what are the strings on peas called
Thank you for sharing how you care for these. I am very curious right now that if all these sites claiming to sell these plants is fake

In the 3rd century BC, Theophrastus was … I found you on Hometalk and am so delighted to be able to read all the input. I grew this as a beautiful indoor hanging plant for years….it was in a corner window that got constant year around light but very little direct sunlight. Really, I should start selling String Of Pearls – 3 pearls, goodness. Hi Shirley – Because the plant turned dark at the soil line, it sounds like you overwatered it. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m glad you found us Brandy & the info has been useful for you. A single pea plant is its own family tree. I see that you have your pearls in a large planter (with no holes) I just bought mine about 3 weeks ago and have them in a planter as well with 1 part cactus soil mixed with 1 part sand .. I’ve had it since last summer where I kept it in too much sun outside for it didn’t grow much but this fall moved it in and finally grew a little. The hanger is in a patio, only gets morning sun. You can grow a String of Pearls as a houseplant. If you’re home & they’re predicting cold temps than try covering it. My string of bananas are all in potting soil. In fact, the plant’s water-storing abilities allow it to be watered thoroughly one week and then pretty much forgotten the next week or two. To cajole a pea into production, Jeff and John cradle the germinated seed in a small cup of potting mix. I’m living in a tiny apartment in Nashville TN with two small north facing windows.

I have had my String of Pearls for about 6 yrs. I’ll have to check back here for some more succulent info c: Hi Emily – Yes, I love String Of Pearls & am propagating some of the individual pearls right now. Do i try and remove the individual pearls? Can’t wait it get them. What is your opinion Nell? These little girls have been growing in my garden window–with morning sun–for 5 years. They only grow indoors here of course. You want to avoid keeping them too wet because they rot out easily. Thanks for your sharing. Best, Nell. Strings of drying bean and pea pods dangle from the ceiling like stalactites. String Of Pearls can be so tricky to grow indoors & many people struggle with them. I’ve had little luck with succulents in the past, but I think it was due to overwatering and inadequate drainage, and a simple lack of knowledge. Hope that helps, Nell, HI! Freda (Vancouver Island BC Canada), Hi Freda – I love Epiphyllums. Thanks for sharing that your SOP has done well indoors as mine grow outdoors. Also, a big Bradford pear is growing right in front of them…so I pretty much have no natural light. But, with these stems being so minuscule in diameter, I skip that step and directly plant them back in. Or, you can blanch them, saute them, or even puree them. String of Pearls is a succulent that takes a little more water than most because those stems are so skinny & don’t store a lot of water. I just did 3 updated posts on this plant so you might want to check them out. The machines quickly crank out peas like a Gatling gun, shooting peas into a bucket and flinging spent shells out the back. Though the flowers may seem small and unattractive to some people, if they’re even lucky enough to get them, others find the faint white blooms (which smell a bit like cinnamon) quite welcome. When in doubt, always pair peas with any kind of ham—bacon is no exception. When propagating SOP, you don’t want the soil to dry out completely but you don’t want to keep it constantly moist. Very hard to find in Wyoming for some reason . I have pruned the dead bits away and trying to be patient and letting the soil dry out. Mine grows outdoors & I have it in a spot where it gets indirect light. If not, could you recommend any other trailing plants that might? I’m bring my String Of Pearls plants & will grow them on my covered patio. Hi Heather – You can propagate this plant from the leaves, aka the pearls but to be honest, I’ve only tried a couple of times with a 50/50 success rate. Who Trump likes to blame when the market drops. This gives the String of Pearls a drink when I feel it needs it. The best part was recognizing the plant at the top of your blog post “Hmm.. that pot and trail of pearls looks just like the one in the youtube video”. Unlike English peas, these have tender pods that can be eaten along with the peas inside, although you’ll still want to pull off the strings before preparing them. Fingers crossed! Do you know which you have? I live in New England and due to our varied (freezing winters) I keep my string of pearls indoors year round and it has done well for 2 yrs so far. I live in Phoenix. I tried to transplant the remaining shriveled up strings into a bigger pot, but I learned the hard way that the best pots are ones with wide, rounded edges. this is what i have done since i got them: I’ve never grown them outside and we are predicted to have a cold winter here. Related Reading: 7 Produce Subscription Services to Try in 2020. I assumed that they would be similar to the String of Hearts plant, but can see that they are quite a bit different after having transplanted mine from the plastic pot it came in to a ceramic pot I had on hand. When I moved to Santa Barbara, quite a few pots had been left behind at my new home by the previous owner so I zoomed in on one of them for a String of Pearls. I’ve had them inside so I’m thinking I’m going to try them outside. It grew fairly fast and tend to trail rather than spread so I figured it was time for a little propagation. In spring, every inch of that hill would be covered in a pink blanket of sweet peas until the hotter summer weather arrived. I really want to save my beloved pearls . A mound of pea hay might be raked up in one corner and winter squashes shaped like fat jugs loll around another. Sadly, I moved and my new place gets very little light. I had posted a question on youtube so I won’t repeat myself here, but thanks for all the info on this little plant! Sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets, the string of beads plant resembles a beaded necklace with its fleshy green, pea-like foliage.


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