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Individuals who develop contact contamination OCD, typically experience an overwhelming feeling of distress, discomfort or a sensation of uncleanliness, when they come into physical contact with substances, objects, people or animals, that are viewed as ‘contaminants’ (usually containing germs, dirt, disease, bodily waste, secretions, or toxic chemicals).

In the 1960s and 70s there was a spike in irrational fears of asbestos, just as the dangers of the material had come to popular attention. What about shaking hands when you meet someone? It’s not a thing. The irrational content of those thoughts is limited only by the spectrum of human imagination.

Mental contamination is a fear of contamination without physical contact with a contaminant.

What topics would YOU like to know more about? For Jacob Rees-Mogg, it’s the national anthem. For Kyle MacNeill, a freelance writer, the 2009 swine flu scare initiated a years-long struggle with OCD. doctors, hairdressers, homeless people, gay people), Avoidance of contact with people in general (i.e.

“It is a challenging time for people who have OCD.”.

It is also true that at some point, we draw a line in the sand and we say, enough. It’s being reinforced by outside, authoritative voices,” says Erica (not her real name), a long-term OCD patient. For some people with OCD, coronavirus can become all they think about.

However, the main difference between the intrusive thoughts associated with mental contamination OCD and contact contamination OCD, is that individuals report feeling “mentally polluted” (usually associated with feeling violated or disgusted in some way), as opposed to feeling contaminated by physical contact with external objects or substances.

TAC is identified when individuals experience an irrational and negative thought, with the belief that having the thought alone, will lead to a specific negative action, or the actual reality of that thought (eg: their thought is real or will soon become real simply because they are having the thought). If coronavirus continues to spread, experts expect related cases of OCD to spike as well. Once attached, it reprograms the cell to start attacking other cells and creating copies of itself that set out to attack even more and so on and so forth. Perhaps the biggest of these is contamination – with generic dirt or germs, or with a specific illness or disease.

What about a simple walk in the park where you might brush up against a sharp plant… or step on a discarded band-aid?

Concurrent with exposures that may involve touching triggering items, interacting with triggering people, or visiting triggering locations, the person working to overcome their fear would work on resisting washing, reassurance seeking, checking, and other neutralizing rituals. Treatment for OCD is based on the principle of exposure-and-response prevention.

But OCD does tend to cluster around a limited number of themes. For some people with OCD…

It wasn’t just me.

For most people with contamination OCD there are two central distorted beliefs that drive all the others. The answer is a combination of cognitive and behavioral treatment strategies that together define cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Boris Johnson does it while singing Happy Birthday twice. Just to be sure? Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental health issue in which the person suffering from it experiences unwanted intrusive thoughts and engages in repeated behaviors aimed at getting certainty that the thoughts won’t come true. He is telling some OCD patients to ignore the official US government health advice on coronavirus and to keep on not washing their hands.

“It’s a tough call. The content of the thoughts and the nature of the anxiety are usually different, too.

But I wanted them to say it because for a second or two I believed and the world seemed a brighter place. Exposure with response prevention works by bringing up the unwanted thought (through exposure to triggers) and practicing resisting the compulsive response. This involves a gradual process of identifying with your therapist what your triggers and compulsions are, then working to overcome each one from the easiest up to the hardest. Psychologists have found that students asked to spend a week using hand sanitiser after they touched money, door handles or other possible sources of germs subsequently reported significantly higher signs of hypochondria. For me it was seeking reassurance: checking for blood on a piece of glass I stepped on, or asking health professionals if I could catch HIV by doing this and that.

Enter OCD stage right.

hospitals), Avoidance of intimacy and sexual behavior for fear of catching or spreading blood-borne diseases, Excessive avoidance of sharp objects, Band-Aids, or anything that could be perceived as causing or having come in contact with exposed blood, Excessive washing to ensure there is no blood on the skin or clothes, Excessive cleaning of items feared to have come in contact with blood (i.e.

A generation was traumatised. It asks you to sacrifice all the same things.

David Adam is the author of The Man Who Couldn’t Stop: The Truth About OCD. In 2012, Australian scientists reported the first cases of OCD in people who fixate on thoughts about climate change – a bogeyman for the new millennium and one that, like HIV in the 1980s, poses an uncertain, universal threat, depicted in lurid detail by the mass media. Being told they do need to repeatedly wash their hands after all could interfere with that recovery. A long time ago, it was probably a good idea to get far away from it before it attracted saber-toothed tigers (or vampires).


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