serpae tetra school

And even though they’re highly active, they will rarely show signs of aggression.

Serpae Tetra Diet Dans leur environnement naturel, les tétras de Serpae mangent de petits aliments vivants tels que des insectes, des invertébrés et des vers. Thanks to their small size, Serpae Tetras don’t need the massive tanks that most tropical fish require. The water should be transparent, clean and it’s advisable to use some turf to make it more alike the habitat. Arrange these plants in dense clusters around the edges of the tank. Live and frozen food will help to move the spawning process along. You’ll be happy you did.

short- and long-finned Serpae tetras. Plants like Java Moss and Myriophyllum are good choices. While you can’t always see what’s going on above the surface due to the murkier waters, those bodies of water are very dense with vegetation. These fish have become quite popular among the aquarist community due to their playful attitudes and stunning good looks. Keep in mind that this tetra has a small mouth, so you have to choose small grained types of feed. They’re relatively flat but have a tall frame and a trapezoidal shape. Males will chase the females around, causing her to scatter eggs throughout the tank. There may be some slight redness on the base of the fin. Long-finned Serpae tetras are more attractive and slow movers in comparison to short-finned Serpaes. Colorful and incredibly active, the Serpae Tetra is a fish that will add some vibrancy to your tank. As long as it can effectively cycle the tank, it should do just fine. Beyond their base color, the Serpae Tetra has several distinct patterns on their bodies. Though, it must be done in a separate tank. Honestly. As we mentioned earlier, Serpae Tetra can be found in slow-moving backwaters. The dark sand will mimic that. Located just behind their gills, this spot can fluctuate in vibrancy. This can prove to be problematic in some scenarios., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 June 2019, at 17:14. Serpae Tetras are omnivores by nature. It’s a good idea to supplement with some protein-rich foods as well (this will balance things out). Becomes reproductive at the age of 8-10 month. The occasional snack of bloodworms, brine shrimp, and other live or frozen proteins are good as well. Any standard canister filtration system or hang-on-back unit will suffice.

Serpae tetras exist in two variants i.e. It’s rather difficult to see between male and female. If it’s on the stronger side, you can place a plant or decorative item in front of the tube to break up the stream.

Thus, they have that familiar profile as some other types of tetra species. They may nip the fins of Angelfish or Bettas, so exercise caution. Breeding Serpae Tetras is an easy process. They tend to try and eat eggs very quickly. To breed these fish, they should be given a small, dedicated breeding tank planted with thick bunches of fine-leaved plants such as Myriophyllum on which they can lay eggs. This species is not only beautiful, but they’re easy to keep. Their scales have a shiny finish that’s shimmers in the light. It doesn’t work out the vast majority of the time. That said, these fish are susceptible to all the common freshwater ailments. Thick vegetation and breeding mops will catch the eggs and keep them protected. The rest of the fins are bloody red, all except the flesh fin. Once your females get plumper, you’ll know it’s time to start breeding. You’ll need a separate spawning tank with the square of its bottom at least 700 cm², a protective grid and a bush of some small plants in the middle of a tank. Because of that you should be careful when choosing tetra tank mates. However, males are usually slimmer and smaller than females. Typically, they stick to the middle and bottom of the aquarium.

There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. They need plenty of space to explore. It’s recommended to use water with some turf in it. They have very distinctive coloring with a red body and a black spot near their eye.

Serpae tetras prefer water temperatures ranging from 72–79 °F (22–26 °C). If you look very closely, many fish also have white edges on their dorsal fin.

We had our first experience keeping one around five years ago, and have been a fan of them ever since. However, in a captive aquarium, they are the stars of the show.

Water temperature should be within 24—28 °C, general water hardness not more than 6°, carbonate hardness — not more than 1°, acidity 6—6,8. The typical Serpae Tetra size when fully-grown is around 1.75 inches in length. Some owners who’ve given them fantastic care have seen them surpass the 7-year mark! You should also avoid larger aggressive species that may try and eat your Serpae Tetras. Filtering through peat moss can also be helpful.

They are fast-moving fish that get along with several other fish species. During this time interval you can switch on the aeration and the lights in the tank. We recommend setting up your tank ahead of time and giving it plenty of time to cycle through. Hundreds of eggs can be laid at once. The serpae tetra (Hyphessobrycon eques), also known as jewel tetra or callistus tetra, is a species of tropical freshwater fish of the characin family (family Characidae) of order Characiformes.It is native to the Amazon River drainage in Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina.. When paired together, they’ll spend a lot of time exploring the tank. Check out our list of the 7 Best Tank Mates for the Serpae Tetra that will help create the perfect community tank. Serpae tetra care isn’t difficult since the fish isn’t a demanding one. Typically, they can be found in slow-moving backwaters. For the most part, the base colors remain unchanged. Cardinal tetra, black neon tetras, rummy nose tetra, Kuhli loach, bristlenose pleco are quite good tankmates. The drawback of keeping tetras in a tank is their a bit troublesome temper – they can haunt and nip the fins of more slow tank mates. These fish may fight amongst one another, but it’s usually no major cause for concern. Small fish are safer in groups. The Hyphessobrycon eques is rather spread one, it inhabits in impounded waters with lots of plants: tributaries, ponds, small lakes, prefer to stay close to water surface where they feed on insects, their larva and parts of plants. Serpae Tetras are a fantastic species to keep in a freshwater tank. Yes, Serpae tetra do school with other tetras. We’re happy to report that Serpae Tetras don’t have any species-specific ailments that you have to watch out for.


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