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When Griffith is successfully reconstituted in the aftermath of Albion's destruction, the rest of the God Hand were scattered across the Astral Plane. Julius (ユリウス, Yuriusu) was the brother of the king and the leader of the White Dragon Knights. An adolescent Midland noble, Mule Wolflame (ミュール, Myūru) ran into Sonia after his group of soldiers was saved by Irvine and the new Band of the Hawk from Kushans. After Griffith is imprisoned, Casca becomes the leader of the Band of the Hawk as they are forced to go into hiding after branded outlaws by Midland. She aided Guts's group with a troll infestation in the nearby village Enoch, where she showed how powerful magic can be in Berserk. During the plague in Midland, with the Holy Iron Chain Knights having been assigned the task of escorting him, Mozgus was sent to St. Albion when news had reached the Holy See of pagans in the holy city. [He] thought that might limit the freedom of the story development. Emperor Ganishka is the head of the Kushan Empire and one of the most powerful known apostles. Before she became insane, during the first horrifying moments of the feast of the Eclipse, all Casca could do was just stare as. Schierke (シールケ, Shīruke) (Pronounced as Shear-keh) is a good-hearted young witch-in-training, and a disciple of the witch Flora. As a youth, Guts lived in a mercenary camp where he was forced to learn to use full sized weapons. He is this Band of the Hawks' equivalent to Rickert, a child who is not fully aware of what Griffith's intentions are and is given the duties of a squire. Griffith is later reincarnated into a human form after the mock Eclipse at the Tower of Punishment. the awkwardness is broken up by the GIANT DEMON TIGER. As Casca travels, completely oblivious to her surroundings, Guts and company keep a close watch over her. the last scene his right eye could see before it got clawed out. go berserk and thus dangerous even to his companions, sacrificing one girl will save hundreds of souls from the damnation of demons, doesn't care about hurting people who get in his way, gunpowder cannon and a repeating crossbow, and prefers to use his ridiculous speed and agility to get within attacking distance, while dodging or enduring whatever the giant demons throw at him in the meantime. The Nameless Apostle did this as an act of pity for the dying child, and both him and the child died in the process. As Pirate King, he retains the highest status among all the world's pirates ... For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best anime series from the 90s if you'd like to watch any of these ser... 27 of the best 90's Anime Series Everyone Should Watch. Like the other God Hand, she manipulates humanity through a pagan cult under the moniker of "The Goddess Of Blazes". His personality is quite unusual for an apostle. In Chapter 362, we see a flashback to the Skull Knight's last moments, during which a previous generation of the Godhand is seen, completely different from the current one with the exception of Void, who was present. My name is Puck! Each one stands for a negative aspect of reality but none of them can actually appear in the mortal realm as they are. It is because of this that his ego crumbles after Guts' departure; so accustomed to seizing all of his desires, Griffith forgoes all logical reasoning upon losing his most treasured soldier, throwing away all he has achieved and endangering the Band of the Falcon after suffering merely one loss. Jill's father arrives, along with the Holy Iron Chain Knights, and Guts is driven away. Actually, he gets a young admirer right after the first apostle fight. My maidenly skin is gonna dry up!". during the hellish ordeal where his friends in the Band of the Hawk are sacrificed so that their band's former leader, Griffith, can become one of the evil Godhand. Ironically, Jerome noted afterwards that it made him more like a guardian angel than ever before, with the flames from Mozgus's dead body providing the surviving refugees with protection from the flesh-consuming dead before the Incarnation Ritual would commence. She appears on the Dreamcast game version of Berserk.

parents to show up to drag her back home. Farnese's brother's best friend, who is a noble prince that accepted an arranged marriage with Farnese in order to further cement the alliance between Vritannis and Eath. In battle he wields a long-hafted berdiche, with which he is capable of cutting men in half.

Once he realizes how formidable Guts is while in a battle against him, he begins to use more craftier means of fighting and transforms into his apostle form. The blade itself was forged by the master blacksmith Godo who, tired of making ornate ceremonial weapons for nobles, decided to take a nobleman's request for a sword capable of slaying a dragon literally out of spite.

