highland pony weight
The two recognized categories of Highland Pony are the Scottish Mainland and the Western Islands.

"Broken" colours such as pinto are not allowed.

Highland Ponies are seen in a range of dun shades. Few Highlands are under 13hh but some can be over 14.2hh. Nowadays, the Highland makes an excellent family pony, as it is a good all rounder, and will turn a hoof to riding, driving, dressage, jumping, cross country and long distance riding, as well as being extensively used for RDA work. The Highland Pony Society recognizes shade variations referred to as "mouse" (known in other breeds as grullo), "yellow" (bay dun), "grey" (dun with gray gene that lightens with age), and "cream" (a dun apparently also possessing a dilution factor). At present, based on the diverse types of works they have been employed in, a wide variety of Highland pony types are found.

Highlands are able to carry an adult of up to 20 stones in weight. It might be felt that the above example is a little short in the neck but he does have a good sloping shoulder. The Council of the Highland Pony Society have recently spent time considering whether there have been significant changes to breed type over the last decade and are concerned that breeders in the future are aware of the importance of retaining the characteristics of a true Highland pony within their breeding programmes. QUARTERS AND HINDLEGS: Powerful quarters with well developed thigh, strong second thigh and clean flat hocks. It was once a workhorse in the Scottish mainland and islands, but today is used for driving, trekking and general riding. Highland Pony is also utilized for all kinds of farm work and deer hunter as game carriers.

However, the phenotype of the smaller type survives in the rare Eriskay Pony.[3]. Highland ponies are often crossed with Thoroughbreds to produce good eventing horses.

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A reasonable length of neck goes from the withers with a good sloping shoulder, and well-placed forearms are desired. Despite its increasing popularity, there is a gradual decline in its population. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? The Highland Pony is one of the three native breeds of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, the others are the Shetland Pony and the Eriskay Pony. Tough, easy to keep- cheap as good doers! [1], The height of a Highland Pony is 13 to 14.2 hands (52 to 58 inches, 132 to 147 cm).

The perfect pony does not yet exist but it is important to focus on the breed’s own strengths so that the highland pony does not merge into an all encompassing “native breed".

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Ponies are to have a well-balanced and compact body with a deep chest, well-sprung ribs, powerful quarters with a well-developed thigh, strong gaskin, and clean, flat hocks. Highland Pony is a beautiful and powerful horse pony in the world.

Today it is used mostly as a riding pony although a number are still kept as working animals.

Ponies are to have a well-balanced and compact body with a deep chest, well-sprung ribs, powerful quarters with a well-developed thigh, strong gaskin, and clean, flat hocks. They are still used for such work, but are usually enjoyed as all-round ponies, good for jumping and trekking, due to their quietness, stamina, and ability to carry weight.

In conclusion, the Society strives to maintain and improve the breeding of Highland ponies without losing the characteristics and traits which these lovely ponies have developed over the last century and more. In the earliest period of development of the domesticated breed, the two types were the small and light pony of the Western Isles, and the larger and heavier mainland-bred type.


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