eugenia cooney dad
Eugenia's brother still has a public tumblr which he hasn't used since March of 2015. A post shared by Eugenia Cooney (@eugeniacooney) on Mar 3, 2018 at 7:03pm PST, A post shared by Eugenia Cooney (@eugeniacooney) on Feb 27, 2018 at 10:10am PST. The brother is swaying back and forth. i have seen so many people who used her as thinspo come here and 'wake up' to the realities of her impact.

But I think she may have a better idea than anyone except for Eugenia's immediate family. Not trying to insinuate anything happened but at the very least there is definitely a sexual element to how they see Eugenia. She is wearing very similar clothing to the previous video, but without the hat or shoes. But yeah I felt like it was worth my time to maybe somehow contribute to helping this girl in a way that was real despite the fact that it might upset her right now. card.

"There's nothing I can do" - 8/17/18 - Her mom silently films her while she tries to throw a basketball and a football. Eugenia laughs nervously.

Processor is the younger brother of Eugenia . Her mom can be heard in the background yelling "WHERE IS MY PURSE". New.

Her mom or possibly father films her going up to people to tell them Merry Christmas and to ask them if they are excited about Christmas.

Past the social websites, she’s also become very popular as a consequence of her appearances that leaves a few unpleasant chills on a single. There has been a lot of speculation and a lot of theories about everything for a long time and while I don't think this list will completely piece things together, hopefully it will prove to anyone who has any doubt that something very wrong is happening in that household. She also mentions rape in reference to when it's okay to swear at someone. It comes off very much so like she's just harassing people and filming them when they don't want to be filmed. 782.2k Followers, 321 Following, 1,880 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Eugenia Cooney (@eugeniacooney) I think the one thing that is for certain is that something with her family absolutely is not right. "Playing with a ouija board with my mom" - 7/8/17, "Teaching my grandma internet slang" - 7/19/17, "Curling my hair with a wand" - 8/2/17 - In the background you can hear someone say "I WANT THE MONEY" (Eugenia has said in her streams it's her grandma wanting money from a "lost purse" the family believes doesn't exist(the tone of the voice sounds much closer to her mom, I would say, however). "Bothering People at the Beach" - 8/2/13 - Her mom or possibly her dad films her talking to people at the Beach. Says also how her brother makes her leave her room early in the morning regularly so he can use her bathroom to get ready for college (she said in streams there's another bathroom he could use, but he likes using hers better). 4-7-12, One of numerous prank call streams where Eugenia mentions turtle rape and continues sexual prank call with a 14 year old while she is nearing 18 years old

She also opens a bag with one of those windup chattering teeth toys. "Christmas in July" - 7/12/13 - Eugenia walks around downtown in Greenwich CT with high heels, a tank top, short shorts and a santa hat on. Her mom pours the ice water on her and laughs while Eugenia screams.

Who has been involved behind these weird actions? He says, "You hurt yourself when you-you came of your-" Eugenia looks back at the camera before turning back to her dad and saying, "...No I didn't hurt myself" and he says "Oh, are you filming?" Later her mom calls her and tells her she can't go to the magic kingdom because disney is "on high alert" and she needs to go back to the hotel and Eugenia doesn't know what she's talking about because everything seems fine.

"Try on haul dog edition" - 4/23/17 - Eugenia and her mom are in the same hallway as the internet slang video. She says when she was younger, before she had her own appleID, she used her dads. One of the mothers looks visibly angry and the other two look confused. She says, "I'm on younow" and he says "You look good" she says thanks and then he says he doesnt want to disturb her and then leaves.

At one point while Eugenia is putting white facepaint on her mom, her mom says 'I could go to a halloween party as jack skellington. Most things you learn in school don't apply to real life. If it is italicized that means it's in her words (or a shortened version of her words), not mine. There are several more encounters with people who are uncomfortable and don't know how to respond with a lot of them staring directly at whoever is recording. No pro ana content or number talk (weight, calories, BMI). Though she posts overall lifestyle movies, there are a great deal of individuals that are just astounded at her appearances that has induced many to feel that she’s suffering from anorexia or another eating disorder.

i'm sick of these posts, and i honestly don't know why myself or any of the mods have been allowing these shitty metaposts because they are already against sub rules as they are ENTIRELY POINTLESS and only serve as half-baked irritants. In a thrift store her mom finds a bikini to try on and Eugenia tries it on in the middle of the store. In December, 2012, Eugenia's dad was caught drunk driving in a vehicle with heavy front damage and riding on its rim.

And when her dad asks her where she's going in life and she don't know how to answer. Thanks for compiling all the info. No saying Eugenia should die or insulting her. She moved to LA so her brother could go to school for animation.

Teachers are mean. But, it’s been estimated that she’s worth more than $200 million with a massive chunk of that coming from her station.

