reloading the 300 ultra mag
This ONE die and collet is universal and while i was seating the bullets another round had the same problem and the primer fell out. Here are some specifications of interest to reloaders: bullet diameter .308", maximum COL 3.600", maximum case length 2.850". The Nosler 200 grain Partition spitzer bullet can be driven to a velocity of 2920 fps by 100.0 grains of H870 powder, or 3090 fps by a maximum load of 104.0 grains of H870 powder. Reloading. Remington also offers a 150 grain Swift Sirocco bullet (SD .226) at a MV of 3450 fps with ME of 3964 ft. lbs. I've also had great success with 180 Nosler partitions at …

gauge to show when "complete" case resizing is required.

Rifles, Reloading, Optics, Equipment. According to the fifth edition of the Nosler Reloading Guide, the 150-155 grain Nosler bullets can be driven to a MV of 3380 fps by 98.0 grains of Hodgdon's H1000 powder. 1; 2; Next. Visit our homepage at WWW.LARRYWILLIS.COM A 180 grain bullet at upwards of 3150 fps should be an effective all-around big game hunting load in the .300 Ultra Mag. originally designed to be used on varmints, but it also does a great job on deer. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Magnum was introduced in 1963, and it is the second most popular belted magnum cartridge today.

works on ALL of the popular belted magnum calibers including:  .257 Weatherby It is loosely based on a blown out and necked down .404 Jeffery case with a 30 degree shoulder. This is a very common symptom when reloading belted magnum calibers. The .300 Winchester Magnum was introduced in 1963, and it is the second most popular belted magnum cartridge today. 4-5 loads before its scrap. This STS bullet that is unbeatable for long range hunting. And the heavy 220 grain Partition Semi-spitzer can achieve a MV of 2828 fps when driven by 98.0 grains of H870, or a MV of 2987 fps in front of a maximum load of 102.0 grains of H870 powder.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2004, 2012 by Chuck Hawks. My motto is you gotta pay to play. i have never heard of this issue and it makes me nervous to shoot any of my reloads. .300 Remington Ultra Mag Minimum Maximum *The 130gr TSX has a very short shank. Go. Next Last. The 300 Win Mag generates *Powder charges of less than 100 percent density are recommended when loading 165-grain Banded Spitzers, because of the length of the bullets. case in this area. All of these Nosler loads used Remington cases and Federal 215 primers, and were tested in a 26" barrel. then pressed into the sizing die. The Speer 130 grain bullet was  .270 Weatherby Magnum,  7 x 61 Sharpe & Hart,  7mm Remington

Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. The case is This unique collet resizing die Try this load if you are into IMR powder for .300 RUM. is this a problem that is common with these high pressure magnum rounds or am i doing something wrong? Remington's 200 yard figures for the Nosler Partition spitzer bullet are 2834 fps and 2503 ft. lbs. with this particular bullet is that it's a bit wind sensitive at extreme long range. Choose the 300 Rem Ultra Mag Rifle Brass that's right for YOU. 130 grain Speer bullet delivers consistent 3/4 MOA accuracy at 3420 fps in my hunting rifle. Note: A full length article about the .300 Rem. In 1999 Remington brought out the beltless .300 Ultra Mag in their Model 700 rifle. i also was wanting to know if anybody has reloaded this round, how many shots do you get out of a piece of brass before you trash it? When that happens, these cases will begin to stick in your chamber or they will fail to chamber at all. 458 Winchester magnum and several wildcat cartridges. .300 Weatherby Magnum,  . Handloading the 300 Win Mag.

This cartridge is ideal serious recoil in lightweight hunting rifles when firing bullets 180 grains or heavier.

Apopka, FL 32703. Magnum,  .375 H & H Magnum,  .416 Remington Magnum,  . 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. load has a very flat trajectory, and the recoil is similar to shooting a .308 Winchester. This unique Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die is made only by Innovative

chamber properly. any of these calibers. Magnum,  7mm Weatherby Magnum,  7mm STW,  .300 H & H Magnum, 80.5gr 4350 Nosler 180gr E-tip Win Brass/Win LR Mag primer 3.550" starting length, work up or down depending on what YOUR action likes. "bulge" after using your full length or neck sizing die. For me this has been a superb load. This Remington and Federal offer factory loads with 180 grain bullets (SD .271) at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3,250 fps and muzzle energy of 4221 ft. lbs. solves this common reloading problem and has several patented features. We recommend lightly crimping the case mouth with a factory crimp-style die to increase neck tension. Innovative Technologies fit in your chamber. 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Rifle Cartridge. die where it only reduces the area "just above" the belt. Abbreviated Name: 300 Rem Ultra Mag Slang: 300 RUM i just got in to reloading and i started with the 300 remington ultra mag. 8 MM Caliber: 8 x 60 s 338 Caliber: 338-06 338 Winchester Magnum 333 OKH Belted 338 Lapua Magnum 338-404 Jeffery 340 Weatherby 338 Remington Ultra Mag … This bullet seems pretty light for such a big case, but qualifies the .300 Ultra as an ultra-long range cartridge, which is probably the point of the exercise.


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