russian cases chart

The tests will show your current status in certain case as well as be part of the learning process. Part of Learn Russian 101 - free websites to learn Russian, Learn Russian 101 network - Learn Russian online and for free, The Dative case in Russian and its prepositions, Demonstrative pronouns in the Accusative case, Possessive pronouns in the Accusative case, The Instrumental case and its prepositions, The Instrumental case with singular nouns, Demonstrative pronouns in the Instrumental, The Prepositional case in Russian and its prepositions, The Prepositional case with singular nouns, Demonstrative pronouns in the Prepositional case, Possessive pronouns in the Prepositional case. The accusative case answers the questions кого/что (kaVOH/CHTO) – whom/what, and куда (kooDAH) – where. Russian course for beginners. In English, this function is fulfilled by the genitive, or the possessive, case. На рассвете is in the prepositional case. You can download Russian cases chart ending (pdf) – Nouns and Adjectives, in singular or plural forms. The endings of Russian words change depending on the case they are in. She holds a Diploma in Translation (IoLet Level 7) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists. But once you’ve got a first portion of case’s desert and then practice it properly, you feel excited about cases in Russian and will be ready to go forward and explore it in more details. As you can see, in Russian, each word can be used in any position in this sentence. Russian cases show what role the words play in a sentence. The dative case answers the questions кому/чему (kaMOO/chyMOO) – to whom/(to) what, and shows that something is given or addressed to the object. Emphasis on Masha's action: Ела кашу Маша (YElah KAshu MAsha) - Masha was eating kasha. Genitive case.

The Russian language has six cases to show what function a noun has in a sentence: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, and prepositional.

Morphological structure of Russian words is prefix-root-suffix-ending or steam-ending (prefix-root-suffix=steam). Answers the questions о ком/о чем (ah KOM/ah CHOM) – about whom/about what, and the question где (GDYE) – where. The nominative case answers the questions кто/что (ktoh/chtoh), meaning who/what, and identifies the subject of a sentence. Answers the questions кем/чем (kyem/chem) – with whom/with what. Their endings have changed to "и": тетрадь (tytRAD') - "a notebook" - becomes тетради (tytRAdi) - (absence of) a notebookручка (ROOCHka) - "a pen" - becomes ручки (ROOCHki) - (absence of) a pen. You can download Russian cases table (pdf) – Nouns and Adjectives, singular or plural forms. Its equivalent in English is the accusative, or objective, case (him, her). The nominative case exists in English, too. Learning the cases is the fastest way to sound more fluent in Russian. Includes all feminine and masculine nouns ending in а and я (plural ы and и). Russian cases are all about changing the endings of the words, but memorizing a list of the rules for when to change what won't do you any good if you don't already know what the basic form of the words look like! We introduce you to the Russian case system with detailed explanations on rules and exceptions. There 6 cases in the Russian Case System. This is accomplished through a system of grammatical cases where nouns, pronouns, and adjectives change their endings depending on their role in the sentence. A case indicates the function of a word (object, subject, mode,...). In Russian dictionaries, all nouns are given in the nominative case.

RUSSIAN CASES. The ending has changed here: культура (kool'TOOra) becomes культурой (kool'TOOray). On this page you will find useful information on the Russian cases usage with examples in Russian and in English. It shows possession, attribution, or absence (who, what, whose, or what/who is absent). You will learn how to use cases with and without prepositions, which prepositions are specific for certain case and wich prepositions are used with several cases. Below we offer to your attention tables with endings per case and links to related lessons. The endings of Russian words change depending on the case they are in.

Russian cases, Bilingual trip, Russian idioms, Period of time in Instrumental case (video), How do You Say in Russian: 10 minutes before (video), Nouns that end with -У/-Ю in Prepositional case, Nouns that end with -Ь: masculine or feminine. One who says cases in Russian are quite hard is only partly right. The way to the great results always takes time and efforts, but they are worthy of award. You will find here only important, consolidated and clear information that improves your skills and saves a lot of time on studying Russian grammar. Note that the ending does not change in this example: телефон (teleFON) - "a phone" - remains the same. Emphasis on what Masha was eating: Ела Маша кашу (YElah MAsha KAshu) - Masha was eating kasha. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. – list of prepositions for cases

It is best to learn the words and the way they sound in different cases by heart.

In this sentence, the words тетради and ручки are both in the genitive case. Our course covers each of the Russian case in detail. You will see how to use Russian cases with and without prepositions, what is special about certain prepositions, what are the questions intended for each case.

The noun собака is in the nominative case and is the subject of the sentence. We prepared detailed explanation on the use of the Russian cases (Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Instrumental, Prepositional). These are the six Russian cases and examples of how to use them.


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