kingdom hearts birth by sleep neverland treasure chest locations terra

High Jump and Double Jump REQUIREDOlympus ColiseumFireworks Sticker - Gates. After the scene, he receives the Ends of the Earth Keychain and is directed to the Badlands. Next, climb the platform in the center and Air Slide back to another for a Mega-Potion.

Second floor, top of dead-end staircase.Disney TownMickey Sticker - Gizmo Gallery. This really depends. Return to the Cavern and defeat the Jellyshades to clear the world, earning you the Pixie Petal Keychain. How do I get d chest in rainbow falls peak? Activating the Yellow Trinity on the left opens a small Secret Room, while the right door leads to a hole into the ship's Freezer…

You won't have to entice him anymore, as he'll always come straight to you. While he utilizes projectile-based attacks, you shouldn't waste time Blocking them; Slide through it all instead, and dish out occasional hits whenever you see an opening.

Up in the air. Treasure 15,16 in Disney Town and Treasure 12 in Neverland? The large chest will spawn a Spiderchest if opened, and the small one holds one of Terra's special Commands: Geo Impact. While these factors make this attack an easily-dodged one, it is preferable to cancel out his attack completely by attacking him first. In general, stay on your toes, make him come to you, and hang in there, as the toughest fight has yet to come! Continuing along the right path, hop up the ledge and destroy the boulders. Dwarf WoodlandsPicnic Basket Sticker - Courtyard. High jump REQUIREDDale Sticker - Fountain Court. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Treasure/Sticker Locations. left side near stairsMap - Aurora’s ChamberSleep - Tower RoomAttack Recipe - Tower ToomDwarf WoodlandsBalloon Letter - Vault, lower level near off boilerEther - Vault, lower level next to fake treasure chestPotion - Vault, upper level to the side of Waterway entranceFlame Salvo - Vault, upper level after turning on boiler with FirePotion - Waterway, upper level nook after first wooden wheel turnBlock Recipe - Waterway, upper level nook after second wooden wheel turnPoison Edge - Waterway, upper level corner after third wooden wheel turnFire - Waterway, upper level corner after third wooden wheel turnFission Firaga - Courtyard, up on a pillar on the left, need High JumpPotion - Courtyard, next to Waterway exitMap - Courtyard, in nook near stairsSoothing Crystal - Courtyard, left corner on top of stairsHungry Crystal - Flower Glade, upper leftCastle of Dreams Thunderstorm - The ChateauPulsing Crystal - Courtyard, upper right between bushes and staircaseWellspring Crystal - Courtyard, upper left side up stairsSlow - Courtyard, lower right cornerMap - Courtyard, left side near saveFleeting Crystal - Ballroom, enter through AntechamberStrike Raid - Foyer, left side lower levelPotion - Foyer, right side lower levelHi-Potion - Foyer, upper left corner upper levelSoothing Crystal - Foyer, right side upper levelThunder - Antechamber, upper level near save point, must leave and return through PassageThe Mysterious Tower Pulsing Crystal - Tower, back nookBalloon Letter - Tower, to the left of the tower itselfCure - Tower, to the right of the tower itselfMagic Recipe - Sorcerer’s ChamberRadiant Garden Fira - Outer Gardens, upper right spikey cornerPulsing Crystal - Outer Gardens, lower left spikey cornerPotion - Central SquareHi-Potion - Central SquareEsuna - Aqueduct, mid-level stairway nookBlackout - Aqueduct, upper area in back (turn right from stairs)Hi-Potion - Aqueduct, middle nook of river pathMap - Castle Town, in front of Merlins housePanacea - Fountain Court, lower left cornerThunder Surge - Fountain Court, upper right cornerFleeting Crystal - Fountain Court, upper right