folsom point arrowhead value
Home | Buy Arrowheads | Identify Arrowheads | Sell Arrowheads | Artifact Events | Artifact Forum | Advertise | Ethics | Rules | DISCLAIMER | Contact Us| Site Map, 2020 © ARROWHEADS.COM - THE #1 ARTIFACT RELATED WEB SITE ON THE NET. Size Measurements:  Length - 22 to 80 mm (average 46 mm),  Max Blade Width - 13 to 28 mm  Remarkably, even the largest of these points/preforms seldom exhibit thicknesses between their flute channels that exceed 3.4 mm (the thickness of 2 quarters '). Open Your Own Artifact Store on NOW! Figure 2 shows a broken and glued KRF Folsom preform that failed on the B side flute attempt, an early stage Folsom point, and a late stage Folsom point known as a "slug." east. examples. The base concave with many examples being deeply concave with heavy basal and hafting region grinding. Morrow (2016) notes that there are many fluted points that can be mistaken for Folsom point. It is also worth noting here that the distal portion of this preform could easily have been salvaged and made into a finished point that would have been more than 60 mm (2.4") long, but its maker decided instead to abandon it. This is a Folsom points are surrounded by a mystique that is absent from most other types of projectile points. (described), :  Wild Horse Arroyo (Folsom Site), Union County, New Mexico. into the Great Basin to the west and into the Great Lakes region to the This point is primarily found in the The remnants of the nipple may be present on completed The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowhead Identification Online Database showcases over 1,000 individual point types, 60,000 photographs, and much more. Browse the Overstreet Database to identify arrowheads of all shapes and sizes from nine different regions. widest part of the blade generally occurs at the top one third to one half of the blade giving the point a “stub nosed” appearance. The settling of the North American continent by humans is evident only in the surviving ancient points we occasionally find today. The faces of the blade are fluted most commonly the entire length of the blade, but may only extend to sixty percent of the face. (Justice, 1987 / Morrow, 2016). This point is found with diminished frequency

It is true that many Folsom points were not much over 2" long when they were made, but many were also 3" to 4" long, and a few recovered broken points and preforms suggest the possibility that some were closer to 5" long! Figure 2: A failed Folsom point preform, an early stage projectile point, and a "slug" — all KRF and all from North Dakota (private collections). How Extensive was the Folsom Tradition in North America, The Wasden Owl Cave Folsom Material from Eastern Idaho, Folsom In The Rockies - Frison Institute Studies, The Cooper Site: Folsom Bison Hunting On The Southern Plains, FOLSOM POINTS FROM LLANO AND MIDLAND COUNTIES, TEXAS. page, or do you have information that should be added? It is the most expensive arrowhead to ever sell at auction! Figure 1: Ten primary and/or early stage Folsom points from the High Plains. In any event, Folsom points are (and probably always were) very difficult to make. The flute was made by creating a nipple platform at the center of the base.

Re-sharpened and reworked points can reduce the blade extending the the flute / blade ratio until the flute extends the entire length of the blade which will give the point a Folsom appearance.

The Folsom points in Figure 1 are of primary or close to primary stage examples. An Indiana Folsom Point: 10362 Update On The Westfall Folsom Site: 9944 The Lipscomb … Continental Divide. With just a handful of styles, these artifacts ensured survival in the Paleo Indian Period for thousands of years. This point is thought to be the pinnacle of the fluting technology. Remarkably, both portions of this preform were found on a beach by the same individual four years apart. The base of the blade is Folsom points are a distinct form of knapped stone projectile points associated with the Folsom tradition of North America.The style of tool-making was named after the Folsom Site located in Folsom, New Mexico, where the first sample was found by George McJunkin within the bone structure of a bison, an animal hunted by the Folsom people in New Mexico, in 1908.


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