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This was the fourth and last of these cheap but cheerful comedies, with Robin Askwith returning as an over-sexed entertainments officer at a camp run by an ex-prison officer. Mrs Whitemonk So, porn with a touch of humour, you might say . In no time at all, Dad has the widow and her fellow mourners singing along in a rousing chorus of My Old Man Said Follow The Band. All rights reserved. Anthony Booth Arriving at the station they get into the first car they see – which just happens to belong to a funeral party. Search stock photos by tags. Linda Hayden Sheila White Nostalgia Central is an enormous scrapbook providing a trip from the Rockin 50s via the Swinging 60s, the Mirror-balled 70s and Day-Glo 80s to the Grunge-filled 90s. Synopsis. . Nicola Blackman Roughage The Confessions films relied on a blend of saucy humour and What the Butler Saw-style smut (much loved by the Carry On team). Caroline Ellis Eventually, the hippo explodes, hurling a naked Timmy into the swimming pool, where he is seen (but again not recognised) by Whitemonk. . Can only be reproduced in conjunction with promotion of the film. LinkedIn. Mr Whitemonk Directed by Norman Cohen. Old British Film , Confessions of a Summer Camp Councillor 1977 info , Starring Robin Askwith, Anthony Booth Directed by Norman Cohen Liz Fraser Timothy Lea ©2020 British Film Institute. Featuring ... Year. For Editorial Use Only. As Timmy says, moments before they hurtle into the boating lake, “There must be an easier way to make a living!”. With Robin Askwith, Anthony Booth, Bill Maynard, Doris Hare. Later, Timmy is blowing up a number of animal-shaped balloons when he is visited by Brigitte, who proceeds to make love to him, unaware that the gas cylinder is still pumping air into a rubber hippo. Good Old Movies Judo Vintage Movies Confessions Amazing Music Youtube Films Beauty Kevin In order to enjoy the summer and have some holiday while working they celebrate erotic parties. Genre. Thinking that Sid is a Peeping Tom he grapples with him and the ensuing rumpus knocks the whole row of chalets down like a set of dominoes . Kevin’s Dad This is great pleasure for them until the arrival of a new manager who tries to change the bad habits and turns their lives into hell. Category. So Timmy gets stuck in amongst the girls and uses his boyish charm to persuade him to let him enter them . Blackbird Search the BFI National Archive collections, Read research data and market intelligence, Robin Askwith As Entertainment Officers their job is largely about keeping themselves entertained. Nothing is going to keep Timmy’s Mum (Doris Hare), Dad (Bill Maynard) and sister Rosie (Sheila White) from a free holiday at the camp. John Junkin Film details. . for the contest. . He orders Sid to organise a beauty contest – Miss Great British Holiday Camps – and Sid makes it clear to Timmy that if they don’t deliver the goods they’ll be in their old, familiar position – unemployed. Meanwhile, Timmy is being seduced in his chalet, first by Blackbird (Nicola Blackman) and then by Glad (Caroline Ellis), both of whom want to make sure of their chances in the upcoming beauty contest. Eventually, the beauty contest gets underway, compered by host Roughage (Colin Crompton), but the whole event is ruined before it starts by young Kevin (Nicholas Owen), who starts a massive cake fight. But they’re not long for the sweet life. In a typical British holiday camp during summer the employees are bored to hell. © Copyright 2020 Nostalgia Central. Colin Crompton . Confessions from a Holiday Camp has the honour of being possibly the only soft porn movie to star John Junkin AND have a theme tune by The Wurzels (Give Me England). Janet Edis Unfortunately for Timmy, Dad and Mum are in a ghostly mood too, and they have a very unusual (and unclothed) coming together . Reen Film lists and highlights from BFI Player. Please refer to the. Doris Hare Confessions from a Holiday Camp. and without a touch of porn. Timmy and Glad are so noisy in their passion that they wake Sid in the chalet next door and he angrily gets out of bed to peer through Timmy’s window. Robin Askwith Dad Bill Maynard Timmy has an unfortunate accident when he is seduced by a shapely woman (Penny Meredith) in the sauna – in his passion, he burns his bum on the brazier and flees in agony. Reviews, interviews and features from the international film magazine. He is seen by the gay Lionel (Lance Percival) who knows some queer goings-on when he sees them. One of the girls, Brigitte (Linda Hayden) is a camp host and, therefore, ineligible for the contest, but she still has a very close relationship with Timmy. Confessions From A Holiday Camp (1977) The Confessions films relied on a blend of saucy humour and What the Butler Saw-style smut (much loved by the Carry On team). When Mrs Whitemonk (Liz Fraser) arrives to be a judge in the beauty contest Timmy is sent to fetch her.


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