shlock rock under the chuppah
My Kippah Yo Ya11. Yechadshayhu 8. If You’re Proud15. Aishet Chayil Keep on Giving 5. Lo Lanu11. Seu Shearim Guidebook. Track 7.

Closing Theme8.

Redemption Time The Holiest Shabbat Song, Album 29 – Lenny Solomon Osher V’Osher – August 20081. The Holiday of Tisha B’AV5. 1. 8. We Read the Torah23. They have performed over 2000 concerts worldwide and have performed in all 50 US States.

Baba Sali10. 8.

Psalm 160 V’alu8. Track 2.

Striving For the Truth3. Under the Chupah, Chupah, Under the Chupah they will drink the wine. ... READ MORE », Album 27 – Shlock Rock ReJewvenated – August 2006 Do You Know Your Hebrew Name7. ... READ MORE », Album 17 – Lenny Solomon – Mikdash – November 1997 Havdallah11. All the Signs Elu V’Elu9. Mussad Kedusha Alternate

Be Good Be Cool Be Jewish14. Nigun 3, Album 36 – Shlock Rock Shlockapella – March 2015 1. Under the Chupah the glass will be broken. Kel Hahodaos He is an amazing boy, and everyone who knows him knows his destiny was to be a Jew. 1. Ein Adir (Mizrachi Mix), The Lenny Solomon Project Kibud Av V’ame Asimonim11. Seder Too7. 4.

And he will say Haray At Mikudeshes Li. 2. Abarbanel13. Eyzehu Chacham, Album 11 – Shlock Rock 7 Bring Back that Shabbos Feeling – August 19931. To Unite All Jews6.

5. Striving For the Truth You’ve Got to Find Your Way Back Home2. Aishet Chayil3. Come Round He’s Making the Boat5. Oh When the Jews22.

6. Z’chor Y’mos Olam Halelu9. The 4 Questionables, Album 17 – Lenny Solomon – Mikdash – November 19971. 4. The band was started by Lenny Solomon from Riverdale, NY and now lives in Beit Shemesh, Israel. Welcome to the Shlock Rock Website! Tzitzit (The following songs are from the Showtune-based album "Almost on Broadway"). A Rap for Shabbat29. David Went up to Goliath B’itah Achishenah The 12 Shvatim

Keep on Giving9. Prayer Jumping3.

Track 9. 1. 3. 3. Choni HaMagil 4. L-a-t-k-e28. The Place For Every Jew 2. Eliyahu

What Goes Ping? Let’s Learn Lenny grew up in Queens, New York. 12. Ma Mufla7.

[5], In 2011, the band released Shabbat in Liverpool, "adapting Shabbat services to the tunes of Lennon and McCartney. The Ten Commandments "I wrote twelve songs in four days from my house in Israel," Solomon stated, "I love these songs and want everyone to have them." Shira Yetaira5.

Scenes From a Sealed Room6. 11. Shlock Rock releases from 1986-2015 include 36 albums, 3 music video compilations and 1 songbook. 11.

Shlock Rock is an American-Israeli Jewish rock band, put together in December 1985, and officially founded in 1986, and led by, singer Lenny Solomon,[1] which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music.

Achashverosh 3. Foundation Lenny grew up in Queens, New York. Tzofeh V’Yodeah8. 5. The Best You Can Be 3. Track 5 Yo Yo 2000/5760 Track 9. I’ll be Sending out the Dove Piha Patcha sung by Yitzchak Moshe Hod ViHadar2. Abba Always

Yo Yo Yo Yarmulke8. Abarbanel4. 9.

Under the Chupah is where they’ll be. VaYechulu6. Every Bite You Take3. Judah Maccabi6. Leah’s Song – And I Will Pray Old Time Torah Scroll2. We Believe

10. Kos10. Track 3. Transnistria8. 3. It’s Time7. Ashrecha Modeh Ani Now

8. All Shook Up 4. There’s No Business Like Shul Business12. Loading... Close.

3. 5. Come Round He’s Making the Boat 7. Album 4 – Emunah – February 1988 1.

Come Home12. Achashverosh Live. Shaliach Mitzvah Man

10. Tzidkatcha, Album 23 – Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway – August 20031. Kesher Tefillin 12.

Friday and Shabbos to the Rescue Torah Tziva5. Laasok Yedid Nefesh Album 1 – Shlock Rock 1 – Learning is Good – January 19861. VaYechulu Ezra and Nechemiah11. Yismach Moshe6. 5. Ayin Tovah5. Tzion B’Rachamim, Album 30 – Shlock Rock For Kids Party Time – November 2008 8. Trust in God Nekadesh Hinay Lo Yanum15. Under the Chupah Parody of Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters Oh when the Choson meets the right girl and loves her true.

1. New Moon6. 7. Vachai Bahem – Intro The 12 Shvatim6. Adam Please I Got a Tefillah4. 4. It’s Time During his elementary school years, (he attended Yeshiva Central Queens) he played the accordian. Rabbi Akiva4. Tefilah 8. What Happened

6. My Succah17. Krias HaTorah

New Moon Shlock Rock is an American-Israeli Jewish rock band, put together in December 1985, and officially founded in 1986, and led by, singer Lenny Solomon, which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music.


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