yo gotti and blac youngsta look alike
And everything profitable

I knew he was good nigga Cuz I been seeing him through in and out your career and shit Give 'em a stack to clean up the dishes It’s all about the money and both party be getting it together. You know, I seen that shit like a long time ago and shit When you lost your son I shed a tear for you When you born rich Live in a condo and trap out the duplex

Memphis-bred rappers Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta have teamed up for their collaboration album, Code Red. I was I like who the fuck this nigga is? Know I'm lit but I'm just heating up The only us nigga No fuck shit be tolerated in the crew I want to act like I got money I want a new booking for him Haa, I can’t lie to you I put that Cartier watch on my arm (Watch on my arm) I ain’t tryna trade places with niggas I just want to know why you changed homie? I spend my money with shine so I won (Gang, gang) And beat on beat on church wild and shit Bust down the Richard to rock in the kitchen (Okay) Took a jet from LA to New York (Flight 125) Ayy, Southside, where'd you get all that drip?

Acting like we was twin brothers I don’t have conversations with niggas I slept on the floor

She wanna kick it, I don't do karate [Intro] You know uh You not the typical bitch I would hush for Ain't used to nothing, she thought Chanel was channel I play with hoes, I don’t play with niggas See more ideas about Yo gotti, New music, Boosie badazz. Gated my house, you can't find it on Zillow Moneybagg Yo and Yo Gotti released a collab tape in 2016 and have worked together on various other songs. You was like man look right here Hundreds on choppers, the meanest a throwback Nigga smart as a mother fucker I don't see nothing from stopping us It wasn’t time for me to leave I done seen like a whole whole lot of things Who believed in this shit from the get go? I made a way for my family My grandma told me pull my pants up You ain’t even nobody This is the second time Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti have all appeared on the same song, following 2016’s “Gang Gang”. So they said the want me dead So what that tell ya We was dressing alike we was going to school You know, I walked in that mother fucker like I just ran some shit You know, um You was on my team at first [Outro: Yo Gotti]

You know uhh big homie

And and and they thought, they thought that shit was funny [?] She said god got the answer And everything mafia (Mafia) Yall i’ll shoot a fan up I remember I was broke (broke) Cut that shit up a lil bit You want that smoke but you know you not with that (Nah) https://www.sohh.com/yo-gotti-gets-gifted-with-new-car-from-42-dugg @2019 - blazinhotartist.com. Signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group label in 2015, he is a rapper responsible for mixtapes by the titles of Young & Reckless and I Swear to God. That nigga said uh uh Rest in peace [?] Their aunty, their mother, forever I’ll love you Nobody nigga, nobody nigga Protecting the brand, I went and bought some more guns I'm not the typical nigga you fuss at Like I normally talk to em I got shot three times Me and this money a dynamic duo Baguettey the chain, make it look different (Yeah) CMG, Blac Youngsta – I Met Tay Keith First Lyrics, Blac Youngsta – Whisper ft. City Girls Lyrics. Fuck up, uhh Cut that shit up a lil bit You know, um I was having uh uh uh uh I was having Big homie got it the other day And we was on the phone talking that shit, you know me Since I been on the road and shit I been running so much money off this shit Tim said there is only one king of Memphis. But I respect you Rich nigga flow, come from the slums Bought her a Cuban, the pendant say Gotti. I'ma teach you how to work that Drac' for real I’ll still fuck Lady Gaga if she had cancer Watch the interview, and follow the show here on twitter.

This how… (Him) Tell them niggas hurry up They tried to put me to rest Used to be OG but now it's exotic (Za) You know it ain't my shit if it ain't exotic Slam on an opp, hit his ass with the suplex I told him say no more haha I just want to let you know I’m riding with you with a lot of more than love If you a fuck nigga? Coronavirus, they went outta stock If it ain't 'bout millions, let me be excused ('Scused) A lot of nigga’s they ain’t see my vision the ain’t believe in me Just wait and see Tim said there is only one king of Memphis. I got to keep it G with you yeah

That nigga said haha

Letter To Yo Gotti by Blac Youngsta

And we don't make Worldstar, we make the news I'm never lacking, getting head with my hammer He and Snootie Wild were both signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group label.

Got a new chain and that bitch come from Wafi And take care of my family you know Don't disrespect me, nigga, thinking it's cool I ain’t trying the leave the game, sit on the bench Both artists are signed to Yo Gotti's Collective Music Group (CMG) label. Bool on the Lamb', that's matchin' my zodiac

For those who does not know who’s Blac Youngsta is. I could tell, I could tell I got a bitch out in Cali, she blond And if your son even need me homie For everything that you done I ain’t letting this nigga go I told that bitch she got to go Three Memphis heavyweight spit verses over a heavy-hitting beat from Southside.

Letter To Yo Gotti by Blac Youngsta Released : 2017 Genre : HipHop / Rap. They pray for my ending but I just got started I can’t go and get a job I got niggas in the feds stuck (Lil bitch) Let him know I’m there for you And I was like I want that nigga to manage me I done did so much good shit for my mom but it was still some love I ain’t serving out the foam now Lil' dawg want a body, he dropping 'em

Fuck them niggas I’ll spray them niggas

Walk in the spot, all the rappers, they get back You might dislike me

Give me a shot where I could put my niggas in position And and and really be broke Niggas said they want my head Can't go to sleep broke, couple million my pillow Genre : HipHop / Rap, Fuck up, uhh Bitches gon' milk 'cause I'm lit like a candle, Bust down the Cartier, Plain Jane the Hublot, Gated my house, you can't find it on Zillow, I go ham, but no pork on my fork (Alhamdulillah), I make my bitches break down like a Kit Kat.


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