non chord tones quiz
It is referred to, thusly, as the PASSING TONE.


neighboring tone. PLAY. 1-PREPARATION: The 1st chord (shown in beat 1 below) is a 4-part, root position D major chord. Pip_Peake TEACHER. Two consecutive non-chord tones which circle the main chord tone creating a 3rd; can move in either direction (upper neighbor followed by a lower neighbor and then the chord tone, or vice versa).

serves to embellish one voice. These notes are just what they sound like, nonchord tones! Search. Test. Gamergrl915.

CHORD TONE- A tone that is a member of, or belongs to, a chord. Test. Gravity. The PASSING TONE below is a DESCENDING PASSING TONE. \newcommand{\gt}{>} Start studying nonchord tones. In this episode, we will discover the main types of nonchord tones: the passing tone, the neighbor tone, the escape tone, the appoggiatura. a 3rd or more. (in beat 1) is an implied D major, with the notes (D, D, A).

\( NON CHORD TONE (NCT)- A tone that is being played within a chord to which it does not belong. Isabelle_Rose12. Select the NCT for a G Major Chord Upgrade to remove ads. Below, in the first measure, the melody outlines a D minor chord (of which D is a member).

The ANTICIPATION is a note that belongs to the chord to follow.

The octave D notes in the bass clef hold throughout. The rarely encountered RETARDATION is a SUSPENSION that resolves. In the next example, that same G note becomes an ASCENDING PASSING TONE because it approaches from the F# below. A tone that is a member of, or belongs to, a chord.

naomi5486. These numbers DO NOT refer to scale degrees, but rather the intervals between the numbers shown and the, (we will use this 4-3 SUSPENSION as an example). So, if a D major chord (.

Flashcards. So, if a D major chord (D, F# and A) included the E note (scale degree 2).

Gravity. It is now a NONCHORD TONE in its new chord (A7). Terms in this set (18) chord tones. Below, we see a G# in the 2nd beat of the highest voice moving from the A (in beat 1) to the G (in beat 3).

The numbers involved in the suspensions (4-3, etc.) Write. A NEIGHBOR GROUP or DOUBLE NEIGHBOR is when an UPPER NEIGHBOR is followed by a LOWER NEIGHBOR and returns to the chord tone. It is approached by step and resolves to the same note when the chord lands. note (scale degree 2).

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It is only passing through to get to that F#.

PT (Passing Tone) Approached and resolved by step, moving in same direction. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. non-chord tones. Chords change but this one note remains present throughout. Log in Sign up. Occurs on a weak beat and leaves by skip, resolves by step in the opposite direction. So, in this D major triad, the 3 chord tones involved are the, A tone that is being played within a chord to which it does not belong.

The PASSING TONE is a nonchord tone that fills in the space between two chord tones (often a 3rd apart).


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