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the address of the next instruction to be executed.

Term: Bus Buses are the means by which data is transmitted from one part of a computer to another. Sign Up or Log In below. Sending a signal on the read control line allows the CPU to receive data from memory. Related Content: Von Neumann Architecture The ALU performs calculations and makes logical decisions. GCSE Computer Science Geraint D. Jones Mark D. Thomas Revised: November 2013 2013 . The ALU is responsible for the procesing of arithmetic (maths) and logical comparrisons within the CPU.

H    As a result, the control bus consists of control lines that each send a specific signal, like read, write, and interrupt. When it is write operation, the processor will put the data (to be written) on the data bus, when it is read operation, the memory controller will get the data from specific memory block and put it into the data bus. The address bus holds the address in RAM that the processor is accessing. The control bus allows the CPU to determine whether and when the system is sending or receiving this data.

The control unit acts as the manager of the CPU. #    In the 1980s, processors commonly ran at a rate of between 3 megahertz (MHz) to 5 MHz, which is 3 million to 5 million pulses or cycles per second. Registers are small amounts of high-speed memory contained within the CPU.

The CPU transmits a variety of control signals to components and devices to transmit control signals to the CPU using the control bus.

Buses are used to allow data to move between RAM and the Processor (ALU, Control Unit and Registers). Control Unit. The width of the data bus is directly related to the largest number that the bus can carry, such as an 8 bit bus can represent 2 to the power of 8 unique values, this equates to the number 0 to 255.A 16 bit bus can carry 0 to 65535. The data bus carries data between the processor, the memory unit and the input/output devices. M    It helps the CPU synchronize its command signals to the computer’s components and slower external devices. Please consider sharing this page on your social media mentioning @TeachAllAboutIT.

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In the 1980s, processors commonly ran at a rate of between 3, to 5 MHz, which is 3 million to 5 million pulses or cycles per second. Not a member yet? Today, processors commonly run at a rate of 3. to 5 GHz, which is 3 billion to 5 billion pulses or cycles per second. The clock sends out a regular electrical pulse which synchronises (keeps in time) all the components. T    Please write to us at to report any issue with the above content. F    . Data bus - carries the actual data between the processor and other components.

GCSE Computer Science – Revision Randomiser, AQA A Level Computer Science (7516, 7517), AQA A Level Computer Science Programming Tasks 2021, Terms & Conditions and GDPR Privacy Policy. Data Bus: Carries the data that needs processing, Address Bus: Determines where data should be sent. Length of Address Bus of 8085 microprocessor is 16 Bit (That is, Four Hexadecimal Digits), ranging from 0000 H to FFFF H, (H denotes Hexadecimal). N    A control bus is a computer bus that is used by the CPU to communicate with devices that are contained within the computer. The address bus is unidirectional and functions like a map for the memory. Our team of exam survivors will get you started and keep you going. The IAS is much faster than secondary storage allowing the CPU to keep up with the demands of the programs. Data transferred between them passes through the ALU. This little known plugin reveals the answer. When an instruction requires a logic gate to be used, this is the component that will produce the outcome. It allows the CPU to interrupt its current job to process the present request. 2 Disclaimer This resource is provided to support the teaching and learning of GCSE Computer Science. There is another control … The IAS is another name for Main Memory, or the umbrella term for the Cache & RAM together. It sends signals to tell the other components how to respond to the instructions that are recieved. It is bidirectional and can transmit in only one direction at a time. The data bus carries data between the processor and the memory.


The control bus is bidirectional and assists the CPU in synchronizing control signals to internal devices and external components. They are used by the processor to store small amounts of data that are needed during processing, such as: Different processors have different numbers of registers for different purposes, but most have some, or all, of the following: Cache is a small amount of high-speed random access memory (RAM) built directly within the processor. Buses. B    E    When the CPU writes data to the main memory, it transmits a signal to the write command line. The microprocessor 8085 can transfer maximum 16 bit address which means it can address 65, 536 different memory location. .

A standard CPU system bus is comprised of a control, data and address bus. R   

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