orcus rat source code
“This loader (478768766.pdf.exe) is protected by the SmartAssembly .NET protector (see below), but can easily be deobfuscated via d4dot.

The individuals behind Orcus are selling the RAT by advertising it as a “Remote Administration Tool” under a supposedly registered business and claiming that this tool is only designed for legitimate business use.

Events; Community forum; GitHub Education; GitHub Stars program; Marketplace ; Pricing Plans → Compare plans; Contact Sales; Nonprofit → Education → In this repository All GitHub ↵ Jump to ↵ No suggested jump to results; In this repository All GitHub ↵ Jump to ↵ In this repository All GitHub ↵ Jump to ↵ Sign in Sign up {{ message }} kevthehermit / RATDecoders. Today, interested users can download a leaked version of Orcus for free.

In some cases, the source code for the malware also becomes public, and that was the case with the Orcus RAT and the RevengeRAT. Out of the Trojans in the wild this is one of the most advanced thanks to the modular design and a complex delivery method. Your email address will not be published.

The usage ranges from user support through day-to-day administrative work to employee monitoring. language = {English}, The phishing emails included a malicious MS Word document. Speaking of Orcus RAT malware authors, we know that the virus was being developed by a 36-year-old John Revesz also known as “Armada" on the underground forums. Soon after the announcement, the malware became commercially available under the name “Orcus RAT” and was presented to the public as a legal software for remote administration, similar to Teamviewer. Your email address will not be published.

Since this trojan was written in C#, it often uses .NET infrastructure which is available in Windows. “Sorzus” and “Armada” are believed to be the two main individuals currently managing the sales and development of Orcus.

To compile the C# source code our sample started Visual C# compiler which, in turn, started the Resource File To COFF Object Conversion Utility. Crimson is a Remote Access Trojan — a malware that is used to take remote control of infected systems and steal data. The campaigns rely on targeted phishing emails that pretend to come from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and inform the recipient about an alleged complaint against the company or agency.

It is falsely marketed as a legitimate software on the dedicated website where this malware is sold. It has all the features that would be expected from a RAT and probably more. Downloading and executing RAT attached to video In some cases, it comes as a precompiled executable file which only needs a user to double click on it to start the execution. Full documentation is available in the orcus.conf man page. Subscribe One forum user, alias “Armada”, offered to assist “Sorzus” on helping out with publishing the tool and apparently became Sorzus’ eventual partner. For example, they are able to share access to victim machines by accessing a single Orcus server which would enable a group of cyber criminals working together to better manage their infected victim networks and also allow scalability of their Orcus network by deploying multiple ‘Orcus servers’. In his defense, Revesz claimed that the RAT is, in fact, a legitimate program for remote administration and his company “Orcus Technologies” is a legal business. The author also provides a developer package to create the plugins with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is an application used by programmers to develop programs. Interestingly, the attackers in the campaigns that Talos analyzed also took the extra step of trying to disguise the command-and-control infrastructure by using Dynamic DNS and forwarding traffic to Portmap, which is a port-forwarding service. urldate = {2019-07-11} title = {{A Peculiar Case of Orcus RAT Targeting Bitcoin Investors}}, In 2019, Canadian authorities accused Revesz of operating an international malware distribution scheme. The PE32 filename features the use of double extensions (478768766.pdf.exe) which, by default on the Windows operating system, will only display the first extension (.PDF.) organization = {Check Point}, This constantly updated information stealer malware should not be taken lightly, as it continues to be an active threat. Some versions of the malware used in the campaigns also employed a variety of obfuscation techniques designed to make it more difficult for researchers to analyze the malware. Taking screenshots, recording video from Webcams, recording audio from microphones, and disabling webcam light, Executing remote code execution and Denial-of-Service. Having the source code allows attackers to make modifications, which can not only make the malware more effective but also help it … However, some of the users in the forum responded, advising to make it commercial instead of sharing it for free or making it open source, citing that the source code would eventually be used by others to repackage and sell it as a new RAT. date = {2019-02-27},

Palo Alto Networks WildFire correctly identifies Orcus as malicious and AutoFocus customers can track this threat using the Orcus tag. Ave Maria malware is a Remote Access Trojan that is also called WARZONE RAT. Covenant Tools [1147Star][6d] [C#] cobbr/covenant Covenant is a collaborative .NET C2 framework for red teamers. Ramadan-themed Coca-Cola video distributes Orcus RAT. }, @online{point:20190227:protecting:fd60a96, They moved the original code into separate functions and changed the execution order a bit plus added other minor changes like additional variables, but overall the code is still very similar to the leaked code. Primarily distributed via spear-phishing emails, Spear-phishing emails and drive-by-downloads, Stealing system information and credentials. title = {{Orcus – Birth of an unusual plugin builder RAT}},


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