dokkan fest tier list 2020
A dual leader, he will perform amazingly in either category and acts as a great linking partner for his team. I’m back with another list of team-builds. The 25 Best Thor Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Female). This man should always be in your main rotation. With his rather unique leader skill, this Goku can bring together two different worlds filled with amazing units, resulting in all kinds of powerful teams. Takes many turns toreach his final transformation, Guaranteed hits make him super useful against certain foes, Guaranteed critical hits when faced with a “Goku” enemy, Requires specific teammates and opponent to reach max potential, Lacks the link “Shocking Speed” that is commonly found in the Androids category, Supporting toolset gives you options to help you depending on the situation, Strong and balanced ATK & DEF pre-transformation, Becomes self-sufficient and a strong attacker after transforming, 70% chance to evade enemy attacks after transforming, Shares name with the far superior LR UI Goku, Great support unit for Majin Buu Saga Extreme class allies, Solid passive boosts make him well-rounded, Great support for Super Majin Buu Saga allies, Shares the same name as his superior LR counterpart, May struggle in newer, more difficult events, Ideal linking partner for Beerus and Whis units, Need to be attacked first to bolster their DEF, leaving them vulnerable, Linkset limits them to other Beerus and Whis units, Hard-hitter that becomes even stronger when running low on HP, Tanking ability noticeably drops below 50% HP, Stats scale greatly with hidden potential tree, Linkset works poorly outside of the SS3 category, Attacks effective against all types when opponent is stunned, Requires to be paired with other stunners to reach his max potential, Lack of DEF boost leaves him vulnerable against enemies with resistances, Transformation makes him a hard-hitter and solid defender, Transformation can sometimes happen at the wrong time, Tree of Might Fruit sacrifices his supporting ability, Can double as a support with Piccolo absorbed, His initial boost is rather weak, making him a bit of a risk until he transforms, Needs careful planning when team building since his links change based on his transformation, Passive ki boost can make-up for poor linking in some teams, Infinite ATK stacking can turn him into a great weapon, Becomes highly vulnerable when HP is below the threshold, Obtaining 4 ki spheres can prove hard without the right set up or planning, Must receive at least a few attacks in order to start dealing decent damage, Lack of DEF boost still leaves him vulnerable to powerful enemies, Requires opponent to be stunned to hit hard, Not reaching 12 ki requires very careful orb and team management management (and some luck), Supporting ability is dependent on health, Reliant on SA and being on the 1st slot to be able to take a hit, Achieving his full potential requires him to be on the first slot, which can be troublesome at times, Relies on his SA to raise his DEF, but even then he is still no tank, Launches additional attack with chance to turn into an SA, His lack of a DEF boost makes him squishy, Some opponents are invulnerable to debuffs, Lack of DEF boost leaves him vulnerable to attacks, Active skill is great for helping wrap up fights, Active skill is risky to use during long events as Trunks weakens and he cannot stack defense, Need at least a few turns to build themselves up for challenging events, Well-rounded even without his full passive, Restrictions are not difficult to fulfill, Requires other Android units to be at his best, Can launch multiple additional attacks with chance to become SAs, He can quickly grow into a good damage dealer thanks to his stacking passive, SA is easy to launch as it only requires 9 ki, It takes time to build up his attack and defense, Becomes a powerful weapon against Movie Bosses category, His F2P stats are what hold him back the most, Requires Movie Bosses opponents to be at his best, Even with his guard activated, his lack of a DEF boost will still allow him take a lot of damage against strong opponents, Guaranteed critical hits against ATK debuffed enemies, Guaranteed crits are useless against bosses with resistances, which are becoming increasingly common, Odd linkset keeps him from pairing greatly, Passive makes him self-sufficient and can feed ki-hungry units, Buffs are dependent on ki spheres absorbed, Orb changing makes her self-sufficient and able to feed ki-hungry units of the same type, Requires Android #17 on the same potential to reach her maximum potential, Lacks the more common “Shocking Speed” among Androids, Good damage reduction and ATK debuff make him tanky, Gains a great ATK boost and good defense