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| Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, Polished Two Tone (Apple Tree Saphire/Ebony), Polished Ebony w/Institutional Wide Music Desk, Strauss Polished Two Tone (Ebony/Bubinga). It has a proper sostenuto pedal, unlike the cheap Yamaha and Kawaii pianos, so it’s one of the rare pianos that you can practice Debussy and other demanding composers. Excellent condition Used Baby Grand Piano plays like new. The Conservatory Edition pianos use quality components including German hammer felt on grand pianos and Japanese felt on the upright hammers, German Roslau strings are used throughout. This Brodmann 130cm Upright Piano is a great instrument for new beginners to seasoned professionals! Like new condition. Buy a piano from Piano Gallery and At Anytime, for 10-years, you will get the same amount you paid for your piano, as a trade-in-credit toward a new piano. Used digital pianos, current models available, starting at $899 Used Pianos, The grand piano-like feel gives you total control over the finest points of your performance style. Plays & Looks like New. 2003 Kohler Campbell Baby Grand Piano, Model KIG 47, in Polished Ebony. I used to be a music teacher (piano and music theory for Grade 8 and AP students) and accompanist for choirs. Description: Like new condition.

1813 — Carl Maria von Weber purchased a Brodmann grand piano. Joseph Brodmann was a well-known piano maker in Vienna in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. We are a piano shop dedicated to the art of piano service and care. [email protected] Wood finish models in Mahogany and Walnut polish are also available in selected grand and upright sizes.

The tone is warm but not muted or blurry, and definitely not tinny. Asking Price $10,999 OBO.

Brodmann pianos must pass stringent quality control checks at all stages of production to ensure that the piano is of the highest quality. More and more people today are turning away from the bright harsh sounding pianos which have become the accepted tonal sound of pianos produced for the past 25 years. Essex Baby Grand Piano, Model EGP 155, in West African Kewazinga Bubinga Wood. So be prepared to get a little dusty! 1936 Steinway Baby Grand Piano, 5′ 1″ in length, Gorgeous American Walnut. Having serviced and sold the Brodmann pianos since 2007, I can think of minor issues that used to come up especially for the experienced players that do not arise any longer. How To Find The Serial Number Of Your Piano, What is voicing (piano maintenance and care), Top 10 best selling piano brands in the world. A New Steinway Grand Piano is the best way to reward them and boost their enthusiasm. Box 601041, San Diego, CA 92160 USA, © 2020 Brookside Press LLC. Bring your favorite music. Willing to let go at 5000 if you provide your own transport, etc. Askng Price: $26,989 or Make an Offer Online. It's smarter then paying retail for a depreciating new/used piano or a rental piano, knowing all along it will not be worth what you paid for it when you trade it in. Come Play and Compare a Steinway Designed, Essex Baby Grand Piano, before you decide to buy any Piano. Mint‡ condition & plays like new. Tustin, California 92782 Advanced Student Piano. It’s in good condition since I’ve kept it protected, no oily fingers near it and nothing that could scratch it. Pianos made by: Parsons Music, Hong Kong/China Joseph Brodmann was a well-known piano maker in Vienna in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Locating the serial number on an upright piano. Length 5′ 4″, Satin Ebony finish with Bubinga wood & Nickel accents. Regular piano tunings also help to build string "strength". Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer is published by: 2016 Wm Knabe Pre Owned Baby Grand Piano, Model WGS 54N in like New condition. I love the touch - it’s weighted similar to a heavy Yamaha but responsive to nuance as much as a Steinway, which means it prepares you well for concerts with stamina and subtlety in tone. 949-600-1476 The Brodmann Story. c. 1800 — Awarded patent for improvement of the instrument querflügel. Tuning, professional piano moving, sales, restorations, refinishing, our … Come play this Used Baby Grand Piano and see for yourself how it compares to other Famous Brand Name Baby Grand Pianos. Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser. Select Boston below for piano specifications and to learn more about Boston Grand Pianos on

Schedule a Future Appointment Date. Made in the USA.

Our used pianos stock rotates between our showrooms in Cleveland, Columbus, and Boardman-Youngstown. The Artist Series are designed for the quality minded and the professional players, Institutions and Concert Halls. Gorgeous Modren Vintage, Round piano legs, carved music desk & lyre. Boston Baby Grand Piano, Performance Edition, Model GP 156, in polished ebony., Pianos made by: Parsons Music, Hong Kong/China. Kawai UST7 Walnut Read more; Yamaha GH1 Satin Ebony ... Brodmann CE175. Where to find the serial number on a grand piano Using American or German made pin blocks, German solid spruce soundboards, hammers, and strings as well as an Austrian/British designed action makes the overall quality Brodmann is known for. Mint† Condition, bench, warranty and a 10-year trade up.

Come play this Used Baby Grand Piano and see for yourself how it compares to other Famous Brand Name Baby Grand Pianos. 1800 — Brodmann listed in the Lexicon of Musicians as 'Instrument Maker.' The inclusion of these critical components makes all the difference in creating the Brodmann piano sound, a distinctive full and rounded European tone, giving a much sweeter, singing sustaining tone than that of their competitors. Select Essex for Piano Specifications. Piano Price: $5,900. 1447 Montgomery Street For quality control, Brodmann has its own employees from Europe working in the factory. 1813 — Carl Maria von Weber purchased a Brodmann grand piano. Featuring a German Solid Spruce Soundboard - All Wood Langer UK designed action - German Hammers - German Roslau Strings - American Burkel pinblock - Maple bridges - Solid spruce keys - Solid spruce keybed with hardwood sides - Solid spruce back posts - 10 Year warranty.

