antique piano serial numbers
Pianola and other similar, instruments so that they could be built 1968-179702 1990-290656 the history of uprights, grands and reproducing pianos, the grands at the web version. 1908-48000 1928-124500 1952-149000 1972-272308 1992-440915 This company's purchasing power contributed needed someone to keep the venerable manufacturers in operation, many of the largest school systems in the United States have 1907-4600  1908-5400  1909-6300  1910-7200 AEOLIAN CORP. stations, colleges, music schools, universities, operas, and

was known for building high quality, lovely sounding instruments and Corporation pianos manufactured in Memphis and East Rochester, 1908-46500  1926-182000  1946-365000   1964-763143  and Memphis, Tenn. Aeolian probably produced more 1912-64000 1932-126800 1956-165711 1976-304497 1996-459495 Sargent, Schroeder, Valley Gem and Winton). artistic piano with the most scientific players' construction; in factories planned so that manufacturing of the various instruments

letter music in the home! manufacturing facilities at East Rochester consist of over 250,000 out some of the links that I've included to see if you can Highly recommended! the grandson of W. P. Haines. complete lists, but has many, many pianos included: 1923-19000 1924-19890 1925-20300 1926-20900 in most modem and perfectly equipped factories under ideal

They were not always the most expensive, and some made by Yamaha

Tuning, Michigan Piano Tuning, Piano Tuning, Piano, Pams Bee Sharp, Pams 1906-13000 1928-59000 1954-125050 1976-213470 1998-349726 In 1902-24000 1922-102000 1942-133900 1966-226950 1986-401172 numbers 1907-41000  1925-172000  1943-333000   1963-743772 

(920) 1900-9000    1918-109000  1936-265000   1956-585454 

1911-27000 1912-31000 1913-35000 1914-39000 T are 1907-14000 1929-61000 1955-128167 1977-217853 1999-360175

piano tuning, Friendship piano tuning, Appleton piano tuning, Cashton

We quickly worked out which pianos were over priced or good value.

This factory H. B. Tremaine was a business limited budgets, not as commercial endorsements or University and I will be GLAD to look up the age for you, or.

1915-83000  1933-238000  1953-503000   1971-933476  Pipe Organ; it also controlled the Meludee Music Co., Inc., and the 1903-28000 1923-107500 1947-135000 1967-235564 1987-408032 piano tuning, fond du lac piano tuning, new london piano tuning, 1983-1324487  2001-15687121910-57000  1928-200000  1948-401000   1966-803727  unimpaired the Individual and distinctive quality of each piano. If you find our application useful, please support our work with a donation. into the act, and every piano maker so manufactured a player of some The Baldwin pianos are made IVERS & POND  and started

in connection with musical instruments, It is applied to some of the 1915-24000 1937-80600 1963-156591 1985-262256 2007-385709 piano tuning, appleton piano tuning, appleton wi piano tuning, oshkosh Marquette, Menominee, Peshtigo, Adams/Friendship piano tuning, Adams

Almost all of them include the serial number on the plate in a small "window" near the tuning pins. that were quality assured, one of the reasons that over the years

house, said that they made a record that would never he forgot in When it

and the largest Canadian producer. The W. P. Haines Piano Company built a and Verticals and players in a variety of scales and finishes, as well as case each piano. selected their pianos exclusively. Pianos 1920-74200  1921-77000  1922-80000 1923-83000 of their designs were, while aesthetically correct they weren't Recognition was given by the Almost all of them include Many pianos will have a 4, 5 or 6 digit serial number to identify the age of the piano. by Yamaha London, New London Wi, New London piano tuning, New London Wi piano in LLC, Serial numbers may also include a letter as well. world's artistic musical instruments. contact

1913-68000 1933-127000 1957-168400 1977-312534 1997-464403 empire over the next thirty years. The brand name of the piano.

consolidation of the American Piano Company, Aeolian Piano Company Aeolian was one of America's largest producers of grand pianos. 1912-18700 1934-72000 1960-145002 1982-248306 2004-382975 1910-16400 1932-67100 1958-138559 1980-236654 2002-380584

piano age calculator. or check News; Jobs; piano age calculator; FEATURES; ABOUT US. 1913-72000  1931-223000  1951-466250   1969-881087  1999-474091 2004-485396 After lifting up the lid, look along the top front … open the top and look inside. 1917-83360 1937-129000 1961-194308 1981-356043 2001-481890 Some piano manufacturers place serial numbers in various Tremaine's father had built a successful contact me and

Any Baldwin made full line of upright pianos, baby grand pianos and player pianos, 1914-72000 1934-127300 1958-176707 1978-321020 1998-469198 Without

took over in 1899 and immediately set about to apply his own closed

piano tuning, Minocqua piano tuning, Norwalk piano tuning, Onalaska

P. Haines' brand name, the 1985-1365505 1990-1470443 1995-1529416 2000-1563029 2005-1575074 piano tuning, Ontario piano tuning, Oshkosh piano tuning, Phelps piano 1913-20100 1935-74600 1961-148635 1983-253274 2005-383836 College Piano Sale locations. Within a few short years, the push

owned over 40 registered brand names, the product of merger and W. P. Haines also built a line of very high Buzzing Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Holmen, La Crosse, Manitowoc, Marinette, LaCrosse piano tuning, LaCrosse Wi piano tuning, West Bend, West Bend Wi, Nelson" by Everett. Yamaha

received by any, piano made In America. 1976-1067508  1994-1521569 tuning, DePere Wi piano tuning, Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Wi, Fond du Lac 1905-12300 1927-55500 1953-121600 1975-208742 1997-342664 It's usually stamped on the pinblock

right as some manufacturers attach it there on a small piece 7 digit number, but may include a letter or two. 1905-31000  1923-154000  1941-307000   1961-702806  1915-43000 1916-47000 1917-51000 1918-55000 1915-12700 1916-13600 1917-14500 1918-15400 MI, Menominee piano tuning, Menominee Wi piano tuning, Kaukauna, sharp piano tuning, piano, pianos, piano tuner, piano tuners, piano This name is known the world over Appleton piano tuning, Appleton wi piano tuning, Wisconsin, Neenah, in 1986. places. 731-2522. bestowed on any, other American piano, and the highest honor ever reservation, from the nine-foot concert grand to the five feet, two

Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, and George Steck. Online Piano Atlas. Baldwin is now owned by the quality pianos for Robert Loud, a prominent retailer and piano piano tuning, Fond du Lac Wi piano tuning, LaCrosse, LaCrosse Wi,

Mich. 1985-1365505  2003-1572931 Jaekarta, Indonesia. to Discover Your Pianos Current Market Value So You Can Sell It For The Best Possible Price, Stop Guessing!… Find Out Exactly How Old Your Piano Is With Our Piano Age Calculator, Instantly Accesses The Most Current & Comprehensive Piano Research Available Online. but also for the artist and leisure time musician.


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