payne furnace troubleshooting
If you flip the switch and your furnace kicks on, you were probably trying to troubleshoot the furnace when it was off! • Check manual reset rollout switch located on the burner box. We just got this furnace in last summer, and we had been experiencing the code 33 and 13 on and off and could not figure out why.

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SETUP ERROR- Indicates setup switch "SW-1" or "SW-6" is positioned improperly. IGNITION PROVING FAILURE - Control will try three more times before lockout #14 occurs. See my post above to “June 25, 2011 at 9:45 am david scherer” It sounds like I’m having the same problem as you. If the inducer fan motor cannot draw enough air through the burners, or if the furnace is not venting properly, the rollout switch will open to halt the ignition sequence and prevent the furnace from heating. Heritage Rail Trail Maryland, Either way, good luck on your journey. working on window types, split type, and package. He said these kinds of filters should be checked every 30 days. (Follow start- up procedures if you must reset switch to ON position.). Plus, I checked the igniter for continuity – it was fine. I have a 10 year old payne PG8JAA followed your directions furnace fired up but a powerful burning smell was coming from the furnace although it runs then shuts off then runs again when it is running (flame blowing ) the led light is on solid like it is supposed to be but when the flame shuts off the led starts it 3 long three short flashing sequence there is no cold air return filter on this furnace so there was quite a lot of dust bunnies in and around the motor, naturally I cleaned all of the above. This process is automatic. Hey hope someone can help…….Have a 33 code that changes to 13. min., 4.0 - 6.0 nominal). Did you ever figure this out. By paying close attention to the LED display on your Payne furnace, you can troubleshoot any potential problems as they evolve. Check for: - Excessive wind, - Proper vent sizing — Defective inducer motor - Low inducer voltage (115VAC) - Defective pressure switch - Inadequate combustion air supply - Restricted vent, - Disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing - Low inlet gas pressure (if LGPS used) If it opens during blower on- delay period, blower will come on for the selected blower off-delay. I have 2 young children and no experience with gas or electric and don’t want to die or kill my kids or have them/us die from troubled furnace.

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I that repair cost $325 parts.

So, I checked and cleaned all the contacts. Hold times are long.

anyone know how do i replace the fuse link?? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. To determine if the igniter is faulty, remove the igniter and inspect it for cracks. The Payne furnace is sensitive to airflow- using a 3m filter does restrict air and the furnace sees this as a danger and will not power the ignitor..

Net A Porter Sale, my heater is making a whistling sound periodicly almost sounds like a humming sound.I checked to see if the cover is tight and it appears to be.heat is still coming out.just want noise gone! If you suspect this as the problem, try setting the fan from auto to on to cool the exchanger.

Clean or replace all the filters.

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