damage full movie 2009

2009 102 min R Drama, Action/Adventure Feature Film. Steve delivers. The Biggest Arms In The World Written by PYGOD on August 23, 2007 After my article RAW BENCH, I decide to follow with another hugely ... StrengthFighter.com is 100% written, blogged, created, operated, and owned by PYGOD. Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2010. Was this review helpful to you? It just had the feel to it. This movie doesn't know if it wants to be a drama or an action movie. Join for a free month. This film is excellent so go ahead and check it out i guarantee you will enjoy it.

I Know. Rated R for violence. Along the way he finds fatherly love, and friendship, in the most unlikely of places. Anything goes. A tough-as-nails ex-con emerges from prison after serving time for manslaughter, and searches for redemption while being drawn into the brutal … Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2015. A well-spent one and an half-hour of my life. There is a real sense of physicality and aggression. If you like steve austin kickin a$$ than I recommend another B action movie and that is "hunt to kill". He uses that money to pay for the heart operation,and gets to save the life of the girl who's father he killed. Damage It shows off his fighting, rough tough side but also has a tearjerker understory. Damage is sufficiently brutal in the fight sequences to please fans of the genre - it's certainly tough enough. But a very entertaining fight movie with a lot of action and a lot of blood. The story gets deeper as Austins "manager" owes alot of people some money. He takes the oppurtunity and asks the guy to do him & favor and relinquish Austin's manager from the debt,that way the heat is off the manager so that Austin can continue to fight and earn the money needed for the operation $150,000 to save the little girl's life. Link your DIRECTV account toMovies Anywhereto enjoy your digital collection in one place. Damage

And also, he was one of my all-time favorite wrestlers when I started watching WWE during the Attitude Era. Use the HTML below. Some of the sequences have a CGI aspect that makes them quite thrilling, even if you're glad it's not you in the ring. Title: Keep your movies as long as you want with no due dates. Just leave the fact that it was fommer WWE guy, and that it didn't hit the local movie complex. The reason why  Kai Greene  will never be Mr. Olympia. Details below. Aucun commentaire: Publier un commentaire. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 25, 2018. 5 of 8 people found this review helpful. Publié par PYGOD à 08:10. The movie is another action packed film starring Stone Cold Steve Austin,and of all his films this is a straight up fighting movie. We send out your disc the next business day. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. But I do praise Stone Cold Steve Austin's performance in the film as an honest, spiritual fighter who is trying to forget his brutal crime & make an easier life for himself as well as for others around him. Start your free trial today. After finding his brother murdered after returning from duty, Webster searches for the perpetrators, but discovers a conspiracy that cuts deep inside the U.S. government.


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