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gassing him in the tear gas chamber where I wanted to see him if he was a real actor he removed his mask and done a bit of Shakespeare for me.

After the Bond audition, Collins said: “I was in Albert R Broccoli’s office for five minutes, but it was really over for me in seconds.

Lew had came to do his Parachute Regiment recruit selection. However, after months of negotiations it was announced by the producer David Wickes that Collins had been dropped as a casting option for the role for undisclosed reasons, and it had been given to the actor Edward Woodward instead. new movie of The Professionals planned by creator Brian Clemens.

to view images >>> "St Martins Plain Camp" <<<. [17][18] His last performance in theatre was a 1999–2000 provincial tour in the English Midlands of J.B. Priestley's Dangerous Corner.[19]. | 

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This image can't be licensed for consumer goods. [8] His passion for firearms started in his youth from a membership of the Liverpool Central Rifle Club. Obituary for Lewis Collins, 'The Scotsman' 29 November 2013. Login Collins continued working through the 1980s and 90s with parts in Robin of Sherwood, Jack the Ripper, Cluedo and The Grimleys. [6] Collins regarded this failure in retrospect as the key missed opportunity of his acting career. When he auditioned for 007 producers in 1982 he lost out for being “too aggressive”.

The Professionals star Lewis Collins loses cancer battle at age of 67, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, The Professionals theme tune and action-packed plots, performed car chases in The Professionals. You cannot download or purchase for any new licenses.

At the time Lewis did his selection we started with about 120 persons.. At the end of the course we had about 40 left of which about 25/30 passed. Collins kept his cancer battle private but in 2011 he was photographed near his home in Los Angeles looking a shadow of his former self. Collins, an expert in martial art ju-jitsu with a passion for guns since his youth, was propelled to stardom by his high-octane antics as Bodie. A lovely sad scene on the cliff as he stood in the wind crying his little heart out hoping the wind would blow the tear gas away. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/.../10481069/Lewis-Collins-obituary.html We marched from Dungeness Lighthouse to Hythe ranges along the seafront in one hour and 43 minutes in a biting wind sea spray peebles hitting us in the face with sleet and hailstones.


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