coastal highway map the long dark
Where can i find a hatchet on the coastal highway map? Yes, you are right. One of the best safehouses for indoor equipment: two crafting benches, a fire barrel, bed, two entrances and a huge amount of storage space. Interesting short puzzle with amazing ending. Â. The deep cave near the waterfall and radio tower can also serve as a temporary shelter. The region is a relatively warm crescent of steep hills and switchbacks surrounding an icy bay; a highway follows the coast with settlements along it.

Having put 400 hours into the game, I no longer need them, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t handy to keep close by.

This region is merely a transition zone between Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley, but there are enough resources to stay there for a few nights. i find hatchets in the 2 story houses on coastal in the left hand of corpse upstairs often, I tend to have good luck finding them next to potbelly stoves, and a good place to find those are in ice fishing huts. The region has plentiful resources, but there is also a high concentration of wolves and three bear-patrolled locations.

At last found what I was looking for.

Luckily, we mapped it for you using the Cartography mechanic.

For intermediate players. Beware aggressive bears and wolves that may wait just around the corner.

Only go to Timberwolf Mountain if you are geared up and have everything to stay fed and warm. Please note that these maps are no longer up to date and will not be updated. Die Karte/Map der Region Küstenstraße erleichtert die Orientierung im Spiel The Long Dark. Hinterland Studio doesn’t provide any in-game maps, but a community member Whiteberry has solved that problem by making the Long Dark maps. It’s commonly considered the most difficult to survive due to frigid temperatures and frequent blizzards. The Whiteberry region maps never featured a finished Forlorn Muskeg, but we spent 23 days there so we could map it for you. It has 16 locations to loot, including the connector mine with Crumbling Highway. Hazards and Survivability You can find a distress pistol, some flare shells, a human corpse, a deer carcass, rabbits, cattail stalks, a cairn, some other random loot and a full sheltered cave with an improvised bed inside. There’s not a lot of loot and not a lot to do. There’s a good mix of indoor and outdoor locations, ice fishing, great base options, and the weather isn’t too bad. sorry dude, but you have to remember that the location of objects are randomized for every time you start a new sandbox. Forlorn Muskeg has only a few sheltered areas and structures, but most of them are destroyed. 3 to the south-east.

3 Coal Mine. Connects to Mystery Lake, Pleasant Valley, and Desolation Point. Mystery lake is the perfect place to start your journey in The Long Dark if you’re a new player. The Tooth is a narrow but tall piece of large rock protruding from the ice in Coastal Highway. Unfortunately, the Whiteberry region maps for Mystery lake are out of date. It also has a Quonset Gas Station. 16

In case you weren’t aware, there are no indoor locations besides a single cave. Timberwolf Mountain is where veteran players come to live out their days. The region is mostly steep hills around a bay area. It is often described as a stretch of coastal highway pockmarked with some abandoned remnants of a formerly thriving whaling industry. There can also be some decent loot if you know where to look, and luckily Whiteberry’s region maps show you just that. The highway runs along the bay with some houses along the way and a …

This region is mostly flat with some hills surrounding a large, frozen bog.

In terms of difficulty: some find the Coastal Highway easier than Mystery Lake due to greater ease of obtaining vital resources, and overall warmer temperatures; however there are more abundant Wolves and Bears, particularly near the Coastal Townsite, Log Sort, and Misanthrope's Homestead. Weitere Karten findest du → hier in der Übersicht. Looking at the Ravine map, it’s clear to see that this region of The Long Dark is also there purely to help you get from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway.

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Wolves will spawn in the yard surrounding the house, but not too close, and the fishing in … Plus, getting to the Summit of Timberwolf Mountain is a must for any players of The Long Dark. A Fishing Cabin found in the Coastal Highway map, between Jackrabbit Island and Misanthrope's Homestead. In the event of an aurora touching any of the cords in the dam will inflict a burn and will damage the player. The Abandoned Lookout is a Location in The Long Dark. “For intermediate players. It’s really interesting and saves so much time. Hey guys, help out a fellow survivor. I would recommend that a group of people who have become familiar with the loot locations as they are now come together and update these maps and possibly create one for Mountain Town, Hushed River Valley, and Bleak Inlet. Timberwolf Mountain is a region that requires the map more than any place in the game. E-Mail-Überprüfung fehlgeschlagen, bitte versuche es noch einmal.

It connects with Mystery Lake, and is full of wolves and bears. Mostly intact building here is bam of the Old Spence Family Homestead, containing a bed, a workbench, and a forge. Staying in this area for the night is not a good idea unless you have a bedroll  to sleep in the only indoor building in this region.


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