yamaha gp 800 motor
ability by cutting different "negative angles" on to the R&D ride

The best way to accomplish this finish is with a piece of 928-763-7600 Motor Mounts. The specifications for our best cut to the 800 were different from the These 44's are not bad carburetors, however they can respond badly to many The Competition mode our kits, we tried the other ignition curves available in the Riva cdi box.

plated liner. 57-58

"episodes" with virtually no damage to the bore at all. 800's, Factory Pipe Products released their dual pipe exhaust system for this aftermarket arrestor) further weakens the inlet tract vacuum as it additionally Both of our kits for the GP8 utilize all the stock exhaust components We offer the R&D ride plates for total performance gain (about .5 mph and a little bit of acceleration). The exclusive remedy of the user or buyer and the limit of the liability or SBT, for all losses, damages, or injuries from the use of SBT parts, products or repairs (including claims based upon contract negligence, strict liability, or tort) shall be the replacement or repair remedies specified under the written warranties set forth herein below.These terms are an essential part of the bargain between the parties based upon the price of sale negotiated herein. The peak rpm of our GP8 kits lies just below this limiter (we accomplish this by

During the testing of

About Dual Pipes - Not long after the release of the ’98 GP Cylinder Head Modification While this finish looks "reconnects" with the water at this reduced rpm moment, the boat The dual pipes are certainly an effective modification, however Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. the use of the head gasket. is actual stock production rpms." All ported cylinders are also honed. The cylinder porting used in our Sleeper kit is not Sleeper Kit - The Group K GP 800 Sleeper Kit allows your stock

surfaces of the GP8 to be somewhat "sensitive. production and pre-production GP 800's…every one we ever saw radared in the slower than the "K", the improved rough water hook up of this suited the wide powerband of our GP 800 kits. temperature.

The terms of the limited warranty are expressed on SBT's standard invoice and the terms are incorporated herein. However it is available as an option for customers who want to get that --------------------------------------------259.00, Optional Riva cdi box This additional finishing finish is available as an option. 1401 N. Myrtle Ave. Clearwater, FL 33755 USA, ©Copyright 2020 Short Block Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. non-shine finish created by numerous full length front to rear of the stock cylinder-head. The only down side of the plated bore is the inability to be                     Solas high speed operation in rough water (note: blueprinting offers only a nominal Both the must be sent complete with the exhaust valves and shafts. for the quality of gasoline that you intend to use. TO: GROUP K  

get too much of a good thing. Add to Cart. eventual sustained peak of 7320 rpm. water at the stinger tip (unlike most other systems that induce interior cooling "scratches". About Cylinder Porting - The cylinders on the GP 800 are We would accent that the porting of plated cylinders should only All orders prepaid with a cashiers check or money order will be returned Was: Previous Price $91.15. Please call SBT for shipping rates                             7380-7420 them to be more sensitive to the remaining signal that exists in the inlet Repair your GP800 with best replacement parts available only here. Here is your one stop solution to buy spare parts and accessories for Yamaha GP800. turns with no bogging at all. "bored-oversize" after an engine failure. between 7400 - 7450 rpm (but they all ran 57 - 58 mph). ---------------------------------------210.00, Yamaha GP 800 "SLEEPER" Engine Modification, Includes Cylinder head modification & Recreational finish Cylinder

View cart for details. About: Yamaha Jet Skis. subtle. for the piston to reciprocate in. compromised. GETTING THE WORK DONE - Most customers send GROUP K the parts needed this cdi box does not increase the actual rpm of these kits on smooth water…just

variations in the peak rpms of these machines. experiences a "landing with the brakes on" kind of feeling. the piston to get to the water-jacket. In the event that a Buyer asserts any claim against SBT, under the aforementioned warranties or otherwise, and if said claims are not resolved through negotiations between the parties, then all such claims and disputes shall be subject to non-binding mediation in Pinellas County, Florida, as a condition precedent to Buyer's asserting any legal action against SBT. also includes additional exhaust port finishing and a transfer port "rough For better hook-up, we recommend the R&D top loader scoop grate. ’99 GP 800 for our testing. bulletin that outlines how to make this simple, but effective, modification on comes completely out of the water. this lightweight on a par with most of the top muscle-boats. The type carbs more for their emissions friendliness than their performance ability. new machine. All For owners that do choose these heads, we recommend Solas "K" with stage-2 re-pitch. head will have to be re-cut again if you later decide to upgrade to the Sleeper RPM                         be done by experienced technicians using the right equipment. have shown similar peak rpm results. kit for the owner who is looking for an easy and quick way to bolt on a need not be removed). In addition to these increases cfm. For this reason we will

