why adopting dogs is better than buying essay
Dogs who are adopted from a shelter or rescue group are usually up to date on their shots, and many humane societies spay and neuter their dogs before putting them up for adoption. When getting a new dog, adopt it from the animal shelter rather than buying it from a pet store. There are many purebred dogs to be found in local shelters. Will you be home enough to train and care for it? Let’s start with the pros and cons of adopting a dog. There are many upsides to rescuing a dog. And a ton of other considerations, as well. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! This covers the cost to house and feed the dog, have them sterilized and microchipped, and have their medical evaluation and necessary medications. At the same time, however, we are also a nation that abandons our pets to shelters or just on street corners, leaving them to fend for themselves outdoors or run the risk of not being adopted from a shelter. Knowing the temperament of a puppy's parents is an advantage, but it is never a guaranteed you will be able to find out. That could come in handy for someone who might not be home enough to dedicate the proper time to training or someone who just isn’t really sure how to properly train a dog. Do you have enough time for a puppy? Thesis statement: The reason I ask this is to emphasize the importance of the topic and to introduce why choosing adoption over buying is not only the right, but the most humane decision to make when getting a pet. The truth of the matter is, there’s pros and cons to each and the ultimate decision is yours to make, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about what you choose. The prices at each shelter vary, but they’re all inexpensive.

Also, a lot of people want to be able to mold their new little furry friend into the perfect dog; however, that is only half of the work you will need to put into your puppy. Many families find comfort in buying new puppies because they can raise them appropriately to their own family's lifestyle. Thrive with your Lifestyle - Away from home a lot or little? The other is interacting with people and socializing. INTRODUCTION: Adopted pets, especially adult dogs, may already be housetrained. They show their appreciation through a deep loyalty to their adoptive parents. PetDoors.com uses cookies to give you the best shopping experience and assumes that you agree to the use of such cookies. When you're ready, save a life.

Whether you have anxiety or depression or some other health issue, dogs are extremely beneficial. You’ll get to meet the parents of the dog you are buying. I have researched thoroughly and have read many, Just imagine a lonely little puppy or kitten in a cage at the shelter, waiting to be the new member of a wonderful family.

There’s so many people who tell you to “adopt don’t shop,” but then you also have people who tell you not to adopt because you never truly know the background on the dog or what you’re truly getting, and so on and so fourth.

You will be improving your quality of life. For example, when buying an adopted dog you don't fully know that dog's background and its behavioral habits.

Pets for adoption often experience loneliness and depression from lack of human companionship, so they understand when you go through those things. Dogs can help with your daily outlook on life. My family bought my dog from a breeder and not only did we meet his parents, but we also got to meet his siblings. You don’t know the dogs’ background or where they came from, but whatever it was you are giving them a second chance at having a loving and happy life.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, there’s a lot to consider. As I just mentioned, you don’t know the dogs’ history. The prices at each shelter vary, but they’re all inexpensive. However, your dog search probably starts with buying versus adopting. I also volunteer for Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society whenever I can. Be a financial liability - Some dogs require grooming, may need more medical care and larger dogs are going to cost more in almost every aspect. Buying can easily cost over $1,000, and often much more. Even more than pet shops and puppy mills, shelters and rescue groups have a wide variety of animals to choose from. Dog Doors for Walls and Cat Doors for Walls, Electronic, Automatic & Microchip pet doors, Five Reasons Why Adopting a Dog is Better than Buying One.

Adopting vs buying a dog is quite different, but either way you end up with a best friend. Also, by buying new puppies you know the dog's full history and understand its behavioral habits. You can get a purebred dog. Who knows, the life you end up saving may be yours. Nov 2, 2015

But it's also about mental health. Central idea: To persuade my audience to adopt by explaining the need for adopters, the benefit of adopting, and the minimal cost of I. Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. If you go the route of buying your dog through a breeder, you’re going to need a lot of time to dedicate to care for it and train it properly.

Can your dog go with you? The connection between a shelter dog and their adoption parent can be stronger than any other! There are many benefits to adopting a shelter dog.

In conclusion, I believe that CHA animal shelter is the best place to adopt a pet because it is less expensive than buying an animal from a pet store, it decreases puppy mills, and the individual can pick, We are a nation that loves having pets.

A good breeder will have a detailed history on the dog and the dogs’ family, so there’s no secrets or surprises. Our world is full of choices. In general, adopting a dog is the best option, Puppy mills are a product of consumerism, a trait that is central in American life, which is the cause for many individual’s “shopping for animals”, be it because they want a puppy, which is cute, though the youth is short lived, or be it because they’re seeking a specific breed of animal- regardless, these central issues are the life-blood of “puppy mills” or essentially human trafficking, minus the humans. The unconditional love of an animal is one of the best feelings, second only to a child. This finding suggests that there are still many Americans who do not yet have pets but are planning on getting them. Today, you can adopt a pet from a dog shelter, or you can buy from a pet store or reputable breeder. Most dogs need a dose of daily exercise. When searching for our newest dog, we were specific that we wanted a dog that was a puppy to young in age, small to medium in size, male, and a poodle-mix. Making sure a puppy will fit into the lifestyle you have is very important. When looking to save a pet or thinking about adopting a dog into a loving home, there are a few things you should consider.

Usually when you adopt a pet, the cost of spay/neuter, first vaccinations … Preview Statement: I am going to address what the problem with mills are, and the reasons why one should consider adopting a pet instead, Outline Getting a new pet from the adoption system is all around a great thing to do, considering how many dogs are in shelters in the United States at this very moment. If you adopt an older dog, it likely already has basic training. Sales & Customer Service Manager

Lots of these animals don’t get to see their forever families because of euthanization. Although breeders can provide you with a family pet, perhaps you should think about adoption instead. Additionally, you usually won't have to worry about microchipping your new best friend as shelter dogs are usually microchipped in the event they wander or become lost.


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