how to sew a drawstring channel
Lay out a single piece of each the utility and muslin fabrics, overlapping one another with right sides facing out. Image Credit: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra Stitch this fold, leaving a 1½-inch folded border.

Small: 8 ½ inches wide x 6 ¼ inches tall x 2 ½ inches deep.

8. While sewing, backstitch along each side edge for added durability.

Most sewing machines have a backstitching setting for a quick back and forth along the fabric edge. Cut your fabric to size, and then iron each piece to flatten and free from wrinkles. Starting at the fold, sew up the left and the right sides of the bag – a quarter inch from the edge of the fabric. Fold each corner of the bag so the side seam is running down the middle of the point.

Press it with the iron. However, using a sewing machine makes the project go by much faster.

Join us as we take you through the basics of sewing, knitting, embroidery and quilting. Take the side seam and line it up with the fold on the bottom, creating a little triangle.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fold the overlapped pieces of fabric half an inch in from the edge along the two longer sides and one of the shorter sides.

Press 1/2" hem around entire perimeter of fabric. Stop two inches from the top of each side. We’re always open to your suggestions, so please get in touch if there are any tutorials you would like to see, or machines covered. You can design larger bags to serve as impromptu toy boxes or to contain your sewing materials. Thank you for your support! It’s a little tricky near the drawstring because you’ve got to lay the fabric flat and sew the first seam from the line of stitching at the bottom of the casing to the bottom. Here is a list of bag sizes to follow: In the first step, it’s just a matter of cutting the ribbon and fabric to the right sizes.

When it comes to DIY drawstring bags, they require very few materials.

Ribbon (or other lengths of material for your drawstring). Large: 14 ½ inches tall x 11 ¼ inches wide x 5 inches deep. Fold it over again, another ¾ inch, and iron flat. Maria is based in Chicago and runs a small crafts business on Etsy and Zazzle. Here you’ll find a number of projects, guides, tutorials and walkthroughs. 5. We hope you enjoy our reviews and tutorials on Sewing From Home!

7. Both do-it-yourselfers by nature, they are continually in search of simple solutions for living more sustainably — sharing their ideas, tips and tricks for DIY home decor, urban gardening and cooking. Stitch along the center of all three sides of the folded fabric (leaving the mouth of the bag open), with a quarter-inch seam allowance, before removing pins. Boxing Out the Corners. This is very important! Please note, this site is part of the Amazon Associates Program as well as several other affiliate programs. Sew a 1/4" seam around the perimeter of the folded hem.

To make a french seam, you pin the fabric – wrong sides together. 8. Do this on both sides. Thread the ribbons through the channel as follows: Attach a safety pin to one end of one ribbon. It requires just a few straight seams, and introduces the method of sewing a channel at the top (in this case, for a pair of ties used to cinch the bag closed). Press it with the iron. This prevents you from losing the ribbon-end in the middle of the channel.

How far down the point of the triangle do you draw your line? The eyelet: This is the outlet through which the drawstring enters and exits the casing. Mary and Tim Vidra, the creative couple behind the lifestyle blog, live and work in Richmond, Virginia. String the jute rope through the top channels of the bag, tying a knot at each end when complete, to prevent it from slipping out. How to Sew a Super Easy Drawstring Bag with Flat Bottom FREE Sewing Patternby Kristin Omdahl. However, since this lining is inside the bag, you can sew it closed with a quick seam 1/8-inch from the edge. Store the bag in a laundry room, use as a hamper or to carry to the laundromat. And now you’ve made the drawstring channel! By Mark Baylor (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 licence).

The casing: this is the channel through which the drawstring (and sometimes elastic too!) 7.

Keep organized and in style by making a drawstring laundry bag as decorative as it is functional. Pay attention to the pattern, keeping it straight when folding the fabric. Thank you for your support! Sew the bottom edge of the hem with a 1/6-inch allowance. Sew a seam along the line.

