wish you always be happy and healthy
You have been such a strong support to me. May your years in life always have a stronghold of health and happiness. You are the reason why I never get tired of working. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. I hope you have a Happy Birthday and a great year! If you want to wish your love one happy birthday then you can use many type of wishes like happy birthday wishes for sister, happy birthday wishes for father, happy birthday wishes for friends etc. So today put work off, put some music on, put your feet up and relax! Born to rule and make the world a better place.

Happy birthday. You have brought nothing but happiness into my life. Dear son, you are like a prince to us.


May your day be filled with love.

Mom, your love and laughter fills my heart with a million moments of joy.

I wish you good health and happiness in life. So many candles for such a small cake? Happy birthday.

Today is your special day, my little guy. Sister, no one shines as brightly as you do. It has been such a blissful year, may this bliss continue to manifest in your life with intensity. I like who you are. Have a fantastic life. Out of all the wishes I would have hoped for, one that keeps coming to mind is that you have a great year indeed in good health and happiness. Happy birthday. Those who seek to pluck health are those who have the wisdom that they can be happy.

Among other things, I am sure I always want to see you happy and healthy. May all of your dreams become a reality. Best wishes for a happy birthday and may you enjoy your next year on this planet – or wherever you happen to be. Wish you lots of luck, good health and wealth on your birthday.

May you have a happy and healthy birthday! Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world. Happy birthday. You are good enough and kind enough to experience some of the goodness and kindness of the universe. Enjoy your good health.

Happy Birthday, I Wish You Sound Health and Happiness in Life. Pray, your heart gets the best result from good wishes, health and happiness in life. Everyone in this family is so lucky for having you in his life, because God doesn’t make angels like you anymore.

May your birthday bring loads of joy and fun to your world. I am the best that I can be because you taught me to never give up. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday to my girl! 65. You are the source of my courage and encouragement.

You already have all it takes to have a great year, may the works of your hand be blessed and the joy in your soul be multiplied. With you, I feel invincible and confident that the future is promising for us. I do not know any other person that is as ambitious as you are. May heaven smile on you and make your happiness full and complete.

May this day give you a new beginning in life. 106. 33. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-3','ezslot_17',119,'0','0']));29. Enjoy the best health in life. Happy Birthday to the man I love more than anything. Happy birthday.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-4','ezslot_23',120,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-4','ezslot_24',120,'0','1'])); 35. Happy Birthday. When you count your blessings, I pray you count good health in abundance. I wish you the best, and a seven-course dinner tonight. May all you find give you the happiness you deserve. I wish you good health and happiness in life. Happy birthday, dear. When you work towards good health, you’ll walk in the footsteps of happiness. I want more years to spend with you. May God bless every second of every minute of every hour of every day you walk on this fine earth. Whatever you do season in and out is blessed! May your ambitions be blessed beyond your imagination this year. Have a Awesome Birthday!

This is all I pray you have.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_5',116,'0','0'])); 18. May all you do and achieve bless you every day with great happiness and good health.

So good luck on the other two & Happy Birthday! eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'sweetlovemessages_com-banner-1','ezslot_11',113,'0','0']));7. Live life, live goodness. Be an impact to those who come around you.

6. Happy Birthday. You have circled the Sun again and it’s your Birthday!

58. May your testimony be permanent. I’m glad I have a sister as remarkable as you in my life. Here are the newest and best health wishes. Happy birthday to my amazing mom! I hope you have a beautiful birthday. Going all the way without happiness is just like living an empty life. I love you so much! Happy Birthday. Two things that make a man sleep better are; happiness and health. !… a lovely birthday for a lovely person! Happy Birthday Friend. 51. You will always be mommy and daddy’s little baby. Just one more year and you will be perfect. You are my life and I wish you a very happy birthday. My dearest sister, wish you a very warm and happy birthday. ... Belated Happy Birthday Wishes (26) Birthday Wishes (169) For Aunt (45) For Best Friend (60) For Bhabi (11) For Boss (21) 16. Happy birthday. How to Practice Active Listening (A Step-By-Step Guide), Why Listen to Reply Instead of Understand Is the Key to Failure, How to Be a Better Parent: 11 Things to Remember. 6. Happy Birthday! Smile and eat loads of cake to make your Birthday truly special and blessed. 79. May you experience the best out of it in good health. Some people get wiser with age. 91. My love, Happy Birthday! May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. You’re the brightest & most colleagues I’ve ever worked with. Happy Birthday to you. I wish you happiness, success and good health! 3. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. By this time next year, may there be seen progress. Enjoy this day, you deserve it! Thank you for being my best friend! Happy birthday, sunshine. You Can Share Our Birthday Quotes, Happy Birthday Messages, Birthday Image And Birthday Wishes With Your Lovely Friends And Family Members.

Enjoy your day. On your birthday and beyond, may you experience a joy that is born out of accumulated goodness and mercy from God, happy birthday. Health is above all. Happy Birthday to my Husband. Happy birthday, dear. Happy birthday to you. All that you see God doing in the dreams are coming to fruition imminently. Creating high-quality and informative guides for your travels. 45. For My Wonderful Daughter, Happy Birthday.

Your prayers have been answered, now is the period to start experiencing the manifestation.

Wishing you great health.”, “Health is the wealth we all aspire to have but no wealth comes easy and we must work hard for it. Happy Birthday. There are lots of birthday celebrants who hope continuously for the birthday wish that transcends the present. 39. 32. You are an incredible soul .of all the great things he has, happy birthday, live long, enjoy and prosper! You are my best friend, happy birthday sweet and kind mom. Daily, you toil and continually hope in a better tomorrow. Check our large collection of wishes, quotes, and messages!

I am so grateful. You are moving from one good news to another this year, do not doubt this. The phraseology in your question — “I wish you to be happy and healthy” — is not incorrect, but it’s unusual and slightly odd. 32. Today is not just your special day, it is even mine. Many, their wealth can’t buy them good health or even fix them in a happy state. A successful life keeps blooming and growing from good health. Happy Birthday. Wisdom is paramount. 40. But everybody gets older with age. Travelers, sport enthusiasts and photographers behind this blog. Happy Birthday. May you not fall into the hands of the wicked and May your happiness abound this year and beyond, happy birthday. I hope that today is the beginning of a great year for you. Happy birthday, sweetie! Moving out of bed, making plans and executing them is the freedom that comes from a vibrantly healthy person. I am so very grateful that you are my child. 75. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. 62. It seems that everyone knows you turned a year older except me. Happy birthday.

You always keep bringing those little moment of joy for us. Happy birthday.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'sweetlovemessages_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',114,'0','0'])); 10.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});107. 9. Enjoy it. 86. 19. I love you so much. For My Beautiful Daughter, Happy Birthday. How time flies, no one knows. 50. I wish you all the happiness in life on this very special day. A home distinguished among many to make the heart feel deeply. You'll always be my sweet little baby boy. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I wish you a very sweet and happy birthday. Wishing you many returns of this day. I never knew what soulmate meant until I met you. Happy Birthday. May your life be perfumed with so much good things that cause great things to happen. You are the smartest and sweetest daughter. Always keep it safe. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday, my love! Happy birthday. When you’ve paused on the journey to good health, happiness relaxes. You know what, I feel so proud to have a brother like you. When you’re asked about your comfort, peace and health, just say, “happiness”. Happy birthday to you!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To actually have the fulfilled life you so much crave, there is a need to enjoy good health and be saddled eternally in bliss. May you be led in all paths to happiness. May each and every wish of yours come true and may we be together forever to celebrate them all. Cheer up every soul you can. You are peculiar. Have a fantastic birthday! Dear daughter, best wishes on your birthday! May this new beginning be marked with all-round joy and a mouth filled with laughter. Have a beautiful life. A daughter like you deserves nothing but the best on her special day, and for all her birthday wises to come true!


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