best concealed radar detector 2019
Welcome to RatedRadarDetector. Even in areas where radar detectors are legal, there may be extra laws that determine how and where you can mount it in your vehicle.

Selectivity refers to a detector’s ability to ignore signal sources that can cause false alerts.

The more sensitive a detector is, the better it detects signals, especially weak ones. If that’s a hard pass for you, we’ve compiled the best concealed radar detectors below. Published July 16, 2019. The concealed radar detector models are the ones which are actually installed inside of your vehicle, which is different from those which are usually just mounted on the windshield with some additional accessories.

The range isn’t as extreme, but it has more helpful features, it’s better at filtering out false alerts, and it’s more automated and hands-free. The absence of GPS also puts off more experienced users, especially considering the benefits that GPS brings, among them better false alerts filtering, speed measurement, and locating speed traps and red-light cameras. The voice alerts will allow you to focus only on the road and still be informed about any possible detected threats. It succeeded in the Whistler PRO-3600 as the brand’s concealed radar detector, but it maintains many of the features that attracted users to its predecessor. Cities are filled with signal sources that can create false alerts.

Heat on hot summer days can damage the radar detector if left out for too long.

William Johnson is the owner and founder of To find out more about hidden radar detector reviews, keep on reading this article. Police radar devices tend to use different types of radar bands that use different frequencies: X-band (10.5 to 10.55 GHz), Ku-band (12 to 18 GHz), K-band (24.05 to 24.24 GHz), and Ka-band (34.2 to 35.2 GHz). This type of radar is usually mounted under the hood of the car or any other vehicle and is connected with the control panel which the driver can see. You will also get three aux ports which will allow you to add things such as rear laser and radar antenna, laser modules, GPS, etc for even more different functions.

1. It could be mounted in your windshield with fewer cords as well. Cordless radar detectors make it easier to install the device inside a vehicle without worrying about cord management. The information includes your speed, laser band, and signal strength.

Radar Roy’s Top Concealed Radar Detector Picks #1 – Stinger VIP Radar and Laser Defense System The Stinger VIP was the 1st place winner of our 2015 Radar and Laser Shootout “Duel in the Desert” and sets a new benchmark for combined radar and laser protection. Most detectors in this price range feature-poor performance and/or filtering to get down to the price point, but the DFR7’s capabilities are still pretty reasonable.

The display on this radar detector can be installed in three different orientations and it will tell you about the kind of signal that way detected and its strength. This function allows you to deduce the location of a threat. Are you looking for a radar detector that will be hidden at the same time? We advise you to read the installation guide before installing it or letting someone professional do it instead. The PRO-3700 model is one of those hidden detectors which need to be installed in your vehicle and cannot be mounted to your windshield. They are all the type of product that needs to be installed inside of the vehicle, and they cannot be mounted to your windshield. It can also give you voice alerts in either English or Spanish. The latest updates have helped in this regard though. Buy a newer radar detector that is designed to filter out the various sources of false alerts.

The Cobra Dualpro is an upgrade from the previous radar detectors where it not only has front and rear sensors, but is also fitted with 360-degree detection arrows that accurately scan threats all around you. These can be difficult to install since the cord adds some extra bulk to secure and get out of the way if you want to maximize the space inside the vehicle. This model can be installed in a few different ways and it comes with the console, which is very discreet and will not be seen once the product is installed, and the display. He writes about car accessories, with his passion stemming from a deep enthusiasm for all things automotive. This is why we recommend the Cobra RAD 350, which uses Cobra's patented IVT FILTER System to reduce false alerts that can be a result of collision avoidance systems within your range. The device may also remain on when the car turns off. If you have a limited budget for a new radar detector, take a look at these great detectors below $300. The brand called Whistler is one of the main brands when it comes to creating the concealed radar detectors, but also all of the other types of radar detectors.

Some modes can also detect other things like red light cameras.

These tend to be hidden from view and mounted in the position for the best detection results with a controller and display installed in your dash. Through the Cloud, the detector can also display the current speed limit right next to your current speed, a handy feature while driving. Cell phone integration also adds a lot. ... Best Concealed & Hidden Radar Detectors For Sale Reviews 2020.

Also, it may malfunction or give false alerts when exposed to intense sun rays or when used in hot climates.

No matter how you do it the screen will still show the text correctly so you can easily read it. The integrated GPS allows you to teach the detector where false alerts are located around town from speed signs on the side of the road and automatic door openers in front of drugstores and grocery stores. When a few of the signals have been detected at the same time, the Alert Priority feature will prioritize and select only the most important ones and notify you about them. The device is 1 inch long, 2.5 inches wide and 1.2 inches high which is very small and it will fit in any concealed place in your car.

Let’s look at all the best radar detectors, along with their different specialties, features, and price points, and help you choose which one would best suit your specific needs.

What’s more, it's designed with DSP technology, which allows for faster and more accurate detections than the previous models. All information you can find on use on your own responsibility. The next model we are going to talk about here is not a Whistler model, but rather a Valentine one. The detector has a 360-degree detection range and can protect you from all kinds of radar bands such as -band, K-band, Superwide Ka-band, and all of the laser bands. The device also has a Radar Signature Identification or an RSID, which allows a user to know the frequency of the detected Ka-band. It also uses Intelligent Filtering technology to eliminate unwanted noise and repeated false alerts. It comes with the Radar Signature ID feature or the Ka-band identifier will display Ka 33.8, 34.0, 34.3, 34.7, or 35.5 when it detects Ka-bands. If you want to learn more about radar detectors, check out my post about the best dash camera and radar detectors, or even the one about the best radar detectors under 100, 200 or 300 dollars.

For instance, the PRO-3700 is not as impressive in detecting Ka-bands, which comes as an inconvenience given this band’s dominance on the road. Having a radar detector that can go stealth mode can be pretty handy against RDDs and the watchful eyes of police troopers. Since it is not mounted on your windshield, not everyone will know you have a radar detector, which is another benefit. How Are Best Concealed Radar Detector 2019 Used? A. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

One, this is the closest we can get to a completely undetectable radar detector. All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include.

You can select which bands you want and don’t want to detect, buy simply turning them on and off in the settings. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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