ja vathu padalu

Thus Gguta ' to swing. Thus ~3o&r* second, s^fS""6 third are used with all genders. కి, గి, చి, are Ki, Gi, and Chi: and కు, గు, చు, are Ku, Gu, Chu.

In some grammars all the consonants are exhibited without vowels attached: but it seems useless to give forms that are not in use. By a similar error, which is universal, the words beginning with చే or తే &మ.,, are perpetually written చా and త్యా ; thus చేయుట to do is almost invariably writtenచాయుట and చేరుట (to arrive) చారుట; చేట cheta (by) చేప chepa(a fish) are usually written చాత chata, చాప chapa: because the illiterate spell by the ear alone. But a difficulty (felt by those who have advanced far) arises from the liberty of spelling the same word in various ways. Thus SsSv^ab tammudu may become i}^pt£s tammundu; wewJSo becomes W!»od& a son in-law; S^fi^J^iJj, &*lSotx>ix>$). AndwhileTeluguthus alters the initial consonant of the second word, Sanscrit often alters the last consonant of the preceding word; thus ■sr0!- or 56 vac or vaccu 'speech' and vtso 'dispute' becomes syTC^tSo vag-vadam. The short vowel a is vulgarly changed into e in a few words. The word "3? Chaucer writes droil for toil, prin for pin, grit for girt, and brids for birds. 7. Those who wish to make themselves understood by a foreigner in his own "language should speak with much noise and vociferation, opening their mouths "wide. t By the "pure Telugu words" (Wtf\ Hooto) or "Radical Telugu" grammarians intend such as are not derived from Sanscrit. tugeh. the vowel \5 or U being always subject to Elision. Poets adopt whichever form suits the metre; thus కౌగిలి cau-gi-li (an embrace) is a dactyl formed of a long syllable and two shorts. We call Muh'ammad, Mahomet, and Goo-da-loor, Cuddalore. Thus t*i^ + ^^_^ anna + eccada may become ann'eccada, also S9(5^j?f_ IS anna + yeccada 'where is his brother?' vathu padhalu ka vathu padhaalu:(క వత్తు పదాలు) కుక్క This idle whim appears in some recent publications both Sanscrit and Telugu. Most words belong to the common stock; and those peculiar to the higher and lower dialect are altogether but few in number. The mark I called జడ jada, or ఒత్తు ottu, or వొత్తు vottu, is a breathing, and being placed under some letters, makes them aspirates. ప pa ఫ pha బ ba భ bha మ ma. Thus \^ stri 'a woman' is often written [$ Sri 'fortune' and vice versa. The letter s? The consonants also are multiplied and have such a variety of forms, because they use a separate shape for each variety of sound. This mark is called నకారపొల్లు nacara-pollu. Telugu Padalu 8 (Telugu Words Reading and Writing ), 1st Class, It is such as the Romans used, according to Ovid, Arte 3,345 Yel tibi composite cantctur epistolavoce.

4th. Telugu Padalu 15 (Telugu Words Reading and Writing ), 1st Class, Duongvuong8272738. The softer sounds ca and za are peculiar to Telugu, and the harder sounds cha, ja, originate in Sanscrit; no Sanscrit word can use the soft sounds. )s"3 one woman. Telugu Padalu 19 (Telugu Words Reading and Writing ), 1st Class, The sun and moon (Surya and Chandra) are always spoken of as (mahat) majors; being the gods Apollo and Adonis. They can only be understood by those who have made some progress in the language. Writers regarding China have noticed that a similar pedantry prevails there; grammarians considering the language of common life wholly beneath their notice. " Telugu Padalu 10 (Telugu Words Reading and Writing ), 1st Class, 2nd Class, Thus G is the soft sound of k: and P is the hard sound of B. one letter. Telugu,5th Lesson, Sanaga, Page 39, Read the Telugu Words, 1st Class, So ధర్మం Dh r m,

If it is written Y, this leads to uncertainty, as will be seen in the remarks on the consonant Y. For this reason, in the dictionary I have mingled these four classes; as I and J, or U and V were long mingled in the English dictionaries. 2nd. Thus vacjce (vut-cheh) 'he came,' is pronounced "S>^ Oqcs. CanchTpuram gobifotio or ifoQ is changed into Conjeveram; and Tirupati becomes Tripetty; Eranaoor SoB" (J*4r°S3 becomes Ennore. This semi-circle is occasionally used in poetry (when written on palm leaves) as a hyphen at the end of a line.*.

Some modern pedants among the Telugus have attempted (in imitation of some Devanagari printing to abolish the O • thus instead of wotf sfa,-,, and as-c^jSn they affect to write «|sS», and J)sS».

Telugu Achhulu Writing  and  Reading, 1st Class , for &T? A century ago the English and the French disregarded errors in spelling; and the Hindus are at present equally careless. but, for the sake of clearness, the form O is frequently used in this grammar. In reading any manuscript with a learned Bramin, we shall find him object to the spelling in almost every line: asserting that the ignorance of the transcribers has yitiated the book. (Vowels), 1st Class Telugu Lessons - 2, ( 1వ తరగతి తెలుగు పాఠాలు పార్ట్ - 2 ), 1st Class Telugu Lessons from Text Book, 1వ తరగతి తెలుగు పాఠాలు, చిట్టి చిలకమ్మ గేయం, పలక పాఠం, 1వ తరగతి, తెలుగు వాచకము Chitti Chilakamma Rhyme, Palaka Rhyme, 1st Class Telugu Rhyme.


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