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Shoes of the Magi . When a god is clasified as S tier in competitive, most people in causals will try to go an learn that god and play the living shit out of that god; and when that god is clasifies as D tier or even the called "trash tier" you'll see that anyone who dare to try that god on a play in EITHER mode will get flagged or reported, even if the match hasn't begun. If you can't handle that then this definitely isn't a game for you. It’s the same thing that happens when any god lands their abilities... you die. Anubis. Press J to jump to the feed. Aegis Pendant lasts for 2 seconds (move) and Greater Aegis lasts for 2s (no-move) Anubis' ult lasts for 3 seconds" lolwut?

Go back in on him. If you're lucky enough to live through the Ult/CC combo, then good luck escaping it's impressive range. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I personally would rush Warlock's, then do boots, Dynasty Plate Helm, Bancrofts, Pythagorean's, pen item, sell DPH for Rod. Freya's Banish has a cooldown of 15 seconds and last for 2 seconds AND MAKES THEM UNATTACKABLE. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You don't have to circle strafe. His ultimate makes sense it is an ultimate. From what I understand though is you know this but you’re complaining that it’s too difficult for your team mates to do or you just don’t get team mates who do this. Literally any variation of Get Good, great reply thanks for adding nothing to the discussion please move along. It boils down to position well and buy anti heal. All aboard the OP train, but seriously I agree with what others said. "'Just get Aegis, scrub, learn to counter.'

I understand, it's his ult, but it deals WAY TOO MUCH DAMAGE and has WAY TOO MUCH RANGE FOR THE DAMAGE IT DEALS. From my expirience you want to win early against him, and not let him farm. Rinse and repeat. I address everybody's argument. There should never be a scenario where you're completely isolated to the point where you can't run to a teammate for a quick stall. Otherwise book will be a situational fill for what is making it hard to play anubis that game. I will still actively look at the posts, but probably won't reply. Hit him a couple times, juke the wrap, step out of the Plague of Locusts. I consider him the most OP, but I just think they need to seriously tweak his abilities' damage to something that doesn't turn you to dust instantly (I've died almost instantly to some Anubis' ults).

You probably shouldn't be playing SMITE. I can't believe I'm even taking the time to comment on this, Anubis is no where near OP. EDIT: I'm ALSO not trying to say Anubis is the CRAZIEST BULLSHIT god ever. Even in a 1v1 situation Anubis is easy to kill when you avoid the mummify. Close. GOD OF THE DEAD Anubis. An Anubis dumps his kit on one person, and dies. EDIT: I'm not trying to say Anubis is invincible and unkillable, just saying he deals WAY too much damage which pretty much protects him. Tahuti is necessery on every mage late game. It's a 1 for 1 death trade at worst and at best your teammate comes in time for you to escape the damage and Anubis is still screwed. Anubis build. Literally any variation of Get Good, great reply thanks for adding nothing to the discussion please move along. Ok, stall until your snare is off cooldown, THEN POP EVERYTHING. I would never pull the competitive card. Literally every version of "yeah he may nuke your team, but he has no escape."

Ranked joust, arena, clash, siege, anywhere I see Anubis, I'm instantly putting my team's chance of victory above the other team. But a gank isn't a solution to all problems, especially since warding is a thing. With Locusts. Home (current) Smite Gods; Smite Items; Tier List; Update Notes; v7.6. His wrap honestly I think just needs some work I have seen people get hit by that thing when they should have been clear of it so maybe tune it a little. If he isn’t healing off of his abilities than likely he’s wasted gold on items because most life steal items are expensive if you’re not getting the life steal than you’re kind of wasting you’re gold. ), get Sprint. Heavy Hitter Anubis Summary Release Date: {{{release date}}} Voice actor: God's Page: Anubis: God voicelines; Achilles Agni Ah Muzen Cab Ah Puch Amaterasu Anhur Anubis Ao Kuang Aphrodite Apollo Arachne Ares Artemis Artio Athena Awilix Baba Yaga Bacchus Bakasura Baron Samedi Bastet Bellona Cabrakan Camazotz Cerberus Cernunnos Chaac Chang'e Chernobog Chiron Chronos Cthulhu Cu … if you cant dodge at least half of those ticks, then it is your fault for dieing.

He get a simply silly amount of healing, can instaclear the wave by level 2, and can solo you with the wrap+ult combo at any point in the game. Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XB1, PS4 and Switch. he has no mobility. Anubis is really simple to beat, there's 3 steps. ", That i have only one thing to say. Your post is extremely hard to understand. It's a 1 for 1 death trade at worst and at best your teammate comes in time for you to escape the damage and Anubis is still screwed. READ IT ALL OR LEAVE. It does help significantly though, so I will add that.