She then calls her mom and her mom is freaking out, and then Eugenia tells her it's all a joke and her mom laughs and says 'you got me' (it's hard to tell if her mom genuinely knew this was happening or not. No doxxing Eugenia. "What I got for christmas 2017" - 12/26/17 - She says most of the stuff she is showing she bought for herself because she doesn't like to ask for things for christmas.

Her dad gives off some major creep vibes, specially when put together with some of Eugenia's "This is not incest! Her mom makes a comment (pretending to be Eugenia) that she's always cold. She also didn't sleep much as a baby. Her dad read all the twilight books and loved them, even the sexual one. if you don't like what people say here, go somewhere else. Posts rules r/discord FAQ.

WHAT IF THE ALIENS RAPE ME OR SOMETHING?! "Trying on different face masks" - 1/28/18 - Her mom tries on face masks with her. She also can't film the whole apartment because her brother is there (and her mom) and that he doesn't like ever being on camera. A subreddit dedicated to allowing an open discussion about Eugenia Cooney. This is a list of all the times Eugenia interacts with or talks about her family in her youtube videos. She also opens a bag with one of those windup chattering teeth toys.

Eugenia tells her mom someone called her Skeleton Queen and she asks her mom what she thinks. She told us when she burnt her thumb but apparently didn't want her audience to know about her foot. Her dad opens the door and pops his head in and asks her how her foot is doing. Eugenia's facial expressions in this video also seem to indicate nervousness on her part.). Rising.

She then tells him to check out her dating website called Eugenia Dating and if he has any single friends, to tell them to look it up. Some of the interactions; she asks a family if she can join their day at the beach and the dad says 'No...Sorry....It's a private family day...", the family is visibly confused. Her mom 'interviews' her and asks her questions that Eugenia doesn't know how to answer like "where do you see yourself in 10 years". "Why parents are annoying" (deleted video) - 11/29/13 - Eugenia references different things that annoy her about her parents. Most of us are not just talking about her just to be mean or call her pathetic, we are talking about her as a result of the sheer volume of information she has put online that amounts to tons of red flags. Posted by. Last she opens a victoria's secret bag that has 2 bras, 5 lace thongs, and two pairs of leggings. "I got new underwear and teeth" - 5/18/15 - She went to new york because she had to 'do something' and while she was there her mom went shopping and bought her a bunch of stuff and told her to open it on camera. Her biggest inspiration is her mom because she is an amazing person. "I can't believe I'm this stupid" - 8/8/17 - Eugenia's mom gives her a quiz on some common knowledge type questions. People are concerned and have the right to voice their concern, especially when you willingly share so much online like Eugenia has done. Her grandma calls to say happy birthday or happy [holiday] when it's not even that day. She only really sees her grandma in terms of family members outside of her brother, mom, and dad. Eugenia also tells story of how her parents haven't slept in the same bed for a long time. Bio: Son, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Real Name, Husband, PewDiePie’s Wiki: Net Worth, Girlfriend, Salary, Married, Real Name, Son, Michelle Buteau’s Bio: Husband, Parents, Married, Spouse, Net Worth, Family, Lauren Lee Smith’s Wiki: Son, Net Worth, Dating, Married, Spouse, Children, Nia Peeples’s Bio: Spouse, Child, Children, Net Worth, Now, Daughter, Family, Where’s Kaley Cuoco today?

They are both wearing different clothes. "Full face using my mom's makeup" - 9/14/18 - When she applies her moms concealer it makes her look orange. At first her mom laughs but then says she's like malibu barbie. She doesn't like when people are really mad and start yelling at her and blaming her for things that have nothing to do with her. In elementary school her teachers told her mom that she was too obsessed with Bratz dolls and suggested she take riding lessons instead. A subreddit dedicated to allowing an open discussion about Eugenia Cooney. Ah okay, I am just going to remove that then.

Her mom laughs while filming her. Whenever her aunt and uncle go on vacations they go and 'tour' grocery stores. Want to join a Discord where you can talk about Eugenia without censorship?

Some things might not be outright related to her family specifically but are implied to be or are in general points of interest. Makes me wonder if she has access to any of her own money. Your email address will not be published.

In December, 2012, Eugenia's dad was caught drunk driving in a vehicle with heavy front damage and riding on its rim. She had a dream where her parents got into a fight and she took her moms side and her mom warned her that her dad has anger issues and to be careful, and then her dad pushed her off the eiffel tower and killed her. Eugenia rementions family keeping the temperature low and the ac is on a lot. If any videos do not have any particular points of interest and are basically just what the title of the video is, I will not have any notes added to it. But regardless of what I believe I tried to be as objective as possible while writing this, although I obviously highlighted things that I felt were of note. This whole post is probably going to upset Eugenia a lot, and I do wish I could have made it so that she couldn't see it. Question /u/dootingdaily Do you know if the key in the doorknob is on the inside of the door or the outside? Some are; when her mom wants to go to playlist (I think this is the first time we see the mom). People also believe they hear "You're Gonna Kill Her" prior to the "I WANT THE MONEY" audio, but it's hard to make out.


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