cornerShimmering Crystal - Merlin’s HouseMega-Potion - Purification Facility, left cornerChaos Crystal - Purification Facility, right of circular areaDisney Town Map - Main Plaza, on leftPotion - Main Plaza, behind popcorn machine on leftAbounding Crystal - Raceway, upper levelPayback Fang - Raceway, almost beneath the bridgeSlot Edge - Raceway, right side upper level, enter from Pete’s Rec RoomPanacea - Gizmo Gallery, south upper level in front of Pete’s Rec RoomAction Recipe - Gizmo Gallery, upper left corner upper levelChaos Crystal - Gizmo Gallery, upper left corner upper levelThunder - Gizmo Gallery, upper left corner lower levelThunder - Gizmo Gallery, lower left corner lower levelAbsolute Zero - Gizmo Gallery, lower right nook middle levelMega-Potion - Gizmo gallery, lower right nook middle levelZero Gravira - Pete’s Rec Room, south upper levelAerial Slam - Pete’s Rec Room, north upper levelBreak Time - Pete’s Rec Room, center nook (hit all four green Crown bumpers)Chaos Crystal - Pete’s Rec Room, near Raceway entranceOlympus Coliseum Fire Strike - Gates, behind columbs near door to VestibuleMega Attack Recipe - Gates, near statues footMega-Potion - Gates, underneath tapestriesMap - VestibuleDeep Space High Jump - Turo Prison Block, left middle, middle levelBrutal Blast - Turo Prison Block, lower right corner highest levelPulsing Crystal - Turo Prison Block, upper left corner, highest levelMega-Ether - Turo Prison Block, middle right, highest levelMega-Potion - Turo Prison Block, lower left corner, highest levelMap - Turo TransporterHi-Potion - Durgon Transporter, middleEther - Ship Corridor, top part of circleHi-Potion - Ship Corridor, lower part of circle on rightPulsing Crystal - Ship Corridor, left side of small circle areaWarp - Ship Corridor, lower left edge of circle, near small circle areaHi-Potion - Control RoomHungry Crystal - Ship Hub, third level on rightMega-Potion - Ship Hub, lower level on rightFleeting Crystal - Ship Hub, fourth level on rightThundara - Launch Deck, upper right ledge, turn off gravity to jump overAbounding Crystal - Launch Deck, lower right corner of square areaWellspring Crystal - Launch Deck, upper left corner of square area, beneath pewpew gunsMine Square - Machinery Bay AccessNeverland Hi-Potion - Cove, near boat to Skull Rock EntranceEther - Cove, near save pointHi-Potion - Cliff Path, lower areaMega-Potion - Cliff Path, top of rock structure, need Air SlideFiraga - Cliff Path, break rocks on upper left sideDark Haze - Mermaid Lagoon, upper right nook (swim in)Geo Impact - Mermaid Lagoon, left side upper level ***Enter from Cliff Path, using the hole in the wall with Air SlideElixir - Mermaid Lagoon, on islandHi-Potion - Jungle ClearingShimmering Crystal - Peter’s Hideout, right nookMega Magic Recipe - Peter’s Hideout, right nookMap - Gully, left sideHi-Potion - Gully, opposite of saveMegalixir - Rainbow Falls: Base, middle on leftZero Graviga - Rainbow Falls: Base, upper right nookAbounding Crystal - Rainbow Falls: CrestPanacea - Skull Rock Entrance, far left nookMegalixir - Skull Rock Cavern, climb rocks up Entrance and go insideArs Solum - Skull Rock:Cavern, lower right nook upper level, climb rocks and go insideChaos Crystal - Skull Rock:Cavern, lower right nook upper level, climb rocks and go insideKeyblade Graveyard Elixir - Seat of War, upper right in large nookMega-Potion - Seat of War, right sideMap - Seat of War, near Twister Trench areaWindcutter - Twister Trench, near middle rock column on left sideMega-Potion - Twister Trench, near middle rock column on right/top sideMega-Ether - Twister Trench, upper area in front of Fissure exitMegalixir - Twister Trench, upper left side near Fissure exit.


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