mad experiments: escape room walkthrough
The Experiment: Escape Room is a short escape the room game with a total of four achievements. I’m Aya Drevis. Another choice awaits Aya. But science requires reproducible results, so … now you’re going to turn into werewolves unless you can find the antidote within the hour. THIS ROOM IS BONKERS! Girls exit mansion. I can’t live without father’s love. This escape game composed of real time experiments in what we do in the laboratory. Hint 6: The key is hidden in the vase. You are chemistry students in Trinity College. Hint 4: About the note: Sometimes the text looks a bit different. That’s why I came here. Continue playing after finishing the game to clean up two extra achievements.

…use save point and go again south. I don’t want this… I wanted to stay with father… I love you… father… so please… stop this…! But it’s possible that someone could find traces of your father here. Take the blood sample and place it in the blood analyzer in the treatment room, slot D. Use the key to open the cabinet to the right. Without watching to the end…? Take the scissors and place it on the instrument table next to the entrance. Hint 10: The electrical device is in the small cupboard you just opened in puzzle 1.

Girls screams. Screen fades away. There are hundreds of puzzles and most of them can be customised to a specific theme/topic. pls help me ~ Q_Q, If you can’t help Maria that means you not go to archives room and read Maria diary book, You’re actually supposed to check the shelves and you’ll find a bandage. And then, go beside Maria and use the bandage on her. Learn how your comment data is processed. Yes, well… I was born rather feeble… I’ve asked my local doctor for a checkup, but… how do I say this… my family is really poor, so the doctor’s given up on me. But there is something I must do before I go. Hint 12: Keep on counting, next number = Three ones and one two = ?. Before you realize what's going on, he drugs you and you fall asleep. Too late. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. I met a kind old woman on the way here who took me part of the way on a coach. Another choice awaits Aya. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hint 2: The color of the dots can be found in the room. The mistress is very hardy… even after that harsh experience, she walks on without shedding a tear. You are in control now, additionally burdened by Maria. You and your team have been snatched off the streets of Dublin by the notorious Pearse Street Butcher. This escape room will challenge your puzzle skills. The vase is next to safe against the wall.

Even if this house is gone, my memories of father and mom won’t go. Please see the. Come in, come in! Combine and complete all interactive items or mechanisms. Take the fuse and put it into the fusebox to the right.

Search for more scissors in the other compartments. But I don’t think she wanted to be seen as she is now.

Create a free website or blog at Author: Angory Tom Download video. Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a simple yet pretty fun escape room puzzle game with a single room as of now but more to come in future updates.


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