But somehow I made this list and I hope my fellow Berserk fans will enjoy it! In the manga, Charlotte accompanied the rescue party with her maid Anna, but was poisoned by a dart from one of the Bakiraka and was brought back to the king. Burdened by the demands and responsibilities of his throne, the King's only comfort was his daughter Charlotte whom to him was the sole source of warmth in his existence. While he showed great skill as a tactician and as a warrior, during the battle of Doldrey, he was out-ranked by Gennon and consequently could not command the battlefield according to his tactics which included killing Griffith whom Gennon wanted alive. Azan, asleep on the boat, was awakened and joined in the melee. Their attitude towards strangers changes quickly once Gedfring lets them in, claiming that their home is boring and shows a lot of curiosity, asking them what the outside world is like. While we make an effort to cover some of the most important spoilers, we cannot guarantee that every potential spoiler will be hidden, or that those that are will be hidden consistently. The Sea God has innumerable tentacles that extend from every side of its body, each tentacle branching into several more. Voiced by: Yūko Miyamura (Japanese, 1997 anime), Toa Yukinari (Japanese, movies & 2016 anime), Carrie Keranen (English, 1997 anime & movies), Karen Strassman (English, 2016 anime), B. J. I've never watched Berserk but that cover photo was :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: What about Faggith? She is instead looked after by Farnese and finding the cure to her state is the reason for Guts and his party's are current journey to Elfhelm.

Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese, 1997 anime), Minako Kotobuki (Japanese, movies & 2016 anime), Michelle Newman (English, 1997 anime & movies), Erica Mendez (English, 2016 anime). Unlike most apostles, Ganishka opposes the God Hand – Griffith in particular – and aims to transcend them, in stark contrast to other apostles.

During their journey to the sea, Guts and his party were recruited by Flora to aide in the extermination of a troll infestation that threatened the nearby villages and forest. Its heart and cardiovascular system is essentially a sonic weapon, launching the waves of kinetic energy along with its inner muscle necessary to keep it alive, but also consciously weaponizing this fact. She also has other simple magic such as telepathy or using grass as sharp threads. He wields exotic weapons including chakrams, Katars (कटार) and urumi. After meeting Griffith, Guts is defeated in battle by Griffith and is forced to join the Band of the Hawk. During the Eclipse, she is the Apostle responsible for eating Corkus. Judeau and Pippin were perfectly willing to sacrifice themselves for her during the eclipse. He joined Guts and his party late in the story line, making him The Sixth Ranger, upon proposing to ship them to Skellig. He has also admitted that he only joined Griffith's cause in the interest of making sure no one other than himself would kill him. Always with an evil grin, Ubik appears to be a deceiver; he is able to persuade potential Apostles to fulfill the ritual of sacrifice by conjuring either images of their past or, in Griffith's case, a reflection of their subconscious. Sonia (ソーニャ, Sōnya) is part of Griffith's reformed Band of the Hawk and is very devout in her admiration of him. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Gambino became drunk one night and tried to kill Guts in a fit of rage, only to be killed by Guts with his own sword. A few years after the eclipse, the King is bedridden and dying as his pleas for Charlotte to see him are refused. Now branded for death and destined to be hunted by demons until the day he dies, Guts embarks on a journey to defy such a gruesome fate, as waves of beasts relentlessly pursue him. Voiced by: Tamio Ōki (Japanese, TV series), Nobuyuki Katsube (Japanese, movies) (Japanese); Jeff Swarthout (English, TV series), Christopher Corey Smith (English, Movies, 2016 anime) (English).

He is missing his left forearm and right eye due to an encounter with the God Hand and is covered head-to-toe in scars, with the most notable being a lacerated scar on his nose. After Wyald's attack and the further realization of his current state from a year of crippling torture, Griffith triggered the Crimson Behelit in an act of desperation. In some translations, she is referred to as Roshinu. As a matter of fact, she is amazed and cheerful about the situation in the Hawks. During his first appearance, Silat appears to be very arrogant and looks down on fighters from Midland as he thought that they were poorly trained compared to him. In the (chronologically) later arcs, Guts wields the Dragonslayer, a zweihänder or two-handed sword about 6'6" long and 12" wide at its base. He wrote, that he see Miura as misogynist, who enjoys humiliating female characters - especially while they are initially very confident and "emancipated". He is originally the founding leader of the mercenary unit known as the Band of the Hawk, both the group and his title "White Hawk" named for his helmet forged in the shape of a Hawk's head. Schierke is also a Cute Bruiser. Griffith wears white armor and has a much more refined style resembling fencing.

In chapter 306, the rest of the God Hand incarnatre in the aftermath of Griffith using Ganishka's defeat to remove the barriers between the mortal and astral planes. The female lead of the series, Casca first appears as a dark-skinned, tomboyish, extremely capable Hot Amazon in charge of her own platoon of soldiers. The fact that Guts' ears and teeth are slightly, though noticeably, more pointed than most of the human characters has been interpreted by some as implying that he is part-demon, which would explain a lot of his phenomenal abilities even before magic got involved. For The Band of the Hawk, check out Berserk/Characters/Band of the Hawk.For the Apostles, the Godhand and other antagonists in this series, check out Berserk/Characters/Antagonists.For everyone else, go to Berserk/Characters/Other.


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