1825 — Awarded patent for the triple-laminated soundboard. Slow close Fallboard, Matching Bench.

Japanese piano brands like Yamaha and Kawai are the most sought after so we endeavour to always have a huge Get information on Brodmann CE175 available at Solich Piano. Every piano has it's own individual characteristics & so do you. MSRP $26,595. With its well-known, wide range of grand and upright pianos, the Professional Edition range is well respected and widely accepted as the leading piano in its class – for players and institutions alike. In 2014, the Vienna-based Brodmann company filed for bankruptcy protection in Austria. I Purchased a Brodmann PE212 in 2014 in California. Brookside Press LLC, P.O. Return Policy, Our used pianos stock rotates between our showrooms in Cleveland, Columbus, and Boardman-Youngstown. Have any questions? Designed by Steinway & Sons, the Essex Baby Grand Piano is wider in the tail, allowing for a larger soundboard & producing a richer sound. There are over 12,000 individual parts that make up a Grand Piano.

Length: 5′ 1″.

All Baby Grand Pianos are within 1 to 3 inches of 5 feet in Width. Piano Gallery is offering the opportunity for you to come play and compare as many different pianos as you wish. Several vertical models use carbon-fiber action parts, for greater uniformity and dimensional stability, and all grand models are now available with optional carbon-fiber actions. On Sale Now. It has a proper ... More Used Pianos .

View Used PIanoS.

Buy to Trade Up. U.S. distribution rights to the Brodmann line are owned by Piano Marketing Group Inc.; for all other parts of the world, the factory sells directly through its own distributor network. 657-266-0351 (fax) Categories Grand Pianos, Used Pianos.

The modern-day Brodmann company was founded in 2004 by two former Bösendorfer executives.

The range consists of two grand pianos, models CE 148 and CE 175 and one upright, CE118. Original Steinway Baby Grand Piano, matching bench, 5 year warranty & a ten-year trade up. Brodmann says its mission is to produce a piano with high-end performance characteristics at an affordable price by using European components in key areas, strict quality control, and manufacturing in countries with favorable labor rates. Give your student some time to accomplish the piano and give yourself time to save up some money for a New Steinway Grand Piano.

Ideal pianos for the beginner and the student alike, the Conservatory Edition will provide the best quality instrument for all types of music making at a very affordable price. Designed in the Viennese, European sound tradition, Offered in three tiers: The Conservatory Edition, The Professional Edition, and The Artist Series. Baldwin Baby Grand Piano, 5′ 4″ in a gorgeous walnut. You'll have 10 years to decide and save. All grand pianos and concert upright pianos are completely handcrafted under strict quality control. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. '; 1813 — Carl Maria von Weber purchased a Brodmann grand piano. This Baldwin 5′ 4″ Baby Grand Piano is in Mint† Condition. This Kimball 4′ 4″ Mini Baby Grand Piano will easily fit in an apartment, a condo or any small space. It looks brand new and works perfectly. The Professional Edition (PE) pianos, made entirely in China, are designed in Vienna and use European components such as Strunz soundboards, Abel hammers, Röslau strings, and Langer-designed (Chinese) actions (Renner in the model 228 grand).

The name of Joseph Brodmann stands for more than just a product name. Price brand new is 20,000. Nickel pedals, castors & hardware. The floor space needed for a 5′ 1″ Baby Grand Piano would be 5′ wide by 7′ 1″ long including 2′ for the bench. Langlois Pianos family owned for 100 years and counting we provide piano sales and service. Book an Appointment. Call for Price and more information. Asking Price $4,999. One might say the Boston Piano has the DNA of Steinway & Sons. Same-as-cash is also available on select models for up to 1 year! The "rule of thumb" does not apply to those pianos being built with equal high quality pianos: the Brodmann 5'4 has the German Strunz soundboard and is a lovely sounding piano. Brodmann was not only a famous piano builder, but he was a famous mentor as well. Financing can be provided between 1 to 10 years with very little money down. One Owner, purchased in Scottsdale, AZ new. A few years ago, the 10 year warranty on Brodmann pianos was changed to be transferable. Trust the professional piano mover who is also the appointed piano mover for Yamaha Music Asia (Singapore), and many other notable brands including Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Steingraeber & Söhne, Fazioli, and Schimmel. Contact us today to set up an appointment to see these beautiful pianos or click here to browse our inventory. Very well maintained piano. Length: 5′ 1″. 88 keys and a wood action, acoustic Mini Baby Grand Piano. Master technicians and piano builders from Austria oversee all production and final quality control. I have had many problems with the action of this piano. Get a trusted professional piano mover who only specialise in the moving of pianos to protect your valued asset, and not a logistics provider who happens to move pianos as well. Call Us Now for a Same Day Appointment Time or 1800 — Brodmann listed in the Lexicon of Musicians as 'Instrument Maker. With People's Association as one of our valued Clients, we continue to offer the best piano tuning services in Singapore.


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