you're my glory drama
As you may have guessed, “Drinking Solo” emphasizes drinking over eating.

Overlord . After all, sometimes just the idea of food is enough to make one salivate. Plus. Filmed as part of the Shane Connor Scene Study. Perhaps tonight would be a good night to get some pizza delivered and leave the cooking to the cast of “Oh My Ghostess.”. With the family’s brilliant and beautiful, Shen Li Ge by his side, the two begin the arduous task of reformation. This drama clearly knows its way around a tantalizing bowl of black bean noodles (jjajangmyeon) as well. Just thinking about this drama made me crave a steaming hot bowl of ramyun to the point that I actually had to go and boil some while writing this. — but have you ever watched one for the food? The drama peaks in the mid-30s after the most well developed villain is felled and it further loses momentum after some of my best loved characters are gratuitously killed off. TM + © 2020 Vimeo, Inc. All rights reserved. — but have you ever watched one for the food?

I mean, just look at the spread below! 1/15.

Desperate to bring peace to his crumbling nation, the young emperor, Liu Yi Kang, son of Emperor Wu of Liu Song, the founder of the Liu Song Dynasty, is willing to do whatever it takes to save his people, but the road before him will not, be easy. List Ost Parallel Love. The Untamed. Lin Yushen and Zhao Lusi's sweet love story with food. How about another midnight snack staple: ramyun (instant noodles)? You Are My Destiny. Although food does play a role in “Oh My Ghostess,” I’d say this one has the weakest food porn game out of the lot listed here. Full. I know that my stove gets a lot more use whenever I watch “Pasta,” anyway. Ost Drama China, Playlist Ost . But peace doesn’t come without a price and the cost of this battle is tremendous. TencentVideo Only. Despite some of the creations in this show being more than a little questionable (how about some chocolate sauce and ramyun? Just don’t blame me if your diet falls by the wayside or your healthy eating habits take a turn for the worse as a result of watching these dramas. But it’s okay, because I’m here to help. My brother, who also has locks, was cross with me.

Starring Xiaozhan and Wangyibo. Fair warning, you’re going to want to go out for dim sum after watching this one. updated to 18.

Yang Yang dan Dilraba Dilmurat akan bermain bersama dalam You Are My Glory. (Source: Viki) Edit Translation, Set in the Liu Song Dynasty (420-479), with powerful aristocrats clamoring for power, the people of the Liu Song Empire have succumbed to the ensuing chaos. At times, it feels like a full-fledged cooking program and not just a drama thanks to the way Poong (2PM’s Junho) describes the food and macro shots that even Food Network would be envious of. Not only do the stories and characters alone make you feel as though you’ve eaten a warm plate of your favorite comfort food, but all the meals look positively delectable and appear to be made with so much care that it’d be impossible to not enjoy them. What better way is there to finish out this list than with a drama about a pastry chef?

Original. Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos. There’s also plenty of food prep to get your stomach growling if that’s what excites you the most. Ost Drama China, Playlist Ost. from Ryan Ren and Kabby Xu’s love story. Filmed as part of the Shane Connor… Filmed as part of the Shane Connor… "You're My Best Mate" Drama - 'My Mad Fat Diary' Scene - … Not only that, but the beginning of every episode blesses us with some lovely food and drink shots that could be straight out of a commercial. Dating in the Kitchen. But peace doesn’t come without a price and the cost of this battle is tremendous. Whether you’re more interested in the process that goes into making delicious food or only care about the final product, “Wok of Love” is sure to have you drooling. Scene from My Mad Fat Diary, Season 2. Knowing the only way to strengthen his position is to ally himself with a mighty family, Yi Kang agrees to an alliance through marriage with the powerful Shen family. Don’t forget to eat dinner on nights when you plan to watch this one, though, if you’re concerned about late night eating. If pasta really isn’t your thing, fear not, for the cooking scenes are still fun to watch and may even inspire you to whip up something more to your taste in your own kitchen. From Italian pasta to traditional Korean eats, you can find almost any food your heart desires in some K-drama. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. Full. Aglio e olio, vongole, linguine in tomato sauce, three cheese ravioli… Don’t know about you, but I want to eat them all! Facing off against one of the nation’s most powerful and corrupt clans, Yi Kang and Li Ge must use every ounce of their wits and strength to defeat their foes. In the midst of so much heartache and despair, can this noble couple find a way to heal the wounds of a broken nation and at the same time, mend the wounds of their own broken hearts? If you’re trying to keep your sweet tooth in check, this one may not be a good pick for you. updated to 36. Just be careful not to get too absorbed in the drama and wind up overcooking your pasta (or whatever it is you like). Don’t leave Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo) and the rest of the ramyun shop crew hanging. Scene from My Mad Fat Diary, Season 2. Set in the Liu Song Dynasty (420-479), with powerful aristocrats clamoring for power, the people of the Liu Song Empire have succumbed to the ensuing chaos. With the family’s brilliant and beautiful, Shen Li Ge by his side, the two begin the arduous task of reformation. Check out this clip to get a feel for what I mean, and then check out the rest of the drama because boy does it have some high-quality food porn scenes.

If you have a question about Vimeo, chances are we’ve already answered it in our FAQ. You Are My Destiny. updated to 22. Daftar Drama China baru 2020 (bagian ketiga) Drama China Terbaru. Drama romantis terbaru, What if You’re My Boss? Which K-dramas have made your mouth water? To kick off our “meal,” why not start with some beer? I’m not much of a beer drinker, but this drama definitely had me thinking about going out to buy a six-pack every time one of the characters cracked open a fresh can of beer. Also, if you’re anything like me, watching Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) temper chocolate, decorate multi-tier cakes, and so on might low-key make you want to become a pastry chef too (or at least try your hand at it).


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