AGAIN as you pointed out his abilities requires him to stay immobilized, take advantage of that. Pretty much everything about him needs some pretty hefty reworking, his locust breath needs to lock him in place and not allow him to rotate, or if he can keep spinning in place it needs a smaller cone of targeting making outrunning it a little more viable. EGYPTIAN. Plague of Locusts is another problem, dealing the damage of some ults, its damage per tick is also ridiculous, and again, DoT/CC combo is stupidly strong. I quoted his passive straight from the Smite Wiki I googled so unless it may have been wrong there. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Tis the monthly hurr durr I got pub stomped by pub stomp gods post, He doesn’t strip 33% if you’re protection per tick of ability he strips 7 up to 21 for clarification. Press J to jump to the feed. Great advice though, either stomp him early or just quit thanks. EDIT: Also Aegis just says "fuck you" to any move he does when you're stuned so that's another hard counter. If, in the case you have an inkling of confidence in yourself, dodge that MFer and whoop his ass. Sure you (or a teammate) may die to Anubis, but if you call for backup he's as good as dead too. r/Smite. When Scylla was released she was OP because not only his root/cripple lasted too much but Crush could be detonated almost instantly just when the circle is settle. Yeah great except he can spin in place and track you and his cone locust breath ability has a pretty generous arc that makes outrunning it by circle-strafing not really an option combined with the fact that you get slowed from being hit, using your basics, etc. Posted by. He can't nuke your whole team unless all of you are standing inside each others hitboxes, which again, work on your positioning. Buy anti heal, dodge the wrap, don't play at the range he wants to play at. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

use it smartly, and you only have to survive 1 second of his ult. Alternatively you could do the standard startup, and use the Sash slot for a Chrono's Pendant for extra self-peel. This is another example of a shitty excuse why he's "Balanced". Anubis being oppressive is a big sign of a team not working together. (which allows a potential teammate to take you out quicker, and you can kill him before he unleashes the killing tick.). I’ll say as a low rank casual player - I hate him as much as you do bc I ate the root-beam combo. Definitely not OP... if anything, he isn't that strong, considering he literally sits while using his most damaging abilities. These are things that can be avoided by studying the enemy and fighting accordingly. Players choose from a selection of gods, join session-based arena combat and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions. Again, he deals RIDICULOUS amounts of damage, so his HP isn't really a big deal, also Magical Lifesteal exists... "Just get Aegis, scrub, learn to counter." His stun + 3 or 1 or even his ult its an instant death. Okay, see how you mentioned Ranked?

Core for me is pen boots, Bancroft, Shard. And they usually don't address most arguments and don't go in to as much depth.

Literally every variation of "But no he isn't, in conquest, he can be beaten by doing this ____ " Great but I have to admit literally everyone I know doesn't really play conquest due to the overall community being not very welcoming and the matches tending to run longer than any other. Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XB1, PS4 and Switch. That's it. Anubis is below average. You have to catch him completely alone and can dive him with all three you might get him, but his life steal gets so high so fast he can usually survive to run by dropping the AoE running through it and tossing the binds behind them. Thanks for bringing this point to my attention. On warriors you should pick up thornes as that will instantly make the Anubis cancel his abilities. I already pointed out, he deals damage every 0.1 seconds, good luck surviving 1 second of his ult.

it only lasts 2 seconds. Smite anubis Builds & Guides For Smite Game. Anubis will now have to purchase an item with Magical Lifesteal to gain this benefit.

Well if you are looking for mages that beat him early, then Poseidon is pretty good against him early, especially in joust. Focusing is hard when he can annihilate your whole team from the background with his ult. Also, if you're a good player, you can counter.

We've reached the point were even Anubis is being called OP... "Just get Aegis, scrub, learn to counter." What can I say I know this post will catch hell but I am just going to say it, Anubis is broken as hell and needs a pretty hefty round with the nerf bat. This tends to solve a lot of issues, but it does it get to the point of him warding intelligently.

Okay again I play joust that is 3 not 5, 3 man team and as I pointed out yes it locks him in place....but he can 360 spin to constantly target you has crazy lifesteal and damage. Once you figure out how predictable Anubis is, and how easy he is to counter, he becomes one of the easiest gods in the game to beat. (Only using Freya because I'm really familiar with her abilities.). We already talked about this thing again and again....damage output does NOT determine if a god is OP or not; its the way that damage is outputed. But there's a reason he's garbage at the highest levels of play - he's got big weaknesses to make up for his strengths. Please just look on Reddit for posts similar to yours. You might want to re-read what you've written before posting things. Lets all try to debate kindly. ), Spear of the Magus/Obsidian Shard, should the other items be defensive, or is Rod of Tahuti that necessary on him? u/OneofAKindLeo. That's where calling for ganks/help comes in. Now I have already heard every counter-argument to this and allow me to reply. Also, he can gank others too, so it's not like a superpower that will shut him down.


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