at his max potential, Getting his passive boosts is risky as it needs the player to be low on health, Hinders opponents through sealing and stunning, Most of her abilities are dependent on debuffing the enemy, so she needs to be paired with a good debuffer, Requires to absorb multiple orbs to hit hard and defend well, May struggle for ki  without the right partners and/or  supports, Links poorly outside of the Pure Saiyans category, No DEF boost leaves him vulnerable to attacks, Stuns are unreliable and some bosses are invulnerable, Hard-hitting and self-reliant when fighting multiple enemies, Becomes rather average when facing a single opponent, His flat passive boosts severely limit him, Has terrible synergy with most Extreme class units, His buffs are reliant on your HP, making him a liability during challenging events and dragged out fights, Rendered useless when faced with a Peppy Gals opponent, Defensive passive runs out after only 5 turns, Becomes self-sufficient and hits hard for 5 turns after being hit, Offensive capabilities increase greatly under the right conditions, Requires Android #18 and specific enemies to reach his max potential, Decent Siblings’ Bond category sub-leader, Requires Android #17 and specific enemies to reach her max potential, Can take a punch with his DEF boosts active, Orb changing passive makes him self-sufficient and can help other ki-hungry units, To trigger his orb changing, he requires opponents of a scarce category, Easily replaceable in a team even at his best, Decent Super class support and even better Team Bardock support, Passive makes up for his teammates’ weaknesses, Decent Extreme class support and even better Ginyu Force support, Shares several ATK boosting links with other category units, Additional boost when facing only 1 enemy makes him even better, Additional SA when facing multiple opponents, Linkset is clearly geared towards Team Bardock, Great linking partner to the other Ginyu Force members, Lacks offensive power against multiple opponents, Mediocre linkset outside of the Ginyu Force, Conditions to fully activate his passive allow for some flexibility, Low boosts to self, requires several turns to build himself up, Can defend himself after using his SA for 6 turns, Shares name with his superior LR and TUR Dokkanfest counterparts, Lacks DEF boost, relying on the presence of several other Team Bardock units in the team to withstand damage, Can make for a strong attacker thanks to guaranteed crit passive, Achieving his maximum potential requires sealers and stunners in the team, to which some bosses are invulnerable, DEF stacking takes a long time due to low F2P stats, Can build up to have a decent damage potential, Has some links that are useless in a Ginyu Force team, He is better off being used defensively than offensively given the build up and limited output, Self-sufficient and well-rounded against multiple opponents, Low synergy with other Saiyan and Low-Class units, Can pair well with Kale, Caulifla, and Kefla units, Even with her DEF boost, she still takes a fair amount of damage because of her low stats, Some opponents are invulnerable to his debuffs, stuns, or both, Decent supporter with a solid ATK boost after using his SA, Lack of initial DEF boost leaves him vulnerable to attacks if his dodge fails, Chance of dodging as the first attacker is not worth it in most situations given his lack of offensive and defensive presence, Ki +3 and DEF boost with SA for all allies make for useful support, Good Extreme class and Ginyu Force linkset, Skill to recover full HP is very difficult to use, Better SA modifier than many units in this tier, Becomes virtually useless after his passive runs out, Passive allows to tank or deal decent damage, He can never tank and deal damage at the same time, one must always be sacrificed, Decent passive with straightforward restrictions, Drops defense when faced with multiple enemies. The beautiful, British, Cammy from Street Fighter is never far from fan’s minds. There are no spoilers featured... 11 Best Exorcism Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone.

His linkset also makes him a great linking partner to other Extreme units. (DBZ: Dokkan Battle), THE FASTEST WAY TO LEVEL UP LINK SKILLS!

Mainly because she is tough and... Top 30 Best Tifa Cosplays We've Ever Seen. The Best Wonder Woman Cosplays You'll Ever See En este punto es importante recordar el sistema de esferas de puzzle que emplea el juego para las batallas. She lost her parents when she was a little child, and as a result, she started to hate war.

  The staple Extreme class leader, this Frieza will make a great substitute leader for any Extreme class-based team and for an Extreme mono-TEQ team.


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