winchester college houses
It is popularly known as Toye's, after the second Housemaster Jack Toye (1880-1899) and has three music practice rooms. Our pastoral care team keep in close contact with each other, and with each child.

Stephen coaches soccer and is Master in Charge of the Slavonic Society. Hawkins, the first Housemaster (1869-1900), the house is informally known as Chawker’s.

We encourage a sense of community and an appreciation for individual perspectives and interests. Our pastoral care team keep in close contact with each other, and with each child. This provides a complete picture of a boy’s welfare, and enables quick responses to any problems if they arise. The result is a highly communicative network that provides practical, timely support - as well as boys who feel comfortable and confident throughout their time at the school.

Independence and team spirit develop naturally within the houses. Boys enjoy the use of a snooker room and a grass tennis court. Many Thanks.

Founded by The Revd R.D. Many do choose to spend Sunday at school, enjoying the opportunities on offer. Boys eat in their house each mealtime, talking with their Housemaster, friends and teachers.

”. On Sunday after morning Chapel, Roman Catholic Mass, or Faith Circles, boys go home if they like.

Though modernised, the accommodation in College still impresses upon boys the unique experience that life as a Scholar brings. They too live on site. The results are in. Following the poignant last service in the Chapel for some time, the Chaplain reflects on faith in challenging times. It is also a testament to how at home boys feel. These same friends encourage your interests and support you throughout your time at the school.

It is extensive in number (a Winchester house has about sixty boys), and diverse in its influences (Winchester boys are from many countries and their parents from many walks of life). Every House here is its own family. This was the boys’ nickname for the founder, who was an ardent advocate for the study of literature and drama. The importance of conversation is central to the house philosophy. Fearon’s was founded by The Revd W.A. Situated close to Science School as well as the sporting facilities, is Kingsgate House. Cook (1893-1909), who published a book on the school’s history.

The house has its own squash court, gym, pool table, two music rooms and a large garden. pianomama Thu 26-Jan-12 22:19:34. Sergeant’s faces the sports facilities of Kingsgate Park and accommodates sixty boys, with a games room with football and snooker tables. In the latest Thought for the Week, Classicist Claire Rostron is feeling nostalgic.

The standard of acting and directing on display at this year's Junior Drama Festival was as high as ever. We encourage a sense of community and an appreciation for individual perspectives and interests.

Purpose-built in 1905, it is the most recent of all the boarding houses at Winchester. Turner, the first Housemaster (1869-1903), it is informally known as Hopper’s, a nickname bestowed by the boys because of his bouncing gait. Houses are at the heart of life at Winchester College and will be where a boy spends much of his time. Boarding is perhaps an inaccurate term for the personal atmosphere at Winchester. It is one of the four Commoner boarding houses. Fearon’s is one of four boarding houses, purpose-built in the 1860s, known as ‘Commoner Block’, Commoners being the term used for boys boarding outside the original College house. Regular Exeats (long weekends which run from Friday lunchtime to Sunday evening) also provide for time at home with family.

We believe that a great education should be experienced to the full and fullness is what a boarding education offers.

Fearon’s was founded by The Revd W.A. Established in 1869 and founded by The Revd C.H. Bramston’s is situated on St Michael's Road and adjoins Sergeant's boarding house. This is a consequence of the school’s recreational facilities and lively community of friends.


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