That means we earn commission for purchases made through some of our links. passes. (1) piece of fabric cut to 11" x 15"shown in Day of the Dragonfly Fabric Collection by Kristin Omdahl, (2) pieces of 1/4" ribbon (to coordinate with your fabric) cut to 30" each, (1) large safety pin (for threading the ribbon through the bag, Scissors, pins, iron, thread and sewing machine. We are also part of several other sewing-related affiliate programs in the US, UK and Europe. To create the channel for the drawstring bag top, fold and iron 2 inches of the fabric on the remaining, unstitched side.

Neatly trim any excess fabric and loose threads along the sides of the bag, and then turn the entire piece right-side out, pressing along each inside corner to give shape to the laundry bag. Pin together the three sides surrounding the top channels for added security while sewing if desired. To make it easier, push at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of a drawstring end into a straw and staple the straw so it goes into the drawstring. Turn your square of fabric so the folded edge is at the bottom. Patterned utility fabric, 28 inches by 40 inches, 2 pieces, Medium-weight muslin lining, 28 inches by 40 inches, 2 pieces. To create the channel for the drawstring bag top, fold and iron 2 inches of the fabric on the remaining, unstitched side. Then, push the empty end of the straw through the eyelet. On the top edge, working on one side at a time, fold the two-inch section down a quarter inch, and iron flat. When you grasp the knots and pull, your bag will cinch closed! In the photo I was working on 2 different bags. When it comes to the amount of fabric and ribbon necessary, it all depends on the desired size of the bag. Do this on both sides. Drawstring bag patterns are simple to follow, and the project shouldn’t take more than an hour from start to finish! With some added flare, they can become gym bags, traveling toiletry bags, lunch bags, gift bags, or even dice bags (for you boardgame players out there). Drawstring bags are simple and easy to make, while providing multiple uses. Fold fabric, right sides facing. Tie these ends into a knot. is part of the Amazon affiliate program. You can make a drawstring that goes all the way around the waistline. Stop sewing 1/4" before the channel begins. Mark a line perpendicular to the seam 1.5" from the point.

None of these programs affect the price that you pay on any purchases made – but it does help us keep the bills paid. )To begin, you’re just going to follow the pattern instructions to completely assemble your shorts or pants except for the waistband. And now you’ve made the drawstring channel! 4. The finished bag will sit up all by itself because of the clever and super simple technique of creating side gussets for a flat bottom.

She runs a small teaching business in her native Kansas and is passionate about helping her students learn a variety of crafting skills. It's amazing how finished the bag will feel once turned inside out. They’re simple, fun, and offer a range of creative avenues. Remove the safety pin and tie these ends in a knot.

Fold the short lengths over once more, about 3/4". When it comes to sewing your drawstring bag, you can either hand stitch or use a sewing machine. Once you have your square of fabric, iron the bottom fold to help keep the edges lined up. Medium: 11 ½ inches wide x 9 inches tall x 4 inches deep.

Now that you’ve boxed your corners, cut off the point of the triangle pieces below the seam, so you don’t have the excess fabric left inside your bag. By Milada (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 licence). Now repeat this process with the other corner, ensuring you measure twice, and make sure your line is level to match the angle of your first one. X-Large: 17 ½ inches tall x 13 ¾ inches wide x 6 inches deep.

Once you make a cut, you can’t take it back.

If you trust yourself to sew in a straight line, then you’ll also need pins to hold the edges together while you sew. Fold each corner of the bag so the side seam is running down the middle of the point.

X-Small: 5 ½ inches wide x 3 ¾ inches tall x 2 ½ inches deep. Stitch the lower edge of the drawstring channel in place 3/8″ from the raw edge as shown. This does not affect the price you pay, but it does help us to keep the site running. Now you’ve made your first drawstring bag!

Do this again with the other ribbon, but starting at the opposite side.

Choose a coordinating thread to tie into the fabric pattern.

This will be the drawstring channel.

Our posts contain affiliate links where we may be compensated for any purchases you make. Jane is the Editor of and has over two decades of experience sewing, knitting and embroidering. Her favorite machine to use at the moment is the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.


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