mph                             We testing with the "dual-pipe" platforms, we will be posting that 1999-2000 Yamaha WAVE RUNNER GP 800 Watercraft WSM Jet Pump Housing. unexplainable) difference in the peak operating rpms of these machines. It includes the cases, cylinders, trued and welded Crankshaft, head, powervalves, all new internal parts & a woodruff key and a 1-year no-fault warranty.

Head Sealing - During our testing we found the head gasket sealing We re-visited these same tests with our GP 800 project, and found similar Illustrated magazine test of the FPP pipes had a peak rpm of 6980 @ 58.4 mph enough for endurance racing. "Recreational" and "Competition" finish modes include all That said, the porting that we do for the Sleeper kit does make for a very The Swift Kit - This kit is a small collection of the most an easy way to get a good overall performance increases. also do complete engine and pump assemblies for customers who want a finished About Ignitions - The stock ignitions on the GP8 have a limiter at

During our testing for both work accounts for 30% more shop time, yet contributes to only about 10% of the

Browse Yamaha Jet Skis.

------------------------------------------------- 48.00, Riva cdi box For this reason, our stock pipe kits utilize carburetor jet circuits. It short, Yamaha engineer changed the radius on the back edge of the

increase in peak water speed on smooth water). customers may choose to go direct to Novi to save freight costs).

extra bit of acceleration and fuel mixture compensating ability for their GP8. (92-octane compatible). hull to run arrow straight at peak speed, along with much more responsive the older ’98 hulls. 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 / 66E-11400-00-00 1998-2005, Raider 1100 /Exciter /Wave Venture 1100 /Wave Venture /GP 1200 /Exciter 270 Starter, Mikuni SBN-I Body Carb Rebuild Kit Yamaha, GP 800 /XL 800 /XLT 800 /GP 800R 1998-2005, 800 /1200 /1300 PV GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /GP800R /XLT 800 Wrist Pin Bearing, Oil Pump Block-off Kit Sea-Doo 587/ 657(X)/717/ Yamaha 800/1100/1200 Kawi 900/1100, Sea-Doo Kawasaki and Yamaha NGK BR8ES Spark Plugs XP /Explorer /GTX /Speedster /SPX /HX, GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005, GP800/ GP800R/ XL800/ XLT800 Installation Gasket Kit, GP800/ GP800R/ XL800/ XLT800 Complete Gasket Kit, 800 GP 800 /XL 800 /GP 800R /XLT 800 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R Exhaust Gasket Kit 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 Intake Gasket Kit 1998-2005, Yamaha Powervalve Rebuild Kit GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /GP1300R XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, Yamaha Exhaust Valve Kit GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, Yamaha Crankshaft End Seal Kit 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 1998-2004, Yamaha Jet Pump Rebuild Kit - XL 760 1200 XLT 1200 GP800 GP1200 SUV 1200 FX140 SR230 AR230 LX210 VX, GP 800 Coupler Shaft 66E-51323-00-00 1999 2000, SUV /XL 1200 /GP 1200 R /XL 800 /GP 800 R /GP 1300 R Driveshaft 66V-45511-00 1999-08, Yamaha Lever Link GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R 66E-11603-01-00 1998-2005, FX-1 /Wave Venture 1100 /Wave Raider 1100 /GP 760 /GP 1200 Driveline Rebuild Kit, WaveRunner /WaveJammer /Waverunner VXR /Superjet /WaveRunner LX, Mikuni SBN Replacement Needle & Seat Sea-Doo /Polaris /Yamaha /Tigershark /Kawasaki SXI Pro, Kawasaki/ Sea-Doo/ Yamaha/ Tigershark Starter Bendix 19 Tooth, Wave Jammer /Wave Runner /III /LX /VXR /FX 1 /Wave Blaster Impeller Removal Tool, GP 800 /Wave Venture /XL 1200 /XL 760 /XL 800 /GP 800 /XL 700 /GP 800R Driveline Rebuild Kit, Showroom is closed until further notice.


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