ftl weapon tier list
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If Slug B becomes a decent ship after purchasing a Medbay, then how much better off would another ship be that *DIDN'T* have to waste 50 scrap that way? But they'll never be as good as ships that start out from a stronger position in the first place. Outside of the Anti-Bio Beam, there's little noteworthy about the Slug A. * Every weapon before the Blazing Flare Cannon in Others is missing. The Dual Laser is the only better 1 power weapon, but it has a rarity of 0. It's pointless to write that Slug B "isn't really that bad" or whatever, because compared to the higher tier boarding ships, it's unquestionably a weaker setup. Powered down systems are not affected. It's also the best of the three Slug designs, none of which are especially near the top of my tier list. Furthermore, with the Flak Artillery and Teleporter eating up two system slots, Federation C can only fit one more system in total before running out of room. It is the go-to method of using mods with FTL. This might be the single most controversial spot in my tier list.

Here's the most glaring one: Rock B does not start the game with a Teleporter system! The Kestrel B is my single favorite ship to play in FTL. Weaknesses: Low Reactor Power.

Speaking of weapons, the Chain Laser + Ion Stunner is a solid if unspectacular early game pairing. This is really useful at the start of the game, since most rebel ships will begin with one shield bubble. This is the sole reason why I have the Stealth C ranked here and not lower: for all of its massive defensive weaknesses, this ship can compensate for them by winning battles quickly with strong weapons. They can only be shot down by Mark II Defense Drones. Crew damage depends on the weapon type used; beam weapons only damage the crew if the beam hits the tile that the crewman is occupying, while all the other weapons do damage to everyone in the room they hit. All Posts; Search. Like any projectile, lasers can miss.

Like any projectile, ions can miss. As mentioned before, the tradeoff for the Hacking and Mind Control is a lack of direct killing power. The Chain Laser starts out with a slower cooldown time than the Ion Stunner, only to drop all the way down to 7 seconds after its third shot. Zoltan Shields will suffer two ticks of damage from the beam. This eclectic bunch doesn't make for a particularly strong boarding party, with the Engi dealing very little damage and the Lanius quickly suffocating the other two. This is another one of the few ships that's more limited by available crew than by weaponry. The boarding ships with a Teleporter don't get extra weight because of their ability to rack up a higher in-game score (although I have indeed factored in the additional scrap and other rewards that they can reap from boarding).

I suppose you could try to compensate by getting even more offensive drones, but then where are you going to get the drone parts needed to run them? The exception is zero, which means a weapon can't be obtained in-game (can't be bought or randomly found).

I find myself somewhere in between those opinions, putting the Mantis C within the ranks of the average ships, albeit towards the lower end of that group. (And don't tell me it can all be overcome with good micromanagement, I'm the one who's always running around with oxygen off and half the ship unpowered!)

The ship has standard levels in most of the other systems, although it lacks a Sensors system like all of the other Slug ships. It does take some work to reach that point, however. At the start of the game, a successful hit from the Ion Stunner will remove a shield bubble and allow the Dual Lasers to get in two shots for free. At least the Stealth B does have Long Range Scanners to pilot around them. It's true that there's no direct way to deal damage, and even after the player comes across weapons, there's that one-time 40 scrap penalty to take the weapons system to level 2. The Mark III's advantage is that it only takes a single weapon slot, but the Mark II is widely considered one of the best weapons in the game. Even the mighty Burst II Laser is virtually useless on its own against double shield layers without a second supporting weapon. The moment the cockpit is damaged is the moment the enemy pilot begins repairing it.

Unfortunately its early game setup is significantly weaker than Federation A, and I listed the early game as the biggest shortcoming of that superior ship. These examples have lesser weapons with charge time less than half of the more powerful weapon, which means you can do an intermediate burst between your big burst without delaying your big burst.

Because shields block them. Unlike the other Federation ships, Federation C fires Flak Artillery when fully charged instead of a beam weapon. It's hard to mess up this thing. Strengths: Cloaking, Glaive Beam, Long Range Scanners This isn't nearly as big of a setback as it sounds though, and indeed two of the three ships that start without weapons are among the best in the game (this ship and Mantis B).

(It goes 16 seconds to 13 seconds to 10 seconds to 7 seconds.) Each flak debris takes down 1 shield, and deals 1 damage to the hull. Anyway, this weird weapon setup is the main reason why the Rock C doesn't grade out higher in my list. Systems hit with an ion weapon are shown in a light blue colour with a countdown until the impairment expires. Along similiar lines, creating a breach (with a weapon like the breach bomb) and following up with a Lanius boarding party will quickly deplete the oxygen in the room. Tack on the Rock Plating augment again, and there's some nice stuff to play around with on this ship. You get 5 initial reactor power to play around with, since one Zoltan has to stand in the piloting room.

Weaknesses: Subpar Starting Weapons. Zoltan C therefore starts the game 150 scrap in the hole on reactor power (!!!) Lanius A and Slug C are very close in terms of overall strength, and I wouldn't fault anyone for ranking them in the opposite order. Lanius A leans heavily upon its Hacking system for strength. (Well, not for the first few beacons, but after about ten fights you're completely out of shots and then you're pretty boned.). We're now starting to reach the point on this list where the ships don't have much in the way of advantages, and they make this tier simply by avoiding the crippling penalties of the worst ships. Like all ion weapons, it also doesn't deal any direct damage, which can only be applied at the start of a run by the Beam Drone that comes with Zoltan C's Drone Control system.

These weapons are basically a Burst I Laser and a Heavy Laser I, with the distinction of having longer cooldown times, the ability to breach the hull instead of set fires, and the drawback of being a projectile that can be shot down by standard Defensive drones.


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