intj high functioning autism They can have obsessive, narrow interests. (Duh.) While some characteristics of them appear similar (like not being very social), they have different reasons for that. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that’s characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication. I want to help people but I'm too afraid to act on it, and too troubled just to get through my day without worrying about others. Sensing and Intuition is rather equal with a Sencing preference.

What other people may consider "social occasions" I would decidedly not enjoy. However, I would not label them as introverts necessarily. It's such a struggle. People with different levels of ASD may all need the same kinds of treatment, but those with level 2 or level 3 ASD will likely need more intensive, long-term treatment than those with level 1 ASD. High-functioning autism is not an official medical diagnosis. I guess that the stereotyped INTPs and INTJs have strong autistic tendencies just as NPs always seem ADD and SPs ADHD. I got the same which was about the control group average but I feel like I would score a lot higher if this test was taken 5 years ago. I tended to look into this myself a bit. I haven't been tested formally, but yeah I suspect I have it. There are a range of deficiencies and talents in HFA, the precise configuration of which can vary widely from individual to individual, ranged along a continuum. And I often wonder if I have a touch of autism or aspergers due to my thought processes, fixation with patterns, my inability to understand people's obvious negative actions against others who they call 'friend', my fixation on information and how topics grab me when I find them interesting an I exhaust everything about it until I am satisfied that the info all adds up. It took me a couple months to pick up how to play a couple songs on the guitar, and as much as I enjoyed it I gave up on it because I'd be too embarrassed to perform in front of someone anyways. r/INTJ is pretty much a circle jerk of people trying to validate why they're antisocial and lonely in life. There's more to autism than just being socially awkward. I get told that I'm not as sick as I think I am, but I feel like I have to put out far more effort then the regular person just to be barely functional. The ability to intuitively understand mathematical answers on seeing a question and an affinity for patterns and puzzles means that your mind has a very high logical intelligence, and if I had to guess you enjoy abstract (theoretical) conversations with friends and the fixation on different topics probably moves to something new once it is 'understood'. But just out of curiosity, what kind of insight were you asking for? Depending how I answer the questions, I can score anywhere between say, 22 and 45, but anything below 30 or above 40 is likely to be less valid because I'm kind of actively manipulating the test at that point to get those results. A lot of people who have autism score very highly for neurodiverse and those without it are likely to score very neurotypical. Their symptoms were also often milder and less likely to affect their daily life. Me, I cant stand certain fabrics like with many kinds of clothing, and wear sweats all the time as a result. But i think if I had taken this test in my teens the score would have been higher. Tweens, teens, and even adults with autism may have meltdowns and, surprisingly, they may occur even among individuals with high functioning forms of autism. It bores me. If they are introverts, it is due to brain chemistry, structure, and other biomedical factors that have locked them in, so to speak. Link for the test - Learn more about testing and…, Autism affects a child’s ability to communicate and develop social skills. But people using this term are likely referring to something similar to level 1 ASD.

From what I read, this either indicates I'm an aspie who has done a good job masking my symptoms and making them less severe over time, or I'm one autistic like neurotypical. It's good stuff. They're pointless an I can't be bothered sticking with it. People diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome had several symptoms similar to autism without delays in the use of language, cognitive development, development of age-appropriate self-help skills, adaptive behavior, and curiosity about the environment. I can enjoy some situations with "work friends" or acquaintances, but again, I generally only join in on the ones in settings I am familiar with and under circumstances I try to engineer in my favor. Hmm.. When autism became ASD, other neurodevelopmental disorders, including Asperger’s syndrome, were eliminated from the DSM-5.

My brother is overwhelmed by the fact that he can't read facial expressions and social cues, but my boyfriend just doesn't see the point in interacting with people unless there is a real purpose to it. They do see overrepresented among the INTX types in particular though, INTJ/INTP. It’s often used to refer to people with autism spectrum disorder who read, write, speak, and manage life skills without much assistance. Asperger's isn't an actual diagnosis in the new DSM V. That aside, the signs of Aspergers have nothing to do with INTJ personality type. HFA is sometimes also known as Asperger syndrome. An autistic friend once told me that they had to strive to memorize different peoples reactions when talking with them because he had no intuitive way to respond. Mine isn't too bad, I do have some natural social ability (though obviously not very much). I don't really pay much attention to the personality types to be honest but I definitely identity with INFJ. This is, supposedly, actually an early sign of high functioning autism too. Also, although there may be a spectrum for autism, there's no such thing as being slightly autistic or having autistic tendencies--it's an all or nothing kind of deal. I have adapted a lot of behavoiur to help me cope socially as I've gotten older. I can't tell my GP I think I'm depressed, there s no hope in hell they'd listen to me say I think I might be autistic. It should also be noted, if, say, 1-2% of the population is actually autistic, that even scoring 32+ is no guarantee of autism, since 2% of non autistic people score in that range.


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