star trek fleet command containment protocol
To start the production of Dilithium, you will have to build the Dilithium Generator, which unlocks at Operations level 10.

The odds are, if you find a location that is rich in resources, other players will happen upon it, too – so relying on one farming location alone is not recommended. To tier up or increase the level cap of a ship, you need parts; explorer parts, battleship parts, interceptor parts. Hi is there a rule in how to earn ship-xp in battle?

At that point, the ship is returned to my home station and repaired. We’re here to share with you some Star Trek: Fleet Command cheats and tips in our complete guide to the game. What level refinery can refine level 3 resources? ⇒There are lots of resources you can mine from the galaxy systems; crystal, ore, gas, dilithium, tritanium. Once done. I played on my cellphone and have reached lvl 18. To level up the ship, you need Ship XP. Though you can produce dilithium at your station, the best way to collect it in mass quantities is via mining. Some mining areas take a while to fully deplete – other human players and enemy ships can roll right up on you while your ship is at work and completely disable it.

I will see what I can do with it. Why can’t I access my inbox? I cannot search for other systems and this is frustrating… Increase the power by upgrading and building facilities at your base. My daily goals don’f work. Go to the Dilithium Guide to find all the locations ( Systems) where you can farm Dilithium. And my mining type ship earns xp when sent to mine.

• As you fully explore each part of the galaxy, you’ll come across a never-ending squadron of enemy ships. Then search for it in systems. The Star Trek Fleet Command lets the player build duplicate ships. Do you need to enable in app purchases to make officer recruiting work? How many Boslic Slave Traders in Deneva do I have to kill to find the 4 Energy Manifolds. As you progress through the game or level up, things will change. On the right side of the game’s screen, tap the events option and check out all the on-going events. Help ! I wish someone would have told me to swap ships frequently. Prerequisite: – Prior to the construction, the player has to unlock the ship. I explored the galaxy but only find lvl 1 and 2 or very high like lvl 9! So, let’s get straight to the Star Trek Fleet Command guide and tips: –. Every time you log-in, stick to this gameplan and you’ll have no problem turning into a legendary commander! If it’s a mining type ship, then send it to mine resources. or screenshot where you have been, explored, mined, etc… and compile a data base with screenshots. My alliance member told me. Star Trek Fleet Command: Where Risa Location Is, Star Trek Fleet Command: Can You Sell Ships? When you recruit, you also get officer XP as the reward or obtain from the quests, missions.

Hi, I’m about to upgrade my station to level 15. The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. @Ron You will need these badges to promote officers(at higher levels – +30). I am all for helping, as long as I am not depriving myself of something I may need later on. • This process should help you discover new solar systems, acquire more chests, and complete a multitude of missions during a single gameplay session.

• You’re going to be doing a lot of exploring as you upgrade your ship’s Warp Engine, so you’ll want to make sure you’re better prepared for the bigger trips you’ll head out on. You are absolutely right! Or For 2-star parts, we would recommend you to defeat level 10-20 hostiles. Join an alliance and participate in the alliance events for alliance credits, items, resources. You have entered an incorrect email address! The recently released Star Trek: […]

Assemble your crew and ready your ships for the biggest strategy game on mobile. If I click on them the corresponding number of tokens disappear from my total amount at the top of the screen. )/point on the galaxy/system screen. You have to collect several cards or blueprints or whatever you want to call them for each character the higher the level of the character the more cards requires. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. All of Star Trek (minus the alternate/parallel universes) takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy. @David Yep, Strength Up your Talla ship, assign better officers and then raid(scan to check the strength). Tapping the view button will show you the list of characters you could get by drawing chests from that summon type(standard, ultra, premium). (I know there is some in, like Deneva, Orion and all, but for low level ones ?)

If it gets destroyed completely, then you will see the repair button and the ship will automatically return to home base.

Leaving them on their own while you’re busy with one of your other ships just won’t work anymore since they can get attacked by other players now. the good guide for kill boss mission like high level 30+ ? Always do that, until your ship can’t do it any more. Seems unfair that they can Attack you, take note of your location to keep picking on you daily but you have no idea where to find them for revenge! So it seems that it’s just there for giving you a choice regarding the rewards (and to build up some sort of a story). I’m curious about upgrading my ECS Fortunate. Hi Yatin, Hi… At level 14, the limit to punchin up or down is 2 lvls. • As an Alliance hits new levels, they’ll get to bring in even more members. Dilithium is needed to research technologies in the R & D Department. Tap the battle report -> tap the rewards box -> claim the chest. Please help! By subscribing to the Star Trek newsletter, which may include personalized offers from our advertising partners, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. The 9 in bracket is the level of that system. @Yatin: thanks for all the great posts so far. Same question on renaming ships. In that case check which resource you have to mine, in the mission menu. At the start of the game, you produce Parsteel and Tritanium. (. Boring…, Finding 2* uncommon refined ore locations and how to use it. I found Rigel has like 4 or 5 belts. Cardassian Empire, who during this period are peaceful artists and art collectors, is in the Alpha quadrent. Levels are an interesting thing.

I’ve been able to tap the Repair button no matter where my ship is located. To assign a ship to drydock, tap the + button at the bottom of the screen -> assign ship -> select a ship to assign. When I give “HELP” to an Alliance Member in Alliance Contribute section. I wonder what happens if you meet any daily goals but are not able to collect the rewards. Hi,

You can check the list/locations here. You will need to power-up the ships to dominate in the PvP mode or keep the station safe. I fly all over the place and can’t seem to find a lot of missions.

Now i bought a new ipad (the old one didn’t support the game) and installed the game. It is used to upgrade your facilities, as well as other uses, and its utility makes it exceedingly coveted.

If my ship is at dock, and damaged, how can I fix it?

the mission doesnt direct me anywhere on the map, @Gavin Yep, same happened with me:( .

Mark: oops you right, never liked DS9 so I only watch it once. Spock then reminded him that apart from regulations, the act would be immoral.


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