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Clay actively seeks these punishments; they're the only attention he can get from his emotionally-distant parent. He hated the idea of Bloberta being pregnant with Shapey (not knowing he wasn't his). Orel and Christina's feelings for each other, however, remained completely unchanged and despite their parents refusing to let them see one other, they would rebelliously sneak out at night to meet. The episode concludes with Putty seeming to give up too: changing his sermon title from "Hope" to "Hopeless. In the penultimate episode, it's revealed, even to Orel's surprise, that Clay is actually the Mayor of Moralton. While stating that people don't always says what's on their minds, he has a somewhat-erotic vision of his mother as a giant chicken and himself as an egg desperately trying to reunite with his mother, revealing his. He is sexually aroused by physical pain and injury, especially in regards to female patients of his, as shown in "Numb" when he displays a sexual interest in Bloberta Puppington when she injures herself by using a jackhammer as a dildo. When he recovers, he's horrified to learn that nobody will treat his injury or his terrible pain because the wound looks like Jesus so they consider it a miracle. Orel does and skips off happily.

Bloberta may have realized that she did her mother a favor by leaving the Hymentact family.

During Clay's pregnancy, she devoted all her time to prayer, forgetting such other things. In addition to having an uncanny talent for interpreting religious doctrine literally and drastically changing his belief systems on a weekly basis, Orel possesses many other skills. Orel accepts that he can use Buddhist techniques to become a good Christian, and the Buddha's face slowly transforms into Orel's face as Orel becomes "awake". Bloberta would not be pleased about Clay's lie about his father being dead. The episode ends from Clay's POV as he stumbles drunk through the house and up the stairs. 1 különleges rész is készült a műsorból. On the wall behind them are photos of the adult Shapey and Block; Shapey has become a police officer and Block is a firefighter. The town becomes segregated between the Figurellis and everyone else and the term "Figgers" enters into use. Joe accepts this as his sister tenderly cleans the blood from his face. This is quickly challenged; a guilt-stricken Orel seeks to make amends for making the song so popular. He runs to Reverend Putty, who tells him he'll go to Hell if he goes against the Lord's Prayer. Orel comes to his friend's defense and convinces the school to pity, not hate, "the retarded.". Near the end, he talks with for the first time with his father, Arthur. Bloberta tries to rekindle things with Stopframe, but he shuts her down and says he only started something with her to get close to Clay. Although he clearly got it from Nurse Bendy, Orel's guidance leads him to assume that it came from his wife, and he throws her out of their home and ends their marriage. When his parents let him keep the dog, Orel names him Bartholomew, the two become inseparable, and the dog becomes popular around town. He is loyal to the people he cares about, and he tries not to break promises.

His last name, "Latchkey", is a reference to the severe neglect Doughy suffers from his parents, who, while being very affectionate toward each other, usually pay Doughy cash to get out of their hair, lock him outside the house and hide the key so they can have sex without their son around. His only appearance was in "Holy Visage" when he sits next to Orel on the bus. Florence takes him to her bedroom and they have a one-night stand.

Dogma literally stresses Orel as the heads of Clay, Fakey, Putty, and Nurse Bendy, all on dog bodies, verbally attack him. He is voiced by Dino Stamatopoulos. Since then, they crossed paths with the Puppingtons twice more in Season Three: once by Orel in Closeface as an excuse to see Christina (only to be abruptly turned away by her still-embittered father), and again by Bloberta in Numb to actually retrieve Shapey though Block was rejected when he showed love for Bloberta. He is helpful and encouraging towards his friends and other people in town, which sometimes gets him into trouble. He has a father who only appeared in the episode "Trigger". ", "Shut up!"). For questioning the school's policy of forcing students to believe that God, and certainly not science is responsible for everything in the world, a classmate of Orel's is declared mentally-retarded by the school and forced into a "Special Education" class where all the kids who defy the town's theocracy and want to learn the truth are exile. ", Episode 11 of 13: This episode starts with a flashback to the episode "Numb" that shows Clay finding Dr. Potterswheel's handkerchief at home; the rest of it happens very shortly after the conclusion of "Sundays." The joy dims when Stephanie reveals that she's his daughter; her mother had stalked Reverend Putty for weeks and stolen a sperm sample from his wastebasket. While in "Orel's Movie Premiere", Orel (perhaps without realizing the implications) uses rather harsh portrayals of the people around him in his home movies, most notably portraying his father as a sadistic, drunken snarling wolf (which in turn led to Dr. Potterswheel asking Clay if he was molesting his son to make Orel see him as such a monster) while still referring to the appearance as a "loyal and good" puppy, still somewhat unaware of Clay's true character. It's also shown that when she went into labor, Bloberta had to perform the entire procedure herself as Dr. Potterswheel had left the room when Orel had started asking Clay questions about reproduction. He starts to see Clay's face everywhere in town and realizes he still has feelings for him. Mr. and Mrs. Littler also have an unnamed daughter, who is also Tommy's sister, but was never seen on the show.

Florence is attracted to Reverend Putty, but he is clearly disgusted by her and attracted to Dottie, as Dottie callously, constantly reminds Florence. The following is a list of episodes for the Adult Swim animated television series Moral Orel. The series is also available on HBO Max since September 1, 2020. The song that plays throughout the episode and during the closing sequence is "Love Love Love" by, Episode 9 of 13: This episode, about the Annual Arm's-Length dance at Orel's school, begins with a quick recap of "The Lord's Prayer" before showing Principal Fakey introducing the chaperone, Reverend Putty, then a flashback of Kim and Stephanie kissing as a younger Reverend Putty makes the same speech. This led Orel to impregnate a lot of women with a pastry bag filled with his own sperm. There's also a photo of Clay and Bloberta, still (presumably) unhappily married. Meanwhile, Clay comes home and Bloberta gives him a message from Principal Fakey: apparently, everyone's betting on Orel to win. Most of the information she imparts is heavily slanted in religion and absent in basic facts.

Kim did not know this. Moral Orel (2005–2008) is an animated show on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" segment, which centers around the life of Orel Puppington, a young boy who consistently fails in his attempts to understand and abide by Protestant Christian values. Joe corrects her and says twelve, his age. It is on this farm that Arthur attempts to impart some of his own knowledge to Orel and the two bond very quickly. Lunchbox Hymentact is Bloberta's red-headed, freckled little brother, who is a part of the family choir. Florence Papermouth is a minor character in the series, and has only been seen on a few occasions.


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