and runs into the entertainment centre.

[Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Ross and Joey are being lectured by Phoebe.]. He has been the Project Editor from 2004 until 2011, when C++11 was released. I mean, what’s-what’s the deal? Joey: Well, have-have you told him how you feel? So... Phoebe: But, also, what happened between you and your Mom? It’s, it’s because of me. Just put the mail down. Alice: Y'know it-it’s funny, um, Frank told me so much about you, but your not how I pictured you at all. You invented that?

[Scene: The Moondance Diner, Monica is working, Rachel is having lunch.]. But, y'know what, maybe it’s just all for the best? I mean, maybe there’s something wrong with me. (Joey walks out smiling to himself. (hands him an audio cassette), Chandler: Oh. (to Joey) I’m gonna, I’m gonna get my ah, my fiancée man! (They ignore her) Okay, I’ve decided I’m gonna let this happen! It’s an acting exercise, I’m practising my fake laugh. right next to the guy who invented bees with teeth. (hands Chandler back the cigarette.). [Scene: Central Perk, all but Chandler are there, Joey laughs for no apparent reason.]. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) - S11E02 Frank Falls Out the Window.

Phoebe: No-no, oh, I’m fine with the age thing y'know, until it starts sticking it’s tongue down my little brother’s throat! Right? National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007). This home was built in and last sold on for. Frank: (entering with his fiancée Alice, who is obviously much, much older than he is) Hey! Have you heard about the guy that invented it? Huh?!

Hypnosis Tape: Cigarette’s don’t control you. He did it so I’d call.

Every office in the world uses that program! (he points out Phoebe to her). If we can’t get it out then we can cut around the stain, add a little lace, you make a stylish throw. You are a strong, confident woman, who does not need to smoke. He's the guy that invented the emoji that looks like this... about the guy who invented nitroglycerin? Who’s he hugging? Joey: So, we’re walking down the street and I turn to you and I say, “Hey, let’s go hang out at Totally Nude Nudes,” remember? Ross: No the man’s right, that’s what I had with Rachel. Becker has written several columns and articles, focusing primarily on C++. Ross: And so now you guys are gonna be married? Please? Pete: Ahh, I’d throw another thousand on that. Monica: Aww, the only reason you want to go out with me because my blond wig, and the big boobs, and the fact that I serve you food. I can, it’s still really hard to take deep breaths in cold weather, but with Alice all that stuff kinda went away. Every office in the world uses that program! (and he jumps all around). [Cut to a shot of the coliseum in Rome, Italy. Monica: Nah, he doesn’t do anything for me. ), [Scene: Phoebe’s, Phoebe is opening the door. Frank: Okay, cool, all right, she just ah, parking the truck. Deeper. Joey: Oh, nothing, no. We go out, we eat, and if you don’t have a good time, I give you ten grand, we call it even. Rachel: (laughs) Well, I mean, are you sure you want to go out with her? Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Official Video). Frank: Oh, I knew you’d be so cool about this. Phoebe: Umm, well I, I kinda had a little chat with Alice, and I sort of made her see why you two shouldn’t be together, y'know. (Both Chandler and Phoebe have shocked looks on their faces.). 2.3 secs.

), Gunther: Oh dark mother, once again I suckle at your smokey tit. You are now completely asleep.

Phoebe: Hey, Frank. Phoebe: Oh, yeah, sure. (rips up the check) I like you. Rachel: Well, I’m really sick of your smoking, so I brought something that is going to help you quit. Alice: Phoebe’s right Frank. Alice: Oh no, but when it comes to love, what does age matter? Rachel: Oh, y'know what, I didn’t want cinnamon on this.

I’ve seen it! That’s Pete! Frank: Wait, y'know what, I-I came to you because I thought you’d understand! Frank: Okay, but isn’t sex better when it’s with one person that you really, really care about. Secretary: You have a Miss Monica Geller here. The sq. Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Becker has been a member of the ISO/IEC (JTC1/SC22/WG21) C++ Standards committee since its inception in 1991. Hey! Monica: What the hell is this? Whoa, sorry. (realises) All right, I get your point. And now it’s, and now it’s gone and I don’t know why! Monica: (to a customer) Pete, can I get you something else? Joey: Yeah, come on, think about it. (pause) But, you guys can, please you gotta talk him out of it. Cigarettes don’t control you.

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Pete: Hmm, come on, you just said to her that you…. That’s Pete! List of recurring characters in Friends § Pete Becker, "Draft Proposal for Dynamic Libraries in C++ (Revision 1)", "Proposal for Unbounded-Precision Integer Types", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pete_Becker&oldid=887344879, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 March 2019, at 01:36.

Oh, my God. Pete: You’re, hey, you’re not paying for the pizza! I mean look at him and his Mom, I can’t. Rachel: Monica, last Saturday night, what happened on Walker: Texas Ranger? (hugs him), [Scene: Chandler and Joey's, it’s after Ross and Joey’s talk with Frank, and Phoebe’s is finding out what happened.]. After C/C++ Users Journal merged with Dr Dobb's Journal, Becker's column reappeared as "The New C++", now focusing on more general aspects of C and C++ programming.[3]. Frank: Y'know, I just was finally happy y'know. (exits). Ross: All we’re saying is don’t rush into anything. 1 secs. (turns two of the three off) I’m sorry what?

‘Cause you were acting like you didn’t.


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