why does nathan petrelli see himself burned

In season two, the writers have been digging up heretofore unknown Isaac Mendez paintings as continued plot devices. I have no clue but when I saw the last episode of the first Season I knew that both of them had to be alive as well as Sylar. That was cool, even after Zach’s memory was wiped. The scenes between the two of them were really wonderful. Bewildered, Nathan and Tracy begin to free Suresh's other cocooned victims when they are interrupted by Noah Bennet and his new partner, Nathan's ex-girlfriend Meredith Gordon. At first realization I couldn’t pin it down exactly, but it didn’t take long to realize the obvious: One of the primary strengths of season one was a focus on the relationships between the primary characters. Nathan and Hiro talk about their role in stopping the "bad man" who may blow up New York. 1967 When Maury Parkman is confronted with the fact that Matt has the same powers, he agrees to tell them everything; however, instead of helping them, he uses his power to trap them in their own personal nightmare before leaving the apartment. Under the guise of assistance, Suresh injects the both of them with a fluid, telling them that the vial contains nothing but a "marker". However, it is his daughter, Claire, who convinces Nathan to change his mind when she tells him, "The future isn't written in stone." In "Let It Bleed", a wake for Nathan is held and a devastated Peter, unable to handle things, heads off to an office shooting to try to save people, believing its what Nathan would have wanted him to do. Nathan appears after Peter and Hiro defeat Sylar. Upon arriving, they see Nathan meeting with Thompson, whom Claire recognizes as her adoptive father's old boss. A telepathic guy with a roommate, and both of them try to take care of an orphaned girl? While waiting for his ride, Nathan meets Hiro Nakamura, who enthusiastically announces that he too has powers. Naturally, Mohinder assumes that Tracy is Niki. He advises Nathan and Tracy to come to the Company to be checked out. And I’m still wondering how he got the ability to walk through walls. This difference in perspective proves a strain in their working relationship, especially when Nathan orders Claire, his daughter, immunity.

In "An Invisible Thread", Sylar keeps Nathan alive a little longer while he acquires more of Nathan's memories in order to approach the President properly. She advises him to either accept a deal with Linderman or run with his whole family. After meeting with Matt and Noah, Angela discovers Nathan's body and breaks down in despair over her son's death.


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