serial episode 7 worksheet answers
I tell people all the time, you are juggling, and everything’s in the air, and you’re frozen. (Laughs) Smells like laundry and ink. Don was Hae’s new boyfriend. They do what Innocence Projects do, they reinvestigate old cases to see if someone’s been wrongfully convicted. Automated voice Some innocence projects only work with cases that have DNA evidence, for instance. First thing they do, says Deirdre, is to give Adnan back the presumption of innocence. Sometimes I am totally with him and then other times I am like, “I don’t know dude, this doesn’t, why can’t you remember anything? After I started reading all this-- all what you had, I started thinking, so everybody here is in high school, right? It’s already there, on going, her thoughts churning, and you just kinda join in when you’re ready and hope that you can keep up. The practice of categorizing people (usually by police, or another government organization) and predicting their behavior based solely on race. he believes items from this case have been destroyed, Do you see how I refuse to accept anything.      Right? Okay! A month later, her body turned up in a city park.      Deirdre Enright So, he doesn’t have my tree-hugger, everyone’s innocent instincts. A proposition that helps support a conclusion. And people are saying his dark side, and his-- there was some notation about he was very controlling. Deirdre’s group isn’t one of those, but still, she’ll definitely take it if she can get it. So Darrell Rice was easy for me-- not in the beginning because his answers weren’t self-serving and helpful the way you’d think.      But there’s enough here, I guess what I’m saying is, there’s enough here that you think it’s worth asking these questions. Sarah Koenig I’m coming back now.’” You know what I mean? It’s kind of a profound thing when you think about it. About “Episode 7: The Opposite of the Prosecution” SCHOOL TEACHERS: PLEASE STOP ASSIGNING ANNOTATION ON THIS AS HOMEWORK!      Mm-hm yeah. I checked with Mario, he said it was fine. That’s just, that seems very strange to me in a case like this. But that’s all. ather, that this person is innocent or wrongfully convicted? I went down to Charlottesville to see how they were getting along.

I’m a little concerned about racial profiling here, you know? Deirdre Enright But, I was more skeptical.      Mario Peia      Oh the State’s case. I don’t get that sense, but he’s really charming. They never tested those cells for DNA. Other than that, totally different cases. But man on every other topic, I found her so helpful. Of course, after looking everything over, Deirdre and her team might well decide that maybe Adnan is guilty.      Well, yeah. He’s funny and he could totally be a sociopath. That’s a scanner, scanning it’s little scanner heart out. Sometimes she's convinced he didn't do it; other times she fears she's being played by a.      Deirdre Enright

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Deirdre Enright’s Daughter Mario didn’t think they were tested against enough samples. I did think about it. Why does Koenig spend time examining the Wolfe case? Sarah Koenig      I don’t know. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. I don't get that sense, but he's really charming. You’ve been in the park before,” then finally I said, “but in relation to the crime scene,” and then he looked at me and it was so simple, he said. So, those beer cans over there, we’re not gonna test there because that’s too far away. That’s a scanner, scanning it’s little scanner heart out. Katie Clifford Then, put the team in and say, take a weekend and read it all.

That’s why he murdered these two women. You have to stay there until you’ve eliminated all questions. Once Deirdre and her students digest this massive amount of paper, the next step is decide what they’ve got on their hands. It’s true, I can’t think of anyone more optimistic than Deirdre. It’s already there, on going, her thoughts churning, and you just kinda join in when you’re ready and hope that you can keep up.

", Sociopath (29:39) Who is he?

     Right? she was kinda so-so on that topic. Sarah Koenig That I’m going to get through all this and be like, “I don’t know.”. Sometimes we start down the road and very quickly we talk to four witnesses, all of whom say “no, it was absolutely him,” they have no reason to lie. The medical examiner’s report says they came back, “negative for spermatozoa.” But that’s about it which seemed very thin to Deirdre, these swabs weren’t examined more thoroughly, that they were never tested for DNA. You almost always submit that for DNA testing. A person who gives information to someone, usually the police. English. Some images used in this set are licensed under the Creative Commons through to see the original works with their full license. The other thing I’m thinking about is, I can’t tell you the number of cases where somebody says, “I think it’s gone.” And then you go, and you be annoying and you poke around and say, “can I come back there and look?” And they say, “oh okay, we’ll look.” Then somebody goes, “oh, here it is.” So, it’s